Attack On Colonialism A Disguised Assault Upon “Old Stock” Canadians

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As Selma Tobah writes in a recent Toronto Sun article, “the fight against Islamophobia is a decolonial battle.”

“Decolonization means taking the time to understand how centuries of colonization, locally and globally, have violated so much of what is sacred to so many.”

Far be it for media to point out a pertinent fact: these Canada-bashers were not part of our society at the time of these historic incidents. Nor were her predecessors. Considering the over-abundance of “multicultural” practitioners who advance this sentiment, a lucid thought emerges:

Selma Tobah did not live in Canada when any of this occured. Nor were your parents, grandparents, or distant relatives. Yet somehow it doesn’t prevent new arrivals from trashing the country which so kindly offered them permanent citizenship.

It’s all the rage in a Canada which has transitioned to a condition of rabid self-hatred. Those living on our shores for all of twenty minutes are publishing racist polemics directed at white Canadians. Media provide them with a platform to do so.

Consider two related scenarios:

Firstly, white Canadian journalists travel to theocratic nations in the Middle East, and promptly begin trashing their culture, religion, identity and history. How long before they hit the jail cell– or worse? The difference is found in the concept of freedom of speech– a European-centric principle dating back to the English Magna Carta in the 13th century.

This is the reason why Egyptian-born Selma Tobah has the freedom to trash Canada to her heart’s content. European-derived civil rights laws permit such a thing. What an incredible irony– using our laws to verbally assault our people! Don’t you know? Free speech is non-existent in communist and theocratic societies.

Degree to which CBC reference the circumstance? A whopping zero percent. Secondly, what would have transpired if Canada was colonized not by European nations, but rather countries of the Middle East?

A hypothetical situation it is. Yet, under such a scenario, who believes that Aboriginals would have been exalted as Indigenous gods worthy of all the respect in the world?

Here’s an un-woke thought: it could have been worse. Likewise if China’s Han Dynasty, Genghis Khan, or Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes colonized Canada.

Last time Cultural Action Party checked, Canadian media was not dominated by “new arrival” publishers. Editors of the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post are not of 3rd World origin. Our most prominent journalists have last names like Ivison, Glavin, Hebert and Coyne.

In other words, mainstream is dominated(it will change) by “Old Stock” Canadians. So why does the press function as a monolith of anti- Anglophone condemnation? Is this social circumstance not a tad “unnatural?”

Of course it is. Here we find a key to the entire sordid affair. Unnatural means contrived, pre-conceived, pre-destined. Therefore, a purpose must exist for the non-organic development.

One word best encapsulates all of this: transformation. An inversion of our social order. A move away from the democracy which Old Stock citizens so greatly value, and toward a condition of authoritarian governance.

Easy to be hard, Selma Tobah. You didn’t live through it, so what is your goal in trashing a country that welcomed you as a full member of society?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Attack On Colonialism A Disguised Assault Upon “Old Stock” Canadians”

  1. Lots of attacks against the Canada I Know and Love, you forgot to mention the takeover of our Country by Mass Immigration that we as Canadian Taxpayers are paying for. Ironic.

  2. “Under such a scenario, who believes that Aboriginals would have been exalted as Indigenous gods worthy of all the respect in the world?” Indigenous gods.

    Lol. I shouldn’t laugh. So true. They’d be treated like slaves; or–ahem–gone the way of the Dodo bird.

    Would that the Quebec Inc./Laurentian Liberal party would join the Dodo. Likewise any party–Federal; or Provincial–That has brought harm to this abused country. Imagine if we had every wasted dollar from the past sixty years? Beginning with the enormous cost of all of the “sacred cows”….Multicult/CBC/Artificial bilingualism/The “First Nations” industry.

    Let’s also include lost income; a la business opportunities/Resources. My calculator doesn’t go up high enough. Finally; quoting a (1967) Sonny and Cher song….”The Beat Goes On.” Or; shall we say; the ventricular fibrillation goes on.

    How much longer does this country have before a fatal heart attack? We’re living on borrowed time.

  3. I have been saying the same thing for years. We invite them here to escape tyranny and a chance at a safe place to raise their families,and, what thanks do we get? T

    They start trying to make Canada the same backwards hell hole they ran from. I say if your not happy with Canada you are FREE to leave,I’m sure ISIS or the Taliban will welcome you home.

  4. I am 5 generations with great grandparents and grandparents that fought for this country, I pray they will come up out of the grave and curse every politician, health minister, MSM, big pharma, and all those illegals. For destroying our once great country.
    They have committed murder, crimes against humanity, mental health suicide, drug overdose, heart attacks, and what might be genocide.
    Why are you following what these corrupt liars keep telling you, wake up take that mask off, throw away your passport and stop getting the jab. Leave the children alone.


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