Attack on child wearing hijab ‘did not happen,’ Canadian police say

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Police had been investigating the incident as a hate crime after the girl said that a man wielding a pair of scissors cut her hijab as she walked to school with her brother on Friday morning. By Monday police concluded that NO CRIME had occurred.


4 thoughts on “Attack on child wearing hijab ‘did not happen,’ Canadian police say”

  1. I am so mad! This needs to be handled by Social Services stepping in, parents charged, Canadians want the truth this time. She is older than 11. We want proof she is 11.

    I have sent the following to: writer of the Star article

    This is not acceptable, SHE IS NOT GETTING OFF THAT EASY. This is bullshit we want an apology in person!!! If that girl is 11 then hell is freezing over. She is at lease 14 or 15. We want proof she is 11. We want her mother and father charged with mischief. We want the Social Services involved and want her taken out of that household because they are brainwashing her and abusing her. The lying and deception has to stop. What are the Muslims in Canada up to now, what underhanded bullshit are the Muslims pulling. Those ungrateful assholes need to be deported.

    Kathy Woycik


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