Canadian-Born, Immigrant Communities BOTH OPPOSE Illegal Refugees, Trudeau Does It REGARDLESS

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Oh, this is rich– now turns out Canada’s “new arrival” Canadians are opposed to illegal refugee intake by way of Justin Trudeau and Somalian pit-bull Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen.

How “liberal-fascist” is this? To the max–without question. Every poll taken on this topic has delivered the same message from Canadians– both Old Stock and “New Stock”–that our citizenship intensely oppose illegal refugee intake-pretty damning evidence, CAP has to say.

How did the Justin Trudeau-Gerald Butts-Ahmed Hussen Globalist Government of Canada respond?

Ahmed Hussen called for an INCREASE in refugee intake. Talk about spitting in the face of the democratic principle of the “will of the majority.” Of course, this curious Somalian refugee has no interest whatsoever in what the majority of Canadians believe or desire. These people are Anglophones –so of course Hussen doesn’t give a damn about them.

“Canada has received 43,278 asylum claims so far in 2019, and 148,703 in the past three years, including 52,097 illegal border crossings.”

“The Parliamentary Budget Office pegs the cost of processing these claims at $1.1 billion, plus another $371 million paid out to the provinces to help house these migrants. On top of this, provincial governments provide asylum seekers with gold-plated social services, including dental care and prescription drug plans, and many city governments shell out even more on housing.”

Benefit for 25 million Old Stock Canadiansnothing at all–unless you call funding this globalist sham a “benefit.” Of course, for Mr. Hussen of Somalia, these folks are not “illegal” refugees– they are “irregular” refugees.

So can you hear it, brother and sisters–watch and witness as the Trudeau government get all “Orwellian” in an attempt to spin and deceive 37.5 million Canadians with this pathetic little measure.

Want more of the same? Here it is:

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Another example of anti-democratic decision making by Trudeau and snarling refugee pit-bull, MP Ahmed Hussen. Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Check this out, s’il vous plait:

“The essence of democracy is majority rule, the making of binding decisions by a vote of more than one-half of all persons who participate in an election. … Article VI says, ‘Political decisions shall stem from the will of the majority’ expressed by means of a free vote.”

CAP Conclusion: The ruling Trudeau government of Canada are anti-democratic. No surprise there for informed(non-Snowflake)“Old Stock” Canadians.

Simply put, Justin Trudeau believes democratic process to be one giant nuisance. He comes upon it honestly– Papa Pierre was the very same. MP Ahmed Hussen is a Middle Eastern fundamentalist–so naturally he has no interest in democracy–his type never do– except, of course, for using democracy to get elected to office in Canada.

For these types, communism is the preferred governance of choice. Therefore,  total rejection of public opinion antithetical to their agenda of national trans-formation.

From Democracy To Dictatorship: “The Story of Pierre & Justin Trudeau.” In stores now–not!

There is no doubt that those who come to Canada illegally receive special treatment not afforded to newcomers who come to Canada legally.

“We worked really hard to get here and there was no support and no help,” one newcomer told researchers.

“Canada should turn these individuals back,” said a focus group participate. “They lie to the Canadian government,” said another.

Are these the words of a gnarly gang of Anglophone racists? Or the uneducated white “meatheads” that media and academia brand Old Stock Canucks?

Not at all–these people are Third World immigrants. What does this tell us? CAP will offer an opinion: Nothing on earth stops the Trudeau-Liberal-Globalists from doing exactly what they want to do.

Naturally,after four years of Trudeau’s pseudo-dictatorship, white Canadians are used to being ignored, insulted and demonized. But this situation is different. Here, Trudeau’s chosen are in opposition.

Will this make a difference in terms of government policy toward refugee intake? CAP will say not a damn bit. Why? Because nothing--neither rain, snow, heat, hail, flash floods  Noah’s Ark style– will stop the globalist agenda from steam-rolling over Canadian society to create King Justin’s “post-modern” Canada.

Folks, this agenda is 100% cast-in-stone–not unlike Islamic ideology itself. Coincidence? Oh sure–on a cold day in Hades. Want more dire predictions? Here’s one you will love–CAP predict that the Conservative Party of Canada never again win a Canadian federal election.

How so? Because the Trudeau government will continue on indefinitely with illegal refugee intake, and the rest of the United Nations Globalist “road-show.” After all, official immigration intake is at its highest level in modern history.

Did you know? In 2018, Canadian imported and financed the largest intake of refugees in modern history. How about this? Canada has the highest per-capita immigration quotas of any nation on earth. This is what Justin, Gerald Butts and the half-citizen MP Ahmed Hussen have instituted within Canadian society.

Number of Canadian citizens who approved this? ZERO. Number of Canadians who requested this? Zero. Well perhaps a few– MP Omar Alghabra and National Council of Canadian Muslims, without a doubt.

Point being, all of this–every darn bit— is anti-democratic in conception and execution. Then, King Trudeau turns around and speaks of the importance of “democracy” in Canada.

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Fellow patriots– don’t believe the hype”— it’s a stone-cold government and media LIE.




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