Bottoming Out In Polls, Suddenly Trudeau Govt Care About Illegal Immigration

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The federal government  revealed details of its plan to crack down on unethical immigration consultants — a plan that includes the creation of a professional college putting consultants on the same regulatory footing as doctors and lawyers.

The committee heard from 50 witnesses who told harrowing stories of newcomers duped by “ghost consultants” who took their money and exploited them by feeding them false information.

Yes–duped NEWCOMERS. Why the concern? Because newcomers are the only people Justin Trudeau and refugee pit bull MP Ahmed Hussen care about. Want to talk about people who have been duped? Then start with Canadian-born, multigenerational citizens. 

These are the people truly getting the shaft from government. Growing immigration quotas(majority are opposed), non-democratic multicultural enforcement, illegal refugee intake(again opposed) and diversity propaganda rule the roost in Trudeau’s Canada.

Now, turning on a dime, Immigration Minister Hussen attempts to fool the voting public into believing he cares about border security and immigration policy integrity.

It’s a lie. Hussen’s top concern is the same as boss-man Trudeau’s — to divest Canada of its traditional heritage–  Anglophone, Francophone and Christian in particular. It is the great Canadian globalist experiment, and is supported by way of the three-headed hydra of societal hegemony: Government, Media and Academia.

Just how foolish do Trudeau, Hussen, Goodale and the rest believe Canadians are? Hussen, we can understand. He has displayed not a shred of respect for Canada’s founding nations peoples. Observing his actions, he appears to view Anglophones as little more than pests cluttering up his post-modern globalist dream.

In a desperate bid to convince voter the Trudeau government care about something other than TRANS-forming Canada into the Salvation Army Of Western Nations, Hussen informs us he is now working on our behalf. Thinking Canadians should note this is same ploy he used when beaming with pride over clearing refugee backlogs. So he approved them all– what an accomplishment!  

The typical spin of globalist liberal deception continues. In reality, the only thing the new immigration lawyer standards will result in is an INCREASE in immigrants and refugees to Canada. It’s the only issue Ahmed Hussen  cares about.



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  1. Treasonous bastards! Close the boarder at Roxam Road! Get all illegal immigrants staying in Canada out! No money for them! No health benefits for them! Nothing! They get nothing!


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