Brother Alexandre Trudeau’s Political Dedication To China, Cuba, Iran

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The second of three children born to Pierre and Margaret Trudeau, Alexandre Trudeau was named after Alexander Yakovlev, and given the nickname “Sacha” (the Russian diminutive of Alexander). Yakovlev was the Soviet Union’s ambassador to Canada in the 1970’s.

A budding journalist and film-maker, Alexandre gained media attention after publishing a book titled “Barbarian Lost – Travels in the New China.”

From his father Pierre Trudeau, who opened up diplomatic relations with China in 1970, son Alex inherited a lifelong dedication to the communist nation. He came by it honestly. Based on his father’s book, Two Innocents in Red China, “Sacha” Trudeau became gripped by a fascination with the country.

At the time of publication in 2016, Maclean’s magazine describes Alexandre’s Barbarian Lost as “a love letter to a place the author is resigned to never fully understanding.”

A quote from Mr. Trudeau’s paign to communist China best describes his approach to the country in which he was born and raised:

“I could be very harsh, and you could find stories that are disgusting[about China], but in a way I’m harsher on Canada.”

The love affair did not stop there. Additionally, Mr. Trudeau worked as a filmmaker for the government of Iran. Producing a 60-minute documentary film for the CTV program W5 called “Embedded in Baghdad,”, the brother of current PM Justin Trudeau became one of the highest-profile Canadian journalists covering the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

 In June 2005, Alex Trudeau focused his attention on government’s use of security certificates to detain indefinitely, without trial, suspected terrorists.

Trudeau offered to be a “surety” for Hassan Almrei, a Syrian refugee held in a Canadian jail without any charges being laid. Trudeau’s appearance in court in support of Almrei resulted in front page coverage in the Toronto Star and National Post.

It has for the past half century remained a mystifying paradox within our society: how did it come to be that the most powerful political family in Canadian history has nothing good to say about our country?

Consider the irony in the fact that brother Justin has been elected as prime minister for three terms in a row, all the while branding our country racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

At the time of the death of Fidel Castro, Alexandre recalled that Castro “had a special place among his family’s friends.”

According to CBC News, “there was a picture of him in the Trudeau family home — the Cuban dictator holding Michel, the youngest of Pierre and Margaret’s three boys, in his arms. It was Castro who gave Michel the lifelong nickname Miche during Pierre and Margaret’s official visit to Cuba in 1976.

Mother Margaret Trudeau was quoted by Macleans magazine in 2016 stating that unlike his brothers, Michel “had the greatest friend of all: he had Fidel.”

Michel Trudeau died under mysterious circumstances in 1998. His body was never found.

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All in the family, say Cultural Action Party. We turn to a comment from Alexandre Trudeau’s wife Zoe Bedos-– a lady of which very little is known about her personal background:

“Criticism is part of everyday life, and you can’t be loved by everyone, but I’m someone who loves people and so I have a difficult time understanding why people would hate us, especially knowing the man I am with, his integrity and his values.”

If one admires lifetime dedication to communist political regimes, than one would admire the “integrity and values” of Alexandre “Sacha” Trudeau.

Fact: Canadian media have never uttered a critical word regarding middle son Alexandre Trudeau. Between father and brother, Trudeau family members have spent six terms as prime minister of our nation.

Canada and communism– the most curious state of affairs in Canadian history. Considering our nation’s past, it may well be a precursor for our future.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016).

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  1. Re the late P. Turdo’s book title: *Two Innocents in Red China*. Innocent? HAHAHAHA! How about “Two Commies in Red China*? Perhaps *Two Blood Stained Liars in Red China*?

  2. If you can’t understand why people would hate you, especially considering the man you’re with, you’ve been living either in a cave or a highly fortified palace.

    I challenge Zoe Bedos to live a full month among these masses.


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