Australia Deports 5,000 Migrant Criminals, 56,000 Illegal Migrants REMAIN IN CANADA

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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton told The Australian the government is taking a hard line approach to non citizens convicted of violent crimes.

‘My first priority is to keep our community safe from those who seek to do us harm,’ he said.

‘If you have committed a crime, especially against a woman or a child, you are not welcome in Australia. I make no apologies for taking away your right to stay in this country.’

The coalition is trying to push through further changes to the Migration Act to make it easier to cancel visas.

New laws are seeking to lower the sentencing threshold of 12 months to any crime capable of carrying a 12 month sentence.

Harsh measures against migrant criminals in Australia now exist to deal with international users and abusers. Conversely, the government of Justin Trudeau has taken an opposite approach. Canada is today just so darn “Third World Criminal Migrant” friendly.

In Canada, Over 50,000 immigrants– many who illegally entered Canada through the border, were ordered deported but remain in the country, according to Blacklock’s Reporter  Much of this has to do with the appeal process, which can take over two years to be completed.

Do tell, fellow patriots–what would naturally transpire over the course of a deportation appeal which lasted for two years?  CAP will tell: the children are in school, the parents settled in Canada. Medical coverage is established. In other words, after two years the illegals are firmly entrenched within Canadian society, This, naturally, cuts down on the chances of eventual deportation.

How very “Justin Trudeau” this is. Remember our PM’s “tweet which changed a nation?”

Dear Illegal Third World Refugee,

“Please grab your loved ones and cross illegally into Canada on foot. Once Border Security has carried your luggage to the appropriate destination, kindly apply for welfare checks which will be sent to you on a regular basis. Accommodation will also be provided to you.”

“Please do not worry about related financial costs. The taxpayers of Canada–who btw do not want you entering our country, will pay for all your expenses. If you have for example, six children, your welfare checks will include additional funds for each child.”

This is the true result of PM Trudeau’s “shout out” to the Third World refugees of the world. Now, back to Australia:

“Figures from the Department of Home Affairs show that of those deported 452 were child sex offenders, 220 were rapists, and 93 were murderers.”

“The deportation figures show that visa cancellations have grown to almost three a day since changes were introduced five years ago, according to the Australian. “

Back to Canada:

“Abu Huzaifa Al Kanadi is the pseudonym of a man currently living freely in Toronto. Huzaifa admitted on the New York Timespodcast Caliphate that he tortured one man and executed and murdered two others.”

“Despite repeatedly lying to Canadian authorities, no charges have been brought against the man who is now attending a Canadian university without any consequences.”

How sweet. Has this man been convicted in a Canadian court? Nope. Has even one of the 60 ISIS killers been convicted in a Canadian court? Not a chance–not one of them.

Welcome to Trudeau’s ISIS-compatible Canada! And why would government work hard to actually convict these Islamic imports? Answer–they wouldn’t, and they don’t.

BURIED BY CBC: Not a SINGLE Conviction After Trudeau Brought 60 ISIS Terrorists To Canada

Quite the study in contrasts, eh? Let CAP get perfectly real here. Justin Trudeau’s Canada is Islam’s Canada. Every political decision the ruling Liberals make either promotes or indemnifies the Nation of Islam within our borders.

As many patriots understand, Canada and Australia share a number of qualities. Both are Commonwealth nations. Both have large land masses relative to population. There is a affinity in governance, rule of law and democratic principles shared by both nations.

Yet even under these circumstances, Australia manages to take a firm stance against illegal migrants, criminals and sex offenders. Speaking of sex offenders, here something Trudeau established during his first term in office.

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What an absurd globalist three-ring-circus Canada has morphed into under the “leadership” of Justin Trudeau. Speaking of a Trudeau family remember, are you aware of the following?

Papa Pierre Trudeau’s pro-3rd World, anti-Anglophone Charter of Rights and Freedoms contains a provision whereby not only are Canadian citizens protected under Charter rights. In fact, the rights apply to ANY person standing upon Canadian soil.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Let’s say your name is Mohammed Hussein, citizen of Syria. As it happens, you got busted by the police for dealing copious amounts of hashish.

Rather than rot in jail, you could make a refugee claim in Canada, justifying it by stating you will be “persecuted” or tortured while in jail.

If successful, the criminal can immediately claim rights under the Charter the minute he gets off a plane in Toronto. Does this, or does this not, encourage foreign criminals to come to Canada to avoid prosecution in their homeland?

Of course it does. This, fellow patriots, is a “gift” that ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau gave to the nation of Canada. Now, it is arguable that the safety of citizenship is the ultimate job of a prime minister.

Did Trudeau Sr. maintain this approach? Does spawn Justin do so? No, and negative. Meaning that in truth, neither Trudeau PM’s actually did the job properly.

Media say nothing. Ever see a single Canadian media article which exposes or alludes to an identical globalist, pro-China, pro-Islam emanating from both father and son?

Never. Nor will this be forthcoming at any point in time. Oh, Canada–the porous nation of the western world. An Open Border Society. ISIS terrorist citizenships. Zero terrorist prosecutions.  And on and on and on ad nauseum.

CBC say nothing. CTV report nothing. Globe &  Mail print nothing.

Result? A pseudo-communist, Islam-promoting Canadian government. Even a liberal nation such as Australia is kicking Canada’s butt in terms of a crack down on criminal immigrant and refugee behaviour.

But Canadians today live in Trudeau’s “post-modern” nation. For CAP, this means a “post-rule of law” Canada. It means a pro-militant Islam Canada.

In the meantime, media bury the entire sordid affair as Trudeau works to trans-sition our nation from democracy to dictatorship.






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  1. His surviving brother is even more of a communist, if that even sounds possible. All tolled, he spent a decade in China doing research for a book that only the Chinese will buy. It sings their praises from the straw roof of every backwoods hut. Meanwhile, his wife is an Iranian Muslim. The youngest son, Michel, is the one who skied to the bottom of Lake Kokanee on one of his trust funded excursions. A few years prior to that he was busted by the RCMP with a copious amount of illegal weed which resulted in a trafficking offence. Retired Daddy Trudeau made the entire debacle just disappear, like magic. The Teflon Moron on the “Hill” came by that name by virtue of his surname. The entire entitled family is bulletproof in Canada, at least. NOTHING STICKS.


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