Bill Tabled To Establish “Day Of Action On Islamophobia” In Canada

It asks the government of Ontario to designate January 29 as an annual “Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia.” The Bill 83 is set to receive a second reading on April 4 when it will be debated and voted on.


5 thoughts on “Bill Tabled To Establish “Day Of Action On Islamophobia” In Canada

  1. we don’t need that here in Canada if they want their own day let them go back to their own country.

    1. You know Islam is a religion, right? A religion that worships the same diety as a Christian and a Jew. Should they all go back too?

      1. you are very wrong there is no comparison between the two,and islam is not a religion, it is a political ideology way of life, no religion involved, sharia laws rule them

  2. An so when is our day that protects us from all the martyr bombings so they can dominate Canada, wake up people

  3. Since there is no such animal as ‘islamophobia,’ the only purpose such as this serves is to pander to the Muslims, which is against our social standards — religion is what it is, but no religion is higher than another.

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