Attack On Canada’s Elderly: Covid-19 As “Social Engineering” Weaponry

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CAP Theory: Just because an idea can be considered “paranoid” does not guarantee the concept is erroneous.

With this, we shall launch into yet another “alternate theory” a million light years from what will ever be purported by CBC, CTV, and the like:

A lot of old Canadians are dying. This in itself is nothing new–it goes on within every nation, and in every generation. Yet, perhaps there is something unique in this as it relates to contemporary Canadian society.

As most Canadians understand, China’s latest biological weaponry, known as Coronavirus, if affecting the elderly of Canada more then any other “strata” within society.

Coincidence? CAP is not so sure. To our way of thinking, Justin Trudeau’s Canada is decidedly socialist. Within said societies, social engineering is endemic to government philosophy. The king of the castle in this regard is China–the Trudeau Dynasty’s preferred nation.

As a precursor, let us focus on three aspects of Trudeau’s “No Core Identity” Canada:

Abortion: For the past forty years, medical institutions within our nation have been knocking off around 90,000 Canadian fetuses per year. The “rules of the game” were established by Canada’s original communist enthusiast, ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. 

Most Canadians understand that our country has a problem with an increasingly elderly population. Understanding this, in the 1970’s- 1990’s government could developed incentive programs so that parents would have more children to offset the demographic consternation. They never did it.

In other words, babies which would number in the millions were prevented from being born by way of Trudeau Sr., and his borderline insane abortion fanatic–a man named Dr. Henry Morgantaler.

Did you know? This “doctor” personally performed over 5000 abortions in Canada-at a time when the practice was illegal. Pierre Trudeau let it happen regardless.

Time out: In our era, Justin Trudeau has sent hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to African nations to abort their fetuses. Abortion is presently illegal in Nigeria and dozens of other African nations currently receiving the funds.

Fast forward to 2016. PM Trudeau rolls out his “Euthanasia” program.  This knocks off a substantial number of elderly Canadians. Keeping in mind that within communist ideology, once a citizen has lived beyond their use–as in being a vital tax-payer–government no longer has any use for them.

Okay, so now we have hundreds of thousands of Canadians destroyed by way of government. Both the unborn, and the elderly.

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CAP Salient Question Of The Day: Who are the dead? Ever read any statistics on this vital issue within the pages of the Globe & Mail or National Post? Never–of course. There is a good reason for this:

The commonality is that 90% of these “people” are Canadian-born, and of the “Old Stock” variety. Anyone beginning to see the light here? These people are not 3rd World migrants.

These folks indulge in abortion far, far less than the rest of us. Also, the euthanized are primarily of Anglophone or Francophone decent.

Bingo!  Here we focus in on the untold by-product of Justin Trudeau’s communist-infused social engineering program. Remember, this kind of thing is relatively standard government behaviour in China. After all, did Pierre Trudeau-hero, Chairman Mao Tse Tung, not indulge in said behaviour during his “Silent Revolution?”

Of course he did. Here is what Pierre Trudeau had to say about the man he met with three times in the early 1970’s:

“The experience of that superb strategist Mao Tse-tung might lead us to conclude that in a vast and heterogeneous country(Canada), the possibility of establishing socialist strongholds in certain regions is the very best thing.”

Quite. Now, let’s talk Covid-19: it is fully factual that this China-produced pandemic affects the elderly more than any other spectrum of society. Coincidence? In fact, all kinds of speculation could arrive from this scenario:

Is the government of China wiping out the world’s elderly? Is Covid-19 subterfuge for social engineering within dying democracies such as Trudeau’s post-modern Canada?

Here is what CAP has to say to detractors, and the general liberal snowflake community:

Prove to us that these ideas are pure folly. You can’t, and CAP knows it well and good. This is speculation, without question. Yet, a slightly morbid feeling overtakes a sensible Canuck upon considering these ideas.

Check out the “Old Folks Home” coronavirus phenomenon in Canada. By the way, did you that the government of China is a major player in the elderly old folks home industry in Canada. They sure as heck are.

Result: Additional dead, old Canadians. Does Justin Trudeau really care? Remember, this fellow comes from a household in full admiration of communist tactics and ideologies.

Personally, I don’t think Pierre Trudeau gave a damn about preserving the elderly. Communists do not care about the ” masses”–they care about political success.

CAP believe Justin Trudeau is cut from the same cloth. His real goal is to socially engineer Canada away from its traditional form of governance. This will usher in his post -modern nation in no-uncertain terms.

Only thing about it is that King Justin’s post-modern Canada is in reality a post- democracy Canada. It is a past-the-expiry-date “Old Stock” Canada.

True, or Untrue: The faster Old Stock Canada is decimated, the faster Justin Trudeau’s dream of an anti-Anglophone socialist dictatorship becomes a reality.

Put that in your post-modern marijuana pipe and smoke it.












4 thoughts on “Attack On Canada’s Elderly: Covid-19 As “Social Engineering” Weaponry”

  1. That’s right Brad, Trudeau and the government care not about seniors. They have done nothing for seniors during this pandemic. They did let us use up all our RSP’s but wait a minute we have always been able to do that. The seniors have had to use RSP’s to pay bills for years. Now many of them have used all their RSP’s and are hurting financially. They NEVER get any kind of cost of living increase to their CPP cheques. We paid into the CPP for about 50 years and receive a paltry and insulting $900/month after taxes. Hell that just pays utilities and maybe a little food. It doesn’t even cover rents.


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