“Bribery, Collusion” Says Ex-Ambassador To China Regarding Election Interference

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As reported this week in the Globe and Mail, “Canada’s leaders have been told numerous times in recent years about China’s malign influence campaigns operating in this country – and have done little about it.”

Smart money says this will remain a de facto standard as PM Justin Trudeau continues to transition Canada from democracy to neo-dictatorship. Away from media presentation, the government of China exists as a template for our country’s conversion to authoritarian state status.

To help accomplish the goal, the behemoth nation of the far east is meddling in Canada’s federal election process:

“Globe and Mail journalists viewed secret documents from Canada’s most senior security agency that alleged that Chinese diplomats in Canada have recruited or pressed proxies to smear candidates deemed critical of China and funded the campaigns of their rivals, in a program aimed at preventing the Conservative Party from winning elections in 2019 and 2021.”

‘Former Trudeau Advisers Call For Public Inquiry Into China’s Election Interference’

From Yukon to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, our entire populous could call for similar action, and it won’t make a speck of difference:

‘Trudeau Rules Out Public Inquiry Into Chinese Electoral Interference’

What does it take for 38 million Canadians to be informed of the bitter truth? The prime minister and his Liberal government have been caught red-handed in a cover-up of China’s election interference in 2019 and 2021.

Enough to remove Mr. Trudeau from office? Not on your life. To the horror of those who value democracy, this will not bring down our government. Pourquoi? Because it’s not only election interference that comes from China. It is China’s form of governance that’s being emulated by Trudeau and the Liberals.

“Canadians in every corner of this country need to be alarmed by the latest evidence that China has criminally interfered with Canada’s last two federal elections in 2019 and 2021,” says Charles Burton, former diplomat at Canada’s embassy in Beijing.

Sorry to inform you, Mr. Burton. Citizens from coast-to-coast  could beg for Trudeau’s resignation, and it won’t amount to a hill of Canadian back bacon. Sad it is to recognize a systemic deterioration of democratic governance in our country.

Once upon a time, the people of Canada could influence the ebb and flow of government decision-making. Upon the installation of Mr. Trudeau, our country shifted to a post-modern status.

Once every four years– one day out of 1460 consecutive days, citizens are permitted to exercise their democratic rights– federal election voting day. Once elected, Trudeau’s Liberals seize full control of society. Rendering governance in Canada little more than a series of 4-year dictatorships.

Media say nothing of the sort. SNC Lavalin, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Admiral Mark Norman, WE Charity, Aga Khan, Emergencies Act, China Election Interference.

Nothing can topple the pseudo-democratic Trudeau government,  just as nothing brings down President Xi of China, or any other authoritarian dictator.

David Mulroney, Canada’s former ambassador in Beijing, testifying to the Commons Procedure and House Affairs committee studying foreign election tampering of 11 candidates in the 2019 federal election, states the following:

Beijing’s tools include bribery, disinformation, collusion with criminal gangs and the ever-present threat of hostage-taking.”

Enough to bring down our current Liberal government? Don’t bet the farm on it, fellow patriots. All of which leads to a conclusion drawn by Cultural Action Party on the day Mr. Trudeau became prime minister.

Canada is a country controlled by foreign interests. If media won’t inform citizens of the fact, then chances are nil they will allude to a commonality among Trudeau-family prime ministers.

They have been, and continue to be, the greatest advocates for the erosion of national sovereignty in the history of our country. In truth, it’s simply the way communists are.

CBC won’t say it, and Toronto Star won’t print it, but it was Pierre Trudeau who first opened the door for China’s penetration of Canadian society, and the economic and political impact that been infiltrating our nation ever since.

This is an historical trajectory which should have been exposed by media decades ago:

“Since the 1970s, there have been important political and economic pro-China vectors emanating out of Montreal and Ottawa. Since then, that have broadened to influential pro-Beijing groups across Canada.”

Quebec-centric power-players– of which the Trudeau family belong– are responsible for the Liberal Party link to the communist government of China.

In 1978 came the establishment of the Canada China Business Council. Founding members of CCBC included three major Montreal-based companies, Power Corporation, Bombardier, and SNC Lavalin.

“For three generations, Power Corp. has been largely run by the Desmarais family. Paul Desmarais was the first generation. He had been an advisor to Pierre Trudeau, and later Trudeau was on the board of Power Corp. Paul’s son married the daughter of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. Their son, Paul’s grandson, is the current Chair of the Canada China Business Council.”

Hidden from the knowledge of general society by establishment media, we discover the roots of Liberal Party-Chinese government collusion. If not for media obfuscation, it may well have been that the covert partnership would have been cut off at the knees.

It didn’t happen. And likely, it won’t happen now.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under increasing cross-partisan pressure to call an independent inquiry into foreign meddling in Canadian politics.”

The push for a public inquiry isn’t exclusive to  the Liberal’s political opponents. It includes senior national security officials, as well as “former” advisor to the prime minister:

“Some form of non-partisan deep look has to happen here,” Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s former principal secretary, told Global News.

Seriously– if this doesn’t make Canadians retch into their Tim Horton’s coffee cups, than nothing will. Gerald Butts is an architect of Justin Trudeau’s woke globalist assault upon society. The idea that this quisling was never in the loop on foreign election interference is the misnomer of the century.

It’s all down to playing games at this point. Damage control, obfuscation of truth, spinning the wheel of propaganda dissemination throughout society.

Justin Trudeau will survive this scandal, as he has done in a plethora of controversies of the past. Sad what Canada has become. Perhaps we have arrived at a first in political history.

Justin Trudeau’s Canada is a post-modern society alright. Is ours the first nation in history to be railroaded into the status of a “Democratic Dictatorship?”

If so, we can all thank the neo-communist tag team of Justin and Pierre Trudeau for their “gift” to Canadian society.

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  1. Montreal, PQ, and Ottawa, ON. Also known more broadly as “QueOntario.” (Khwan-tare-eeoh.) The Red Dragon has had its communist talons in decades of traitorous “Canadian” politicians. These flatulent; dung-headed buffoons think it’s a lucrative “business” arrangement. Think again; malodorous dummies. Your yuan inflated bank accounts won’t protect you from the approaching Day of Reckoning. In the eyes of law abiding people; Your self-serving; traitorous actions are a stench.


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