Between Trump And Ilhan Omar, Trudeau Sides With The Religious Supremacist

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Justin Trudeau has toughened his stance against the inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump after the Prime Minister was criticized for his conciliatory tone confronting racist comments.

“I think the comments made were hurtful, wrong and completely unacceptable,” Mr. Trudeau said.

How typically Justin. Upon having to take a side between the President of the United States, and a trouble-making refugee ingrate from Somalia, Justin Trudeau chooses the latter. CAP get it. The comments were “hurtful.” They upset Ilhan Omar. Her nerves were frayed, and it would help alot if a western democracy would take her side. No surprise, Trudeau was there with bells on.

He is such a strange person. The United States of America is a democratic nation. Their constitution speaks of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all. Is it NOT true that the political vomit Ms. Omar spews is counter to this political philosophy? Let’s find out.

On Donald Trump: “We are going to continue to be a nightmare to this president.”

On Israel: ‘Israel has hypnotised the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel’

On terrorism:  You can hold your chest out, you can — when I think of America, huh, when I think of al-Qaeda, I can HOLD MY CHEST OUT”

On American media:“Fox News is now giving a nightly platform to white supremacist rhetoric.”

How dedicated to America Ilhan Omar is. In truth, her dedication is to the Nation of Islam. The woman constantly rants, raves and runs down non-Muslim elements of American society, while remaining steadfast in a lack of condemnation of Islamic terrorism, fundamentalism, Sharia Law, female genital mutilation and child marriage.

Then, between Trump and Ilhan Omar, Justin Trudeau sides with the Somalian. What a HUGE surprise–not.  You see, Canada has its own versions of Senator Omar. One example is Pakistani national, MP Iqra Khalid. She is the founder of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion, and staunch defender of ALL aspects of the Nation of Islam.

Like Ms. Omar, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen hails from the backwash nation of Somalia. Within this country, there is NO multiculturalism, no immigration, no diversity and NO CHRISTIANITY. Yet, according to Hussen, Canada absolutely MUST HAVE all these things.

Like Khalid, Mr. Hussen refuses to make a single statement in any way critical of any aspect of Islam. Conclusion? Canada has its very own “Ilhan Omar”–in fact, more than one or two.MP Maryam Monsef  qualifies as well.

How did these three gain such power with our government? Simple–Justin Trudeau. Outside of Canada, down in the USA, who does Trudeau choose to support between the President, and the American/Christian/Jewish bashing Somalian?

You guessed it–the Somalian wins HANDS DOWN. This, folks, is the mind-set of the prime minister of Canada. Let us ask a related question:

When comparing the relevance of freedom and democracy within nations such as the USA and nations such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria, which country most closely adheres to the western values of freedom, democracy, freedom of speech and personal liberty which Canada espouses?

The answer, of course, is the United States. Although far from perfect, the American constitution and it’s proclamation of a right to “life, liberty and happiness” is IN LINE with traditional Canadian values.

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Why then does Justin give preference to Islam, and political trouble makers like Ilhan Omar? There can only be one reason–Justin Trudeau SHARES their belief system.

Only in Canada, eh? Pity. Yes, it is a pity that Canada has been saddled with a prime minister who appears to prefer Islamic values above western values. Why would the leader of a western nation do this?

The answer is surprisingly SIMPLE— because this person wants to TRANS-form Canada from a democracy to a dictatorship. Within this “post-modern” nation state, Islam is to be a core component.

Understanding and  desirous of this outcome, every move Justin Trudeau makes is based upon the fulfillment of this agenda. America, BE DAMNED. King Justin Globetrotter and his “NEW” Canada are in the house.






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  1. He was also brought in to make sure that the mess continued unabated and the effects would become irreversible. A Socialist’s wet dream.


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