Backlog On IIIegal Refugees, MP Hussen Requests $100 Million From Taxpayers

The agency that processes refugee claims in Canada estimated it would need TWICE AS MUCH MONEY  as it will ultimately receive to significantly tackle a major backlog in asylum claims, caused in part from an influx of irregular migrants.


14 thoughts on “Backlog On IIIegal Refugees, MP Hussen Requests $100 Million From Taxpayers

  1. Our pm will bend over backwards and give these people whatever they want, allow them to do what they want even out of our laws. Our laws mean nothing anyways, they can murder, rape, destroy and pm will give them more money to set themselves up in Canada. And then give them 5-6000 to live on saying it’s a struggle but the penthouses might help them. Our pm needs to pack himself up and go back with these people and struggle before they came to Canada being treated like royalty. Sickening.
    PM has money galore for these people but no money for medical, education, housing, fresh water, veterans, social assistance, pensions. He is light in the head. sickening how Canada is being run. Pretty soon we will be forced to join their religion, eat only what they eat, child marriages, death at their hands, because they will be overrunning us like they have started

    1. Gee Darlene, you sound like you would definitely get along with trump. With your Redneck attitude, you should be living in the US. You should probably pick one of the southern states, because that is where the Rednecks usually live. You’ll fit right in.

      1. je pense que vous aussi vous ne voyez pas l,empleur des dégâts, j,aimerais que vous me dite ce qui a de mal à protéger ses frontières, et à avoir assez d,argent pour sa propre population ? mais évidemment vous ne devez pas connaître les buts de l,ordre mondial et toute cette gamique, et probablement que dans votre vie vous ne manquez pas de grand chose?

      2. What are they gonna do,there’s people that live here and need help,shouldn’t we look after them first,how can u give them more money than alot of people make a month,sure doesn’t seem fair to me

      3. Sharon because someone is against people just walking across our border and given what ever they want does not make them Redneck. Do you not pay attention to what our Selfie taking, fancy socks ,money blowing, smirking ,terrorist loving dictator that can do whatever he wishes is doing to our country. Keep on drinking the Kool Aid .

      4. I agree with everything he said. They are plaque on our country and are sucking the finances dry for things we desperately need in this country. Sounds like you’re a bleeding heart liberal.

      5. And Sharon
        You should go to get some help as well, maybe a good mental hospital.!
        It might require surgery to get your head out of your arse.!

    2. Notre premier ministre, non je le rejette totalement comme je rejette son multiculturalisme, celui de son père, et son inscouciance

    3. You are so very right. Furthermore they send money back to their home country and visit there too. If it is so bad that they seek refuge in Canada, why go back on vacations.

  2. MP Hussen Requests, Please bring my grandkids here (Canada) who are refugees in the far south of the Philippines (Cotabato City) where on going war between tribal chiefs are killing each other. It’s also 1 of the 5 kidnap capitals in the world. I wrote you about it, because, there’s nothing much I can (myself) as I am retired and sick. I hope I get your attention.

  3. i can answer for the taxpayers of Canada….No!… about the Liberals put their money where their mouth is and give up their salaries to pay the accumulating costs they are creating, Donald Trump gave up his salary!

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