Brother of Justin: Why Media COVER-UP Alexandre Trudeau’s Communist Pretensions

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Back in the 1990’s, Alexandre Trudeau, the opinionated son of Pierre Trudeau, waxed philosophical regarding the state of the Canadian nation.

Indeed, there was a time when the brother of our PM was a critical component of Liberal-brand policy. A dedicated follower communist theory, Pierre’s second son has sung the praises of the governments of China, Cuba, and Iran.

Are you aware? Alexandre Trudeau once requested that the Canadian Department Of Immigration cancel the deportation of an accused  Islamic terrorist. Not so strange—when considering Mr. Alexandre once directed a  documentary film for the government of Iran—who also happened to be the financier of his ode to their theocratic nation.

CBC and related media did actually report on “Sascha” Trudeau’s antics— but not once was a critical word expressed toward brother man’s dedication to communist China or militant Islam.

Rather odd, no? If Canadian society actually shared Alex Trudeau’s veneration for Fidel Castro and communism, then a lack of critique or criticism would be understandable.

Yet, Canada is an historical democracy. Why then would establishment media in Canada venerate the brother of our PM in their publications, rather than tear him down?

If a person—any person—makes a documentary film on Iran that is funded by the Iranian government, there is no chance on earth said film could portray said nation in a negative light.

Agreed? Therefore, Alex Trudeau could only produce a pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian film— which he did. In truth, he also had the temerity to rationalize Iran’s nuclear build-up.

Degree of exposure from CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post and the rest? You got it, fellow patriots, not a bleeding word.

Most of this went down between the years 1990-2010. Obviously, CBC are in the Alexandre Trudeau “protection” business. No surprise here— the same applies to the Justin Trudeau protection industry, as well as that allocated by media for multiculturalism founder, Papa Pierre Trudeau.

Guess what, fellow patriots— this Trudeau fellow told Canadians he hates nationalism. As for nationalism in China? Full steam ahead. Nationalism within Middle Eastern nations? Good-to-go says Sascha Trudeau— as long as it does not involve Canada.

In the meantime, our media hide all of this away from the consciousness of 37.7 Million Canadian citizens. How sweet it is.

Overlooked By Media: Trudeau EXEMPTS China, Iran Nationals From Covid-19 HEALTH SCREENING

CAP Inquiry: Why are the media of Canada so fervently dedicated to Trudeau family-brand Liberalism? Is this not a giant question of major relevance?

What does it mean when the government and media of a western democracy fuse into a singular entity? For CAP this strikes at the heart of the matter.

While leaving astute Canadians to ponder these ideas, we move forward in time. In 2016 Canada, the globalist pretensions of Pierre, Justin and Alexandre Trudeau are fully flowering within society.

Justin’s “Open Border Society” is actually permissible. Legal or illegal, come one, come all. Recall Mr. Trudeau’s “tweet which transformed a nation?”

How about 2015 “LGBT fever” as perpetrated by the Trudeau government?Was it really a mere four years ago that our prime minister was running throughout the streets of old Ottawa proclaiming LGBT as the the greatest thing since sliced bread?

What happened to the hype? Please do not inform CAP that our country went from 2015 “Sunny Ways” to 2020 Safeway Bread Lines without government having any responsibility for the outcome. Only Toronto Star would present such absurdity!

Only the Liberal-sanctioned mainstream media would have the gumption to expect common-sense Canadians to buy these lies and deceptions.

Wanna know what CAP really believe? Brother of PM is a coward.

Sure, when globalism was in its political infancy, Alexandre was quoting the “Sunny Ways” mantra of big brother, Justin.

But at prsesent— with the advent of Covid-19— Alex is, of course,  “silent as the lambs” — just like all the apologists for the damage Liberal-Globalism has delivered to Canada.

Looks like when a non-globalist impediment arrives for Mr. Alex Trudeau, all he can manage is to cower in a protected globalist corner.


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