As Covid-19 Rages,Trudeau Govt Announce HIGHEST IMMIGRATION INTAKE In History.

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For 37.7 Million Canadian citizens, the ruling government of Canada have very different ideas for the identity of our nation than our prime minister maintains.

In the midst of the Conronavirus global debacle– the most extreme epidemic in modern history, the Liberal government of Canada has announced the following:

“Canada will welcome more than 1.2 million new permanent residents in the next three years.”

This was unveiled March 10th, 2020 in the federal government’s 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan.

Welcome, patriot friends, to the nightmare that never ends. Can you believe that in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Justin Trudeau has the gumption to issue this proclamation?

Outrageous, isn’t it? That is, if a Canadian knows about this surreal social development. Enter CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail. Their job as detailed by the Trudeau government is to cover-up, obscure, spin and morph every demographic decimating initiative unfurled by Trudeau & Co.

What else has CBC News bury for the benefit of the global agenda? Try the fact that the Trudeau government recently rolled out their new Rural Immigration Pilot Program. According to “word on the street,” this program  will flood specific ridings with enough 3rd World Voters to transition Conservative-held ridings into “Liberal-for-life” constituencies.

Media say nothing. What else are CBC and National Post omitting? How about this one:

Since Trudeau assumed the crown of Canada, the ruling Liberals have handed $10 Billion in tax-payer dollars to the following nations:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Yemen, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, Ivory Coast, Chad, Burundi,Morocco and Burkino Faso, and a dozen more.

Media say nothing. Also omitted is the fact that a number of these despotic 3rd World nations are the most extreme Christian-persecuting nations on earth.

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To place this in proper context, it is not like the Trudeau government were the creators of this massive tax-payer fund allotment to a collective of despotic rulers of Middle Eastern and African nations. 

Previous federal governments have done something similar, for certain. Yet, Justin Trudeau is unique in one regard.

Previous Canadian prime ministers may have shelled out the dollars, but Trudeau is a whole other “ball of wax.” The difference is that Trudeau & Co. are working a specific agenda–the “globalization” of Canada.

PM Trudeau not only gives these funds away, he is using these funds for an agenda not a single Canadian voted for, or asked for: The transformation of Canada from a First World liberal democracy to a 3rd World-dominated socialist nation-state.

Big difference, eh? CAP has elucidated on these issues ad nauseum, therefore brevity is called for in an explanation of the myriad examples. We will focus on one specific issue:

At the time of the Coronavirus outbreak, Justin Trudeau announces the highest immigration intake in history. More of what CBC do not tell Canadians:

Top Immigration Source Nations For Canada:

#1 is India. #2 is China. #4 is Nigeria. #6 is Iran.

Wonderbar. When Covid first unfolded, China and Iran are the top two nations where Covid-19 has “caught wind.” Did Justin Trudeau respond with a suggested reduction in immigration from these– or any other nations?

Not a chance. How many times has establishment media in Canada suggested that this would be prudent concept to entertain at present? You got it– ZERO times.

What to conclude? CAP will go first: Rather than doing the PM job properly–which involves maintaining safety and good health of Canadian citizens, Mr. Trudeau throws this in the trash bin for the purpose of continuing his globalist policies of democratic erosion, For CAP, this tells the true story of Justin Trudeau and the rest of the Laurentian Mountain Liberal Elite who so effectively post- modern society.

“Caught in a moment and you can’t get out of it”–or can they? After all, if CBC and the rest t refrain from exposing the incredible paradox of the “Immigration-Coronavirus” dynamic, then Canadians will be successfully fooled into believing what government, media and Canadian academia(erroneously referred to as “experts”) publish.

Naturally, the entire charade is a pile of media lies. Old Stock Canadians are in grave danger under the “leadership” of Justin Trudeau. In truth, the only place this political charlatan is leading Canada is straight down the drain.

CAP recognized this from day one of the Justin Trudeau leadership debacle. Okay, so we got lucky. Yet 95% of Canadians have been successfully swindled.

Canada today has little if anything to do with the state-of-our nation before Justin Trudeau came along. This fellow has a specific purpose in life– the decimation of 153 years of traditional Canadian identity, culture, history and heritage.

Obviously, neither snow, nor sleet, nor hail, nor a worldwide pandemic assault,  will come between Justin Trudeau and his project of national decimation.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder(est. 2016)




14 thoughts on “As Covid-19 Rages,Trudeau Govt Announce HIGHEST IMMIGRATION INTAKE In History.”

  1. Immigration and reverse discrimination against present Canadian citizens. This is our Pandoras Box. It’s his loophole to maintain power. We need focus on stopping this and making everyone more aware. We have to get his illegal decisions to court and a leader that represents Traditional Canadian values!!@

  2. The Trudeau government has announced planned increases in immigration for years, because Canada has room and needs. Familie don’t have enough babies, and so the generations are dwindling who can fill the workforce. Not mentioning on-demand abortion.

    1 million over 3 years = 333,000 immigrants a year. To compare, here are the numbers from 2014-2017, in thousands.

    2019 – 313.58 (compare to 2016)
    2018 – 303.33
    2017 – 272.71
    2016 – 323.19
    2015 – 240.76
    2014 – 267.92

    So yes there is increase but it’s not outrageous. It’s barely an increase over what has been allowed before.

    The headline, however, aims to cause Canadians to FEAR THE STRANGER, with a LIE that appears to say that this will be horrible for us. It aims to discredit, insult and slander the Prime Minister. I don’t particularly like Trudeau, you are free to dislike him too, but that doesn’t justify this childish and divisive nonsense peddled by CAP year-round.

    CapForCanada is a right to right-wing website, it incites racism, bigotry, division, and will forge headlines to gain traffic while the content of its articles can be debunked. PLEASE DO NOT fall for their venom! Just read the headlines and you know IMMEDIATELY what they are doing.

    THINK PEOPLE! Don’t fall for this disgraceful pseudo-Christian conservatism that is not even able to do research properly to be reliable. Blind leading the blind.

    It took me less than 10 minutes to find this out. We have time, right now, yes? Due diligence is not a waste of time.


    • You must be rich and the influx of THIRD WORLD people taking over Canada and forcing us to pay their way,and forcing their culture on us doesn’t affect you and as well you are also blind and can’t see what that P.O.S. in Ottawa and his gang of LIARS have in store for us as part of the U.N. Agenda 2030 !!!! DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING about the Global Agenda 2030??? Read up on it,it may scare you and also put all this so called immigration into perspective!!!!


  4. So when will us tax payers get a say in this…maybe we shouldn’t pay taxes if this is what our retarded PM is doing to this country
    As a home grown CANADIAN, why do we not count anymore?? This is bullshit, and thanks to the immigrants already here, our crime rate is up, human trafficking is at its highest, and he wants to bring 1million more to my country….let Trudeau live there as hes not welcome in CANADA.

  5. This makes my head exlpode! Enough! I really cant take JT crap any more! Why is he allowed to pull the shit he does with no consequences!? He is a DRAMA TEACHER causing quite a lot of Drama. Im so disturbed by his actions. Sad days in Canada.

  6. This is absolutely insane it is time to take stand if you truly believe in Canada that True Canadians should come first. Let the other nations look after themselves. It is not Canada’s responsibility to provide a better life to the world we have a democratic responsibility to to after Canadians. People that were actually born here.

  7. There has to be a way to stop him maybe we have to put roadblocks at there crossing if there bellhops will get out of the way (rcmp) roxsan road

  8. please no more. We are loosing our country to immigration and yes I know we are all technically immigrants but we became Canadians without forcing our religion and customs under rights laws they don,t have or respect.


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