British Politician Compares Justin Trudeau To Hitler Regarding Covid

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Responding to Canada’s Covid laws, Councillor Dr. Peter Moseley, who sits on South Kesteven District Council (SKDC), has been quoted as stating the following:

“Trudeau has lost his mind. He is completely nuts and is holding an entire country hostage.” Dr. Moseley called Trudeau a psychopath and added: “we can see Trudeau going all Hitler on the population.”

As reported by BBC News, Dr. Moseley said he was reflecting the views of family, friends and work colleagues in Canada and would not apologise.

He said the the comments were made on his personal Twitter account and were not linked to his role as a councillor. He claimed the issue was being stirred up by “the far-left.”

Is this British politician correct? No matter how vitriolic his words, it is a subjective opinion from one individual. Still, the accusations conjure up essential questions regarding PM Trudeau’s approach not only to Covid,  but toward governance in general.

One idea that emerges from Trudeau’s six-years as national leader is that Canada is a far less democratic country than citizens would presume. The extremities of his quasi-dictatorial leadership style has brought this reality to the forefront.

Like father Pierre Trudeau, our current PM doesn’t care for democracy. As alluded to in his comments on government efficiency in China, Trudeau Jr. would prefer to have a ability to turn policy “around on a dime.” To do so, the aggravation of democratic governance– as in opinions of the ‘little people’–  must be cast aside.

Another concern is found in the relationship between government and media. Considering the vehemence of these accusations, how can such a blatant contrast exist compared to media presentation in Canada?

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, National Post— not one of them has come within light years of emulating these accusations. Regardless of whether this doctor is dealing in extremities, it is a red flag of the highest order.

Thus indicating what Cultural Action Party has maintained from day one– unbeknownst to most citizens, Canadian media presentation exists in a bubble. The monolithic presentation of our top media players results in a political vacuum. Another term for this exists–propaganda.

The agenda was for decades wholly successful– until the internet came along to poke a hole in the information dam. Slowly but surely, an alternate news universe began to materialize. Providing objectivity to the equation, Canada’s media monopoly began to crumble. This is why Justin Trudeau is working on censoring social media as we speak.

Councillor Dr. Moseley, whose doctorate is in engineering, acknowledged vaccinations protected people, added: “take it for yourself if you choose.”

Dr. Moseley speaks to something our Liberal government has little interest in: personal freedom. As such, accusations are made toward our PM from outside our country that will never see the light of day within Canadian society.

26 thoughts on “British Politician Compares Justin Trudeau To Hitler Regarding Covid”

  1. Canadians know, it’s the voters that lil hitler brought in to vote for the blackface goof that keep it in office! It’s well known new immigrants to a country vote for the government that let them in.
    THE CRIMINAL liberals need to be put in PRISON. further all trudeau family money needs to be given to the Canadian people to pay down HIS debt

  2. he had a large role in the native women and children that have disappeared and needs to be taken out and I don’t mean on a date

  3. He may be ticked at the vaccine free but he is really laughing at the uniformed and gullible vaxxed who will believe the BS he is peddling.

    It isn’t hard to fool people who only follow the paid off main stream media and corrupt tech social media with all of their censorship.

    What a sad situation…I have to say that it is so funny how anyone can trust him on medical things when is simply a failed part time drama teacher who lost his job.

    • The situation just shows the incredible hold that media have over Canadians. Like fascists of the 20th century said, repeat something over and over long enough and it becomes truth.

  4. That’s what Hitler did ..except over air raid speakers throughout the towns, villages and cities throughout Germany constant and timely brain washing the people for his cause.

    • Social Media does the same here – most are so caught up with the media and their fear mongering they can’t think for themselves anymore – so sad – Comrade Trudeau is on a winning streak – most now love stupidity and believe and do what they are told.

      Some of us are fortunate to look “behind the curtain” and listen to the truth with Del Bigtree and his research, Dr. Reimer Fuellmish – Nuremberg 2.0, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Malone – the creator of the gene therapy shot and who now tells us about the potential end results, David Icke, Alex Jones, the creators of the Great Barrington Declaration – and the list goes on and on. Wake up people – we are on a very slippery slope to hell on earth!

  5. While Trudeau hangs out at bars in Europe maskless and flies around the world maskless he has the gall to criticise undiversity brats about not wearing a mask.

    And his minion transport minister Omar Alghabra investigates kids partying.

    Society agrees with Malone and I do too, Trudeau is 00 % psychopath liar for inciting hate and encouraging violence for years and then demands the people he has been demonizing obey him. What an effin manchild.

    • Trudeau was ‘selected’ specifically for the role. We can thank Soros who bought his soul. Trudeau, with his gigantic ego fell for it especially with the promise of power and like his daddy before…someone would be there to bail him out of all indiscretions and corruption.

    • Oh really! Now that sounds lie a threat. However, we still have the courts, Samuel. Even Trudeau can’t sway the Courts. His dad brought in the Charter of Canadian Rights and Freedoms, remember. Are we to be noted down by the RCMP for future reference? What sort f a state is that? Sounds like one you’d like to see, no?

  6. Justin is now singlehandedly awaking the world to the scam.
    I’m double vaxxed, boosted and caught the virus.
    Am 100% against vax mandate and the outrageous sociopolitical divisions Justin Tool dough and his cohort of globalist morons are attempting.
    The hypocrisy of these illiberal liberals is astounding, except for the fact they are the real “useful idiots”

  7. Everything said and than some is absolutely true. If someone doesn’t save us we will be locked up like the ppl of China left to starve to death ..And that’s exactly what he wants ..Best word to describe Trudeau is 😈

  8. Mr. Mohammad Castro, a man-child among gullible nitwits. Fortunately his nice hair is causing the Soviet Canuck Sheeple Peasants to self eliminate via Klaus Schwabs Clot Shot. The Leftist lemming herd in Soviet Canuckistan will thin itself back to a more manageable level. Thank heavens, there still may be some hope left after all.


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