As Trump Battles Islamic Terror, Trudeau SNEAKS Egyptian General Into Canada

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Three months before he boarded a plane in Cairo and six months before he made a refugee claim in Toronto, Canadian security officials deemed retired Brig.-Gen. Khaled Saber Abdelhamed Zahw “inadmissible” to Canada because of national security concerns.

Zahw was a “high-ranking” member of Egypt’s military when it orchestrated a coup of President Mohamed Morsi’s government in 2013, according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

An inadmissibility finding would keep most people out of Canada, but it didn’t stop Zahw and his wife from obtaining valid visitor visas from the Canadian embassy in Egypt.

This is because, according to internal government documents obtained by Global News, Canada has a secret program that allows certain “high-profile” foreign nationals who would otherwise be barred from entering the country due to national security concerns, war crimes, human rights violations and organized crime to be granted special “public policy” entry visas so long as it is in Canada’s “national interest.”

So, while Donald Trump knocks off a mass murdering Islamic terrorist general in Iraq, the Liberal Government of Canada are sneaking Islamic generals into Canada.

How is it exactly that the Nation of Canada came to be a full-on supporter of Islamic governments, and their high-ranking military leaders? For CAP, this began with ex-Liberal prime minister, Pierre Trudeau, and is fully  supported by his son, current Liberal PM Justin Trudeau.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of this story other than government’s change in political allegiance is the fact that CBC and other Canadian media institutions have never once pointed out this trans-sition.

Any Old Stock patriots out there remember a pre- Trudeau Canadian government? Please do tell–were the governments of John Deifenbaker, MacKenzie King, or even Lester B. Pearson fully dedicated to the advancement of Middle Eastern religious ideology within our society?

Not at all–so why has the CBC refrained from articulating anything which speaks to Canada’s ideological and social shift towards supporting Islamic government’s and their diaspora populations in Canada?

Perhaps an answer is found in the latter–meaning the strategic political agenda of packing Third World migrants into urban Canada, and the corresponding lock on Third World-dominated ridings in the GTA, Vancouver, and other major urban centres.

Therefore, Justin Trudeau and his gang of cultural eradicators choose to pander to Islam, rather than support anti-terror measures in the Middle East.

Man, are these Liberals ever a greedy bunch. Turns out they aren’t satisfied with the degree of progress in this regard. Now, Liberal Immigration Minister MP Marco Mendicino has rolled out something called the Rural Immigration Pilot Program.

This brand new migration policy will bring tens of thousands of Third World migrants to Canadian towns such as Vernon, B.C. and Thunder Bay, Ontario. Eleven towns in all for the initial round. Then, one can easily surmise, with each passing year the program will expand.

How about, let’s say, 35 towns in 2022, 65 towns in 2023..and on and on–until every small town and urban riding had enough Third World voters to ensure the Liberals win every riding in future federal elections by a landslide. Keep hammering away in this regard, and Canada is sure to eventually transition to a One-Party State--the exact goal of the globalist brigade.

Traitor Time: Prime Minister’s Brother Alexandre Trudeau Makes Film JUSTIFYING Iran’s Nuclear Arms Build-Up

You know what CAP call this? A international agenda to trans-form Canada from democracy to dictatorship–and Justin Trudeau is using the Third World to accomplish this goal.

Please do tell–why would Trudeau be sending billions of dollars to Islamic and African nations such as Somalia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran?

CAP Response: Because the Liberal government are “buying favour” with African-Islamic governments–that’s why. And for what reason? Simple as pie–because the citizens of Syria, Iran, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and other nations of this ilk are the future of Canada.

These are the nations with both the highest birth-rates on earth, as well as the fastest-growing economies on earth. Canadian media say nothing–not a single sentence on any element of this future social condition.

From the highest per-capita immigration quotas on earth, to the smuggling into Canada of top Islamic fundamentalist military leaders. From illegal 3rd world refugees, to the re-instatement of citizenship for convicted ISIS terrorists.

Guess what, privileged 3rd World Canada— Justin Trudeau is on your side– forever and ever. A full-on, 100% dedication to Third World governments, communist China, as well as fundamentalist religions of African and Islamic nations.

Medias say nothing. If this is an example of true liberal democratic governance, then Osama bin Laden should have been appointed Pope.




16 thoughts on “As Trump Battles Islamic Terror, Trudeau SNEAKS Egyptian General Into Canada”

  1. I truly hope the people of Canada can deal with this betrayal of the people s wishes. It is an all out war with the liberals in my country. I live in Minnesota and really wish we could vote out all of the Congress in our country because it is no longer doing what the people want just their and corporate lords bidding.

  2. I have explain it everyone Trudeau going try a lot foxy things to win power. It time to have a leader now and take out Trudeau.

  3. The sad part is we are being viewed as a risk on the world stage. A risk to our allies. Which dangerous position to be in. If trump starts another war. Who will come to our aid? Food for thought….

    • Interesting comment. It seems many Canadians believe there is legislation in Canada which calls for a separation of religion and state. This is technically false–that situation is official in USA, not Canada. For our nation, there is no such thing as separation of Islam and state–only Christianity and state.

      • Religion or life Brad, take your pick and time is running short.


        Brace yourself for a “factual” awakening with adult language content.

        I also have plenty of current releases on this subject on some of the old school style public online message forums. I would recommend beginning with one of my most recently written releases titled “Why Trudeau’s Sickos Hide The Real News From Canadian Citizens”

  4. People can’t be stupid enough to believe this garbage page… Shockingly stupid.

    “Zahw sponsored by National Defence

    In Zahw’s case, visitor visas were issued after a senior official from the Department of National Defence (DND) in Ottawa wrote a letter to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) saying Zahw and his wife should be given visas to avoid upsetting Canada’s relationship with Egypt’s military.

    This type of “national interest letter” can be issued by any federal department or the head of a Canadian mission abroad, such as an ambassador or high commissioner, according to an unpublished government “operational bulletin” contained in Zahw’s Federal Court file.”

    Nothing to do with Trudeau, Harper or any other PM. This rag is garbage for the senile.

  5. Ooops we should check our dates, the outrageous visa was granted while Mr. Harper was the PM. April 2015 is when the visa was granted and Mr. Harper was in power until November 2015.

  6. Why in the world does Justin not deal with all the homeless people that are Canadian, and the elders of canada before he starts throwing out money out to people that are not even from this country, just because people are homeless doesn’t mean they are garbage, it doesn’t mean the are bums, one day I hope you take the chance to go out on the streets n experience what the homeless people go through. I was there and it really sucks to have people glare at you and call you a bum, jobs is another thing, minimum wages should be brought up to speed with everything else in this world like rent food gas, this is how people become homeless in the first place, we also need more jobs in this country, jobs n homes, even the ones on social assistance can’t get by on what is given to them


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