Bankrupting A Democracy: Trudeau Delivers 700% INCREASE In Deficit Over 2019

In order to successfully transform a nation away from its traditional form of governance, a series of critical pieces of a political agenda must be in place.

Naturally, there is a social component, as well as an economic element. As it happens, for the past five years one individual  more than any other has been working an agenda of incremental national transformation.

The person most responsible also happens to be the prime minister of Canada–Justin Trudeau.

Let CAP provide some detail. Socially, Canada maintains the highest per-capita intake of immigrants on planet earth. How often do you read this within the Globe & Mail? Not too often, eh?

While CBC eschew certain realities, the fact is that immigration policy in Canada is an agenda of social engineering. For Old Stock Canadians--Anglophones, Conservatives, Christians et al– this means sitting by helplessly while your people are trans-itioned into a minority community.

CTV say nothing. Global News remain “mute as the lambs.” Of course, the Liberal government’s successful hi-jacking of Canadian democratic governance cannot occur without a financial, or economic component.

CAP Conjecture: Justin Trudeau has been working an agenda of economic decimation from the first day he became “national leader.”

Right out of the gate, King Trudeau was pumping up federal deficits as if these was no tomorrow. One side-effect is that the amount of personal and family debt is its highest point in history. Media downplay accordingly.

Want more? Try the fact that CBC refuse to inform Canadians that throughout Trudeau’s reign over Canada, the Liberal government have shipped around $10 Billion Dollars to the following nations:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Niger, Ivory Coast, Chad, Burkino Faso, and dozens more. Ever read about this in the Toronto Star?

Okay, so media are hiding a profound truth from 37.7 Million Canadians. The $10 Billion or so dollars would have been a giant economic boost during the time of China’s latest biological weaponry has been assaulting Canadian society.

What else do leading journalists like CBC’s Andrew Coyne, John Ivison of the Globe & Mail and Chris Selley of National Post hide from Canadians?

The fact that the greater the deficit, the greater the happiness of international banking community due to increased interest payments. Is this not obvious as heck? So why do the media pundits bury all this?

CAP Theory: Justin Trudeau does not work for Canada. Rather, he is employed by globalist forces such as billionaire banker George Soros. As it happens, Soros is founder and CEO of non-profit powerhouse “Open Border Foundation.”

What Mr. Soros advocates:

Erosion of national sovereignty, open border societies, mass 3rd world immigration, deficit and debt accumulation, mass abortion and LGBT/transgender promotion.

What Mr. Trudeau advocates:

Erosion of national sovereignty, open border societies, mass 3rd world immigration, deficit and debt accumulation, mass abortion and LGBT/transgender promotion.

It is here that astute Canadians can come to realize what is really going on within their nation. Now, let’s move to an additional concept:

Throughout the Coronavirus debacle, CBC has positioned PM Trudeau’s financial “bail-outs” as an act of altruism toward Canadian citizens. Guess what, fellow patriots–CAP disagree.

This idea is media subterfuge. What government are really doing is creating a post-modern environment whereby our populations become more and more dependant upon a socialist agenda of government assistance.

In other words, a covert agenda of transforming Canadian society into a nascent socialist country. Think about it– government and media in “cahoots.” Pseudo- communism. General public reliance upon government hand-outs, also pseudo-communism.

Think CTV too daft to put this together? Are the editors of Globe & Mail too numb in the head to deduce this social reality? Not a chance–are these people not the so-called “intelligentsia” of society?

BREAKING ON CAP: Covid Time In Canada: 33% of Unemployed To RECEIVE NOTHING From Trudeau Government

What a scam this is–a downright embarrassment of the highest order.

A 700% increase in federal deficit. An unprecedented development in Canadian history, and CBC deliver the news as if they are reporting on today’s snowfall warning in Nunavut.
Shame, Shame, Shame. Canadian media facilitate Justin Trudeau’s agenda of transformation into Trudeau-family preferred socialism, as the Great White North prepares for its demise as a free and democratic society.
Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Evangelist, Justin Trudeau.







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