Bill Introduced to BAN Female Genital Mutilation Tabled By American Senator

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A Tennessee Senator, Marsha Blackburn, has introduced a federal bill that would criminalize female genital mutilation (FGM). It’s about time this law was introduced, in order to counter the growing number of girls who are being abused by this procedure. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “over 500,000 women and girls have either undergone, or are at risk of undergoing the procedure.”

Half a million in the USA, and zero cases in Canada? Let’s get real– FGM is a practice which transcends national boundaries. If there are half a million cases in the USA, then 10,000 cases upon Canadian soil would be a conservative estimate.

In 2018, Justin Trudeau appointed MP Maryam Monsef as Minister of Status of Women. One would logically believe this would be the government-designated politician who stands up and denounces this form of physical abuse?

Oddly, enough, Ms. Monsef has not uttered a single word about FGM, nor offered a condemnation of the archaic practice. As it happens, female genital mutilation is illegal in Canada. As it also happens, neither Monsef nor boss-man Justin Trudeau have condemned the practice. How odd.

After all, Mr. Trudeau is among the very top tier of  virtue signalling human rights feminist political activists. Yet, FGM remains outside his purview. Why? The Muslim vote appears to be the most obvious reason.

CAP Opinion: Between choosing to pander for ethnic votes, or choosing to prevent physical mutilation of Canadian teenage girls, Trudeau and Monsef choose the former. How “post-modern of them.”

Looking state-side, the new bill would again ban FGM on girls under 18. Tennessee passed a law this year which went into effect on July 1. Under the Tennessee law, it is a Class D felony to knowingly mutilate a female, facilitate the act, or transport or facilitate a female for FGM.

Here in Canada, female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) is a criminal offence. The practice is typically performed at some point between infancy and age 15.

Now, check this out– according to the Toronto Star, thousands of Canadian girls are at risk of female genital mutilation, government officials believe. And some are being taken overseas to have the dangerous procedure done — an illegal act known as “vacation cutting.”

How sweet it is. Did you know? February 6th happens to be International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation” Day. CAP will go out on a limb and say 95% of Canadians have no awareness of this. Why? Because media refuse to write about it, for one thing.

Where was Maryam Monsef’s public statement in recognition of this commemorative event? Nowhere- that’s where. As it happens Ms. Monsef is an Islamic fundamentalist.  Those like this NEVER criticize or condemn anything related to their religion. Interestingly, Justin Trudeau behaves in the exact same manner.

“FGM/C is widely recognized by national and international organizations as a harmful practice that violates the human rights of girls and women.4,5 Legislation banning FGM/C has been passed in the majority of African countries.”

At the risk of getting graphic, we include one sentence regarding FGM procedures. The purpose is expose truth. Some may find this comment disturbing:

Clitoridectomy: Partial or total removal of the clitoris and/or the prepuce.” There are five other designations as well.

Enter, feminist Justin Trudeau. Exit, Mr. Trudeau. No comment from him. Nothing from Monsef. This procedure arguably ruins the sex life  for women as they mature into adulthood.

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One would think someone– ANYONE– within the ruling Trudeau government would stand up and just say NO. But they do not. CAP can only speculate on the reason for this. Our speculation tells us that the PMO— Trudeau, Butts, Telford— instructed MP’s not to speak of the dastardly deed.

How “progressive” of our progressive Liberal government. They sit in silence while 7th century archaic physical abuse occurs world-wide. When Mr. Trudeau stated Canada has “no core identity,” he neglected to inform us this lack of core was to be filled by Sharia Law and its backward, illegal practices. Hypocrites much?

Of course they are. It is literally impossible to be a Liberal-Globalist in Canada and not be a hypocrite. Trudeau, Morneau, Goodale, Hussen, Monsef, Khalid, Hadju–all have displayed a level of hypocrisy unprecedented in the history of Canadian politics.

Looks like Sharia Law is here to stay. Even if King Justin looses in October, it is difficult to imagine Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives tackling these issues. More than likely, Islam will just keep on being its exact same static self–no compromise, no change, no adaptation.

The prime minister of Canada is certainly on board with this. After all, he is the only PM in history to pro-actively entrench the Nation of Islam into Canadian society–an act not a single Canadian approved or asked for. \

And here some people still refer to Canada as a “democracy.”








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  1. You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT Brad & you are the ONLY ONE (save perhaps the Rebel!) who has the balls to speak up & say “severed clitoris…..damn that hurts& it’s abuse”. We know full well that not Pansy Trudeau or any of his wilted-Caucus pansies will ever speak out because that might be racist, boohoohoo. Now if Scheer comes into power Oct.21 will he speak up & call a spade a spade re. FGM?? Way things are looking this week in his cosy-up meeting with the sinister-looking Imams, nodding his passive dimpled smile in agreement with their every demand, I am very not hopeful. I weep for the future of Canada.


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