Barry Sherman Lobbying Conviction Could Have Removed Trudeau From Office

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“This week marks five years since Toronto billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman were killed in their home, and their son — Jonathon Sherman — has announced he’s adding $25 million to the reward set up to help solve the case.”

Upping the total reward compensation to $35 million dollars. Frankly, the total could be $888 million, and nothing is going to change.

“Closure not possible until those responsible for this evil act are brought to justice,” claims Jonathan Sherman, son of deceased Canadian Big Pharma moguls, Barry and Honey Sherman.

Call CAP pessimistic, but based on the Sherman son’s comment, this murder case will never be resolved.

This week brought a run of media articles marking the 5th year anniversary of the Sherman deaths. Not one mentions a most critical piece of information. Fundamental to the story is the relationship between Mr. Sherman and the Liberal Party of Canada.

“At the time of the targeted murders, the RCMP were conducting a criminal investigation of Barry and Honey Sherman’s August 26, 2015 fundraiser for 2015 election candidate Justin Trudeau.”

“On December 13, 2017, the day Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign fundraisers Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered, Trudeau had both the Lobbying Commissioner and the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner removed, and appointed new ones.”

Holy Crow–this is no incidental piece of nothingness, now is it? Is it not rather unusual that our prime minister fired the head of the federal government lobbying commission on the same day the Shermans were murdered?

Is there something that Trudeau and his handlers desperately want to hide from the people of Canada?

“A conviction for violating the Canada Elections Act Section 502(2) (h.01) meant Justin Trudeau would lose his seat in the House of Commons for accepting prohibited gift or other advantage.”

There it is. After five years, the quantity of leads and/or suspects stands at zero. As such, the Trudeau-Sherman connection stands as the solid piece of factual information related to the December, 2017 murders of the Pharma moguls.

CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail print nothing. Of course, its a pipe-dream to believe they ever will.

“Barry had been involved in dozens of heated lawsuits, including some against his own relatives. He had also loaned tens of millions of dollars to family and invested in numerous businesses owned by relatives and associates.”

Including one involving a breach of the Lobbyist Registration Act as legislated within the federal Canada Elections Act:

“The Apotex lawsuit posed a serious threat to Justin Trudeau’s political career. If Apotex was successful the lawsuit would have provided compelling evidence that Justin Trudeau had violated the Canada Elections Act.” 


  •  (1) No candidate shall accept any gift or other advantage that might reasonably be seen to have been given to influence them in the performance of their duties and functions as a member of the House of Commons if the candidate were to be elected, during the period that

    • (a) begins on the day on which they are deemed to have become a candidate.

CAP reiterate: On the very day the Shermans were murdered, the PMO made a decision to fire the head of the investigation.

A non-story of inconsequential proportions? Irrelevant as a winter’s snowfall in Nunavut?

Hardly. Can it be that Barry Sherman was knocked off to preserve what by 2022 has transitioned to a neo-communist Liberal government? Are there forces at play who so wanted Justin Trudeau to remain prime minister that a murder card was dealt from the bottom of the Liberal deck?

CAP believe it to be wholly possible. The very reason why an article of this nature has never appeared in Canadian media, or elsewhere.

Pourquoi? Because the whole thing makes good sense. Due to the idea that motive could possibly be established. Because Justin Trudeau was selected in advance to usher in the Great Woke Revolution[See China, Mao Tse Tung] a pseudo-communist ploy driven by those who power the political regime of Justin Trudeau.

Not to worry, though, Mr. Mainstream Media. Nothing contained within will be exposed to the general Canadian population. Heck, if you are lucky enough, an article such as this will get Cultural Action Party banned from the internet.

“If you have tips on the Barry and Honey Sherman story please email or call Harvey Cashore at 416-526-4704 or Scott Anderson 416-205-7515​.”

Why not give it a go? Send them the contents of this article. It won’t make a difference. Have you heard the news? The CBC is a state-controlled media institution funded by Trudeau’s Liberal government. Perhaps it will tweak the interest of their team of investigative journalists. Should anything hit the CBC editorial desk, it will be crushed like a bug.

“The Sherman family had previously offered a $10-million reward for information leading to a conviction.”

“My parents deserved to enjoy the fruits of their labour, and spend their twilight years as any grandparent should, with their family. I continue to miss my parents more than I can describe, and I am forever haunted by what happened to them.”

The haunting shall continue indefinitely. As in–forever. As will a burying of the truth regarding the dual assassination of Barry & Honey Sherman. The Trudeau government wouldn’t have it any other way.

35 thoughts on “Barry Sherman Lobbying Conviction Could Have Removed Trudeau From Office”

  1. “The CBC is a state-controlled media institution funded by Trudeau’s Liberals. “

    NO — it is tax funded. Lieberals just shift taxpayers’ money towards the Lieberal mouthpiece.

    • All legacy media, Dave, have become the propaganda arm of the Government funding it especially when it’s “Tax” dollars. The use of the “People’s” hard earned value has always been used against them,,particularly since the 1970″s when everything changed in the Banking World with the shift to financing Governments commitments to the people through a Private Central Banking system. The slow tiptoe of Fascism, Socialism, Communism. I remember Justin’s “Alleged” father at the Helm during those heady years. We were all suckers not to see it!

  2. here is more …. did you know that apotex makes generic hydroxychloroquine? The drug that actually saved people from the so called covid virus. Hmmm. It opens the cells to allow zinc in to destroy viruses. Maybe turd-eau didnt like that either.

    • I read this 2020 article when it came out and I knew in my heart that the manufacturing of hydroxychloroquine was a major reason why they were murdered. No question. I pray that the unsolved mystery show, or one like it, will reenact and broadcast this murder case so that millions of Canadians will see it and see through it.

      • Hydroxychloroquine was a potential low-cost alternative to the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine. That had to go, so Sherman had to go. But the Trudeau connection was another factor, and a significant one, imo.

  3. There is more – did you know Apotex makes generic hydroxycholorquine? the drug that opens cells so zinc can destroy viruses – found very helpful for those affected by the so-called covid virus. hmmm. Maybe turd-eau didnt like that either. Cheap generic drugs when you are planning to buy millions of doses of ”v” shots with kickbacks?

  4. Can someone get this information on Twitter or another social media site where this can be shared and discussed more openly so that Canadians become more aware of this!!!

  5. Twenty-five million dollars is a lot of incentive to reveal incriminating evidence. That is; unless the potential reward taker fears for his safety. Safety? Turdo owns the RCMP; he has a long reach. Quite likely even an anonymous; credible source would be quietly outed, and meet with a terrible “accident.” Incredible; this plays like a Mafia script. Assuming Trudeau were indicted; losing his role as pretend prime minister would be the least of his worries. If the putz of putzes has had anything to do with The Sherman murders; a lengthy prison sentence should be automatic. That is; if we lived in the old Canada. Or; as his alleged sperm donor pappy once said: “[Canada] A just society.” Translation: A communist society; right Pierre? What a hollow laugh; what a horrendous joke. Looks like Turdo junior will one (glorious) day follow in his (alleged) father’s post-death footsteps….Into Hell. That’s perfect justice.

    • Castro is his daddy. Look at the photos. Especially the one of Maggie and Castro holding baby Justin. There such an admiring glow of affection from Maggie to Fidel. Remember they were Swingers!

  6. Castro is his daddy. Look at the photos. Especially the one of Maggie and Castro holding baby Justin. There such an admiring glow of affection from Maggie to Fidel. Remember they were Swingers!

  7. Wrong! Shermans were killed in a Masonic way in their home with belts around their necks because he’s the world’s largest manufacturer of HCQ and big pharma couldn’t get Emergency Use Authorization if there was another reliable method of curing Covid. Barry Sherman had a big mouth and wouldn’t be shut up knowing he can sell lots of HCQ so that’s why he’s gone and there’s too many Masons within police forces who will cover up the tracks. Investigation will never be officially solved.

  8. Notice how suddenly, on here ,more recent posters are trying to divert the conversation away from the illegal political slush funding of Trudeau…………shhhhh its the evil masons…….

  9. There is more …. everyone familiar with Dr. David Martin?

    “What Trudeau didn’t tell his Canadian constituents or the world was that Canada controlled the mRNA vaccine platform and was destined to become enriched by both Moderna and Pfizer’s partnership with BioNTech. Trudeau knew that the gene therapy being promoted as a “vaccine” was an economic win for Canada and therefore Trudeau’s Canada had the monopoly on the world’s adoption of mRNA gene therapy shots. He wasn’t promoting science, he was promoting the Canadian economic interest in the gene therapy illegally promoted as a vaccine.”

    Interesting video with Dr. Martin on Stew Peters show…..

  10. I read he bought 7 injections for each of us with our money. I would expect much of those early doses have been thrown away, due to low uptake of subsequent doses to the original one or two, but many, many are planned for us. Clearly he doesnt care how he spends our money.

    Does anyone have any updated information on this?

  11. Brad:
    I do NOT have a FB acct
    I do NOT have a Twitter Acct
    I do NOT have an Instagram acct
    NO social media platforms

    I’m a retired RN (BScN) dirty filthy “SHALL we tolerate them” UNvaccinated
    I’m thoroughly disgusted with MY Canadian Government, THE Corrupt RCMP, THE Corrupt Judicial System …. the medical CABAL … THE massive corruption IS endless!

    Lost good friends AND family to this Corrupt Global Totalitarian LIE and MSM Legacy Media Propaganda …. THE FAKE Wuhan Man Made Virus AND you better get injected OR else!
    ALL lies ALL corruption FOR a global elite AND friends AND family wouldn’t believe ME!

    ALL Of a sudden “THREE years later” the FLU has entered the scene-SUCH Bullshit!

    Canadian MDs are a disgrace-THEY kept THEIR cushy little jobs WHILE unvaccinated RNs/ RPNs walked off their jobs OR LOST their jobs DUE to the FACT “something wasn’t right (TWO+ yrs ago)” “a vaccine (NOT) in less than one year?” “nothing was adding up” … smelled like a scam!

    MASS corruption AT a GLOBAL Level
    Censorian THUGs at the Canadian Government Helm NEED to be exposed DAILY!

    Kept providing us the TRUTH please!
    Thank you very much Brad!
    PS: Not that I want to BUT opening up a FB acct to post YOUR truth is something I’m considering (I despise Chan+Zuckerburg for their ELECTION scams).


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