Bill Introduced to BAN Child Participation In Drag Queen Shows

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Lawmakers in Ohio are taking a stand against the sexualization of children by introducing new legislation that would ban drag shows and other sexually-suggestive performances from using minors.

A perfectly reasonable and responsible decision based upon maintaining safety for American children. Youth and teenagers should not be utilized for purposes of promoting transgenderism, nor should they be brain-washed by LGBT forces scoping out potential trans-children during “Drag Queen Story Hour.”

Unfortunately, here in Canada, our government and media disagree. Or at the very least, they withhold all commentary regarding the illicit trans-for-children industry.

Who are these curious political players? Minister of Status of Women, MP Maryam Monsef. How odd that the Minister in charge of safety of women refuses to call-out any aspect of the controversial sex change for children movement.

Yet, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. Boss-man Justin Trudeau is the same. Not a single negative comment on transgenderism has ever been uttered by Canada’s Globalist King Of Kings. Rather, prancing around in parades waving a transgender flag is the way this political curiosity rolls– in between participating in Islamic prayers sessions at Canadian mosques.

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According to Lifesite News, House Bill 180 amends Ohio’s child endangerment statute to include involving minors in any material or performance that “suggests a minor is participating in sexual activity, masturbation, or bestiality.” Adults violating the law could face fines starting at $1,000 and six months in prison.

Then, Justin Trudeau’s post-modern Minister of LGBT, Liberal MP Randy Boissonault, commented that Canada is considering a similar ban--not! How do Canadians know this fellow has not done so?

Easy–we know this because Mr. Boissionnault has never issued a single statement expressing ANY downside, controversy, or negative elements regarding transgenderism PERIOD— even regarding children.

“An American study found that transgender women, who are assigned the male sex at birth, were twice as likely as cisgender(regular) men or women to have the blood clot condition, venous thromboembolism. Transgender women on hormone therapy were also found to be 80 to 90 percent more likely to have stroke or a heart attack than cisgender women.”

Randy Boissennault’s role is to maximize quality health for homosexuals and the transgendered. Too bad he doesn’t do it. Do test results and studies mentioned not call for government, media or medical industry health-warnings to be issued to Canadian parents regarding sex change transition?

Of course it is warranted –so why doesn’t Boissionault, or the current federal health minister, issue such a statement? What odd behaviour from the Trudeau government.

Back in the USA, the world of drag is infamous for its heavy sexual content, as are the stories of other child drag stars such as Nemis Quinn Mélançon Golden (a.k.a. “Lactatia”) and Desmond Napoles (a.k.a. “Desmond is Amazing”).

Another trend, “Drag Queen Story Time” directed at children in public libraries, have been described by performers themselves as intended to give children “unabashedly queer role models” and facilitate “the grooming of the next generation.”

Sounds like serious business to CAP. Yet, according to establishment media in Canada, sex change for children is a akin to a walk through the park in a pink dress. How entirely deceptive.

The time has come for the transgender-for children industry to be dragged out-of-the-closet. At this stage of the game, it is parents who must take action in this regard. Obviously, government, media, academia and medical industry are unlikely to do so.

Incredibly, between all these institutions–including doctors, lawyers, nurses, and various industry experts, not a single person has come forward to stand up to the transgender-children madness.

Why? Truly, it is a giant mystery. In the town where the child tranny drag occurred, the Mayor actually got all irate at the idea of banning children from trans-drag show participation.

Why would the person in charge of the health and welfare of his township do such a thing? More mystery. In Canada, local mayors are much the same–political correctness, the de-valuation of manhood, and resulting promotion of male femininity remain front and centre.

What is it about manhood that these odd-ball politicians have a problem with?  After all, sex change for young boys render them sexually sterile. Is this issue not socially relevant?

Unfortunately, for common-sense Canadians and heterosexuals, our nation has a prime minister 100% dedicated to the advancement of the transgender movement. Justin Trudeau hands hundreds of millions of dollars to LGBT, Pride and transgender activism. Not only in Canada, but world-wide.

All the while, the topic of masculinity is nowhere to be found. Does it not make sense that the leader of a western nation would be interested in preserving dignity for male Canadians. Why is this Trudeau character so damn interested in eroding masculinity, advancing cross-dressing, and  supporting the feminization of the male species?

Since when has manhood lost its virtue within society? Answer: the day Justin Trudeau seized control of the consciousness of Canadian society. Naturally, this element of the equation has never been addressed by mainstream media.

How do we know? Because NO DOWNSIDE to transgenderism has ever been expressed by way of establishment media. Are these people homosexual and transgendered in the main? No, it is fair to say they are not. Why then are they protecting the giant, money-grubbing,  flaked-out tranny-pushing industry?

CAP remain mystified. However, we also maintain faith that this entire sordid affair will one day break into the consciousness of our society, and the trans-for-children industry will come crashing down for all-time.





6 thoughts on “Bill Introduced to BAN Child Participation In Drag Queen Shows”

  1. if banning religious influence in government means allowing the sexualization of children, obsene homosexual parades then NO. IF it means continued reverence towards Christian values as our Crininal code is based on, IE: the Ten Commandments then NO, What we should be banning is any ideology like Sharia law then YES!. It is contrary to the rights of women an children.

  2. Excellent article and thank you as a seasoned Common Sense Advocate for 50+ years. This is dangerous for both women and children and our tax dollars are supporting this deviance and destruction.

  3. In Ontario Canada the former ‘premier’, the egregiously malfeasant fiberal lesbian crapleen wyn and her “education minister” CONVICTED CHILD RAPIST ben levin (8yr old victim..!!) created the early grade-school children’s “sex-ed” guide to deviant perversion.
    This was NOT teaching ‘tolerance’ of others, it WAS criminal child invitation & luring seeking to make an entire generation of young kids dismissive of family values & compliant to deviant molestation.
    The Overwhelming Moral Majority (including New Canadians, and all faiths) flushed crapleen wyn & her fiberal feces feltchers back down the filthy foul pc toilet she crawled out of..!!!
    PREMIER Doug Ford was elected primarily on his pledge to RID the schools of militant leftwing supremacist “political correct” bigoted hypocrisy & perversion, as well as to restore sanity to the province’s finances.
    The sociopath baby rapists should be
    and placed in the general population where “jailhouse justice” will be swift & gruesome…
    Even bank robbers & bikers have enough decency to protect their children from predators..!!

  4. I bet, if she could she’d make it law to chop off the penises of all males at birth and force hormone therapy to all males and make reproduction voluntary by insemination with an attached welfare support program and 18 year paid maternity leaves. #votescheer2019

  5. LGBTQ Radicals are lobbying to influence the legal system to take away our freedom to help our kids – in religious counseling, psychological support, and even rational open debate.

    LGBTQ activists have had lots of time to plan and are trying to sneak this through during the summer when people are distracted by summer activities. You have to act if you feel that this will protect your children and Grandchildren.
    Conversion Therapy is an ill-defined term with a slightly checkered past. As with any developing intervention process, it has improved and the Gender Dysphoria counseling both spiritually and through psychotherapy can be effective. 85-90% of children who are not sure about their sexuality return to their birth gender within a year if not led to take on a different sexual identity.
    Questions of one’s sexuality is a normal aspect of childhood development. There is a danger that a radical regendering process may be unopposed and cause irreparable harm – if spiritual and Psychological sexual gender counseling is made illegal.
    There is a push to sexualize children to make determinations of gender choice from as early a kindergarten and Grade 1. This can cause sexual confusion. A rush to judgment by some teachers and LGBT activists for young children to choose alternative can do irreparable and permanent damage in their lives.
    LGBTQ sexual persons have a right to their freedom of belief, but the radical political element is pushing to vilify another sexual identity – Straight. In the process, they are moving to attack our Christian beliefs.


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