Between America And Iran Justin Trudeau Chooses The NATION OF ISLAM

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Frankly, Cultural Action Party of Canada just do not get it. How did a contemporary liberal democracy such as Canada arrive at this borderline-surreal political dynamic:

The majority of Canadians  mistakenly vote for Justin Trudeau as prime minister in 2015. Did even a single  Canadian citizen voted for Canada to trans-sition from a democracy-supporting nation into a fundamentalist and militant Islam-supporting nation?

Incredibly, this is what Canada has become since the day Justin Trudeau seized the crown of Canada. Who voted for this? No one(okay, MP Iqra Khalid must have).

Under what mandate did PM Trudeau proceed to advance, finance and  entrench Islam into the fabric of society? Why, that would be no mandate at all. Did Justin Trudeau campaign on a platform of the following:

— Reinstatement of citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists.

— Funding rumoured terrorist- affiliated non-profit organizations by the tens of millions of dollars.

— Sending billions of tax-payer dollars in so-called Foreign Aid(try Phantom Aid) to Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Jordan, Syria, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Pakistan and Chad.

— Entrenching fundamentalist Islam within the Canadian government by way of appointing fundamentalist Muslims into Cabinet.

Passing M103 “Islamophobia” motion to elevate Islam above all other religions in Canada.

Yet, this is exactly what Justin The Destroyer has done over the past four-plus years.

Democracy in action? Hardly. CAP do not see a single element of democratic theory or process within any of the above behaviours by way of King Justin of Canada.

Media say nothing. So let’s understand this is clear and concise terms. The PM of Canada is 100% pro-Islamic. CBC and the rest refuse to point this out, or allude to the fact in any manner.

CAP Conclusion: Establishment Media in Canada are 100% pro-Islamic. Ditto for Canadian academia. Are we getting the hint here, fellow Canadian patriots? Perhaps 5% of the population comprehend the truth of the matter.

95% do not–because the Liberal government instruct the Liberal media not to expose this truism. Sound like “true democracy” to you? Of course it isn’t. Rather, this is government/media collusion to fool Canadians for the purpose of trans-forming our nation from democracy to dictatorship.

You gotta admit, if an entity wants to transform a liberal democracy into a totalitarian state, what better instrument is there to achieve the goal than archaic, misogynistic Islamic theology?

Simply put–it’s simply the best–the exact reason for the Trudeau government’s fervent dedication to 7th century religious ideology. Then, our PM instructs the people of Canada to “choose forward.” As if his Islamic dedication is representative of such a thing!

BURIED BY MEDIA: $900,000 Gift To Trudeau Foundation Labeled “Largest BRIBERY Scandal In Canadian History”

Man, is this Trudeau character ever a fraud. It is truly sad what Canadian society has become under the Trudeau “Dynasty.” It was Pierre Trudeau who set up Canada for this societal trans-sition with his Multiculturalism and anti-Anglophone Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Degree of buy-in from the people of Canada? Zero–nothing at all.Forty years on, son Justin Trudeau integrates the Ntion of Islam into Canadian society–again with zero buy-in from Canadians.

Media say nothing. Incredible, isn’t it? While the globalists backing King Trudeau walk Canada down a path toward a dictatorship, CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail run down America regarding the killing of 58 Iranians holding Canadian passports.

It’s really quite sick. Yet, in truth, Canada is always sick when a Trudeau family member is prime minister. The truth  is, the entire Trudeau family are anti- Canadian, anti-democracy, and pro- communism.

Papa Pierre certainly was. Justin obviously is. Add to this commie brother-in-the-shadows, brother Alexandre. As it happens, there was a third Trudeau son–Michel Trudeau–who passed away under extremely “sketchy” circumstances.

Yet another Trudeau-related story buried by media.  In an  interesting  “co-incidence,” Michel Trudeau was allegedly nearly killed on July 17, 1998 when his motor vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle while he was  driving in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada.

The alleged accident was so powerful that the truck Michel Trudeau was driving rolled over several times and was a complete write off and it was a miracle that Michel Trudeau survived.

The death of Michel Trudeau– a mere five months later-on Friday the 13th, November 1998, in  freak accident in the Canadian Rocky Mountains when snow packs are low and avalanches are a rarity, is, by itself, just an interesting historical co-incidence.  However,  when understood in the context of who his father was and other related information, a very different story emerges  regarding the fate of young Michel Trudeau.   

Back to Canada’s champion of Islam, PM Justin Trudeau. While it appear that the problems of Islam have been plaguing Canada for decades, it has in reality been the case for a mere five years.

Justin Trudeau literally “Islam-ized” Canada. When extracting media lies, obfuscation and communist-style propaganda, common sense Canadians recognize  what has truly transpired in this regard.

“When attempting to uncover who controls a nation, simply focus on what citizens are NOT PERMITTED to criticize.”

This fascinating quote is said to be coined by French political philosopher, Voltaire. Regardless of who actually coined the phrase, it speaks volumes about life in Canada under our  Liberal-Globalist- Third World Government.

Think M103–half Pakistani citizen MP Iqra Khalid’s “anti-Islamophobia” motion. What media have hidden from your knowledge: the motion mentions one specific religion, and no others. Not a word about “Christianophobia” or “Jewophobia.”

CAP Conclusion: The motion indemnifies just one religious community–that of Islam. This means that criticizing any aspect of Islam may be trouble for the average Canadian citizen.

Now, apply Voltaire’s theory, and bang zoom Canadians can come to understand the forces truly controlling Canadian society.

This is what ex-PM Pierre Trudeau “kick started” in Canada. This is  what current PM Justin Trudeau forced upon our nation and our people without ANY consent from the general public.

Founder Of Canada’s National Demise: Pierre Trudeau.

Facilitator Of Canada’s National Demise: Justin Trudeau.

And CBC and the rest of the Trudeau media slaves say not a SINGLE WORD about it.






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