Armed Gunman At Governor General Residence Reflects PUBLIC FRUSTRATION In Canada

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On Thursday, several police vehicles swarmed Rideau Hall, the Governor General’s residence and the prime minister’s temporary home, after RCMP said Corey Hurren breached the Thomas Gate at around 6:30 a.m.

CBC has confirmed Hurren is a member of the Canadian Rangers, a component of the Canadian Army Reserve that serves in the remote and coastal regions, typically offering help with national security and public safety operations.

Hurren was  heavily armed with “several weapons.” at the time, said CTV News in Canada.

There is no way that CAP support the potential violence which could have resulted if the RCMP did not step in to end the threat. What we will say is that there is something to be learned from this development that CBC and corporate media will eschew.

This CAP believe is a visceral frustration regarding our ruling government’s “strong-arming” of Canadian society. CAP feel this frustration daily. We know well and good that millions of citizens– none more than Anglophone Canadians and those of European heritage feel toward the ruling Liberal government of Canada.

So while CBC and the rest go about spinning the story away from the policy inequities of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, CAP will confirm that we can understand– meaning empathize with a general feeling of melancholy–as well as straight-up anger— our “Old Stock” Canadian communities fell toward Trudeau, Governor General Julie Payette, and the rest of the Liberal government.

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Some may recall CAP’s label  for Ms. Payette when first appointed to the GG position. Being a former astronaut, we felt this best summarized the situation: “Some people call her the space cowgirl.” Yet, an attempt at humour falls far short.

The Governor General has important parliamentary responsibilities:

  • Summoning, proroguing and dissolving Parliament.
  • Setting out the government’s program by reading the Speech from the Throne.
  • Giving Royal Assent, which makes acts of Parliament into law.

The Governor General is also Commander-in-Chief of Canada. He or she visits military bases and honours Canadian military personnel on behalf of The Queen.

The Governor General also fulfills important ceremonial duties:

  • Promoting a sense of identity.
  • Recognizing the achievements of outstanding Canadians.
  • Receiving foreign dignitaries.
  • Travelling overseas as the representative of Canada.
  • Hosting and taking part in official events.

Quite the job description. Taking liberties here, we will outline in our typically crass manner the role that we believe Justin Trudeau has carved out for her.

Number one, approve everything Justin Trudeau asks her to. Dedicate her time and energy not to relations with Britain or “The Crown,” but rather work the will of the United Nations, communist China, geo-political Islam,  and globalist ideologies.

This is what “boss-man” Justin does, so why would it be any different for our current GG? CAP cannot see any evidence of Ms. Payette countering even a single political decision made by Trudeau & Co.

In other words, Payette is a puppet. Why do we say this? Because to be a member of Trudeau’s elite Liberal cabal of cultural destroyers, one has to fully tow the Trudeau line.

One quick example is found in Liberal Health Minister, MP Patty Hadju:

“Canadian Health Minister Patty Hadju says the federal government has no reason to believe the Chinese government is hiding the full extent of novel coronavirus infections and deaths in that country.”

“She also accused a journalist who asked her about the matter of fuelling conspiracy theories.”

In other words, Ms. Patty sides with China over all sceptics. Talk about full-on belief in China’s communist politburo.

For CAP, Ms. Payette is cut from the very same cloth–as are all Liberal Cabinet members. Justin Trudeau is not a PM who runs his political career based upon pragmatism–socially or economically–as his unprecedented deficits validate.

Rather, this Trudeau character is a political “ideologue”— someone who places ideology at the pinnacle of his prime ministership.

What is found at this pinnacle? Globalism, “multiculturalism,” United Nations, Islam, China, Third World Refugee intake, mass abortion, euthanasia for our elderly, and well as a promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Therefore, this is what ALL of his Cabinet indulge in. To “kick against the pricks” [sentence attributed to St. Paul] will prompt result in a removal from Justin’s United Nations-replica of Cabinet and Caucus.

CAP do not trust GG Julie Payette father than we can throw her. Of course, in outer space, she would travel far, far away without the luxury of gravitational pull.

Perhaps Payette should play this out–as long as she takes Liberal-Globalist hack Justin Trudeau with her.

— BRAD SALZBERG, CAP Founder( est. 2016)



7 thoughts on “Armed Gunman At Governor General Residence Reflects PUBLIC FRUSTRATION In Canada”

  1. GG Payette is the CEO of corporate Government of Canada, which is listed on the Securities Exchange Commission.

    She is not the ‘token’ we think she is. Like all Lieutenant Governors, she is the head of a for-profit corporation.

    Until we get all this into our fat heads, we will keep thinking that we have ‘government’. We have never had a government of the People. The People have never even been mentioned in the Constitution.

    The Charter is an add-on to a corporate constitution and is designed to remove all rights and turn them into privileges that the corporate Judges dole out as they see fit.

    Until we move to a Constitutional Republic (starting with every province and then federating as the United States of Canada), we are merely slaves and you ought to stop complaining unless we move on to abolish this corporate-style governance once and for all.

    • Our current system of Government needs to completely dismantled via like-minded people like us getting into these positions. Canada needs to be opened up for homesteading and new small town development; in BC, the Crown/gov’t “owns” 95% (220 million acres). No more multi-national businesses, all business should be Private (Free Market Capitalism), no more Private-Public-Partnerships, no more “gov’t” (tax-payer) run corporations, no more career politicians (No more gov’t worker pensions!). No more taxation, no more central banking/usury. In other words… No more socialism/communism! All “government” should be at a local/community level, according to each community. All positions filled by those who live in the town/community, and…voluntary (UNPAID).

      I did send a reply to this comment earlier, upon sending, it seemed to disappear. If it shows up, feel free to delete one of my replies. Sorry

  2. I would venture to take this one-step farther: We need to reduce the current system of government into nothingness by running for these positions, ourselves. Land in Canada needs to opened up for homesteading and new town development. Here in BC, the Crown/gov’t owns/controls 95% (220 million acres). No more multi-national big-business, ALL business private (Free Market Capitalism), no more Public-Private (including medical services)… no more socialism. No more central banking/usury. No more taxes. We do not need to be ruled. No more career politicians. Any form of “government” should be agreed upon by and at a local, small town/community level, with positions filled by those who live in the town/community, and all positions voluntary (UNPAID). No other layers of government necessary. There, piece of cake.

      • Interesting. I have gone beyond belief in “Constitutions”, and “Charters”, including Magna Carta. Most of the Magna Carta is so blatantly obvious, and does not need to written down. Do unto others (Natural Law)… That is all we need as a society. It is how I raised my children. All other “law” is arbitrary, and therefore unnecessary. So sad… life is really so easy, and could be so wonderful. The enemy of the West has done good job of corrupting our culture to a point of no return, it seems.

    • Exactly what the People can create with a Constitutional Republic. But because, as Quebec loves to remind us, every province is a sovereign nation, we must install a Constitutional Republic in every province (eg. Republic of New Ontario) and then come together as a United State of Canada.

      Until the constitution is written by the People, for the People and it is the Rule of Law, corporate governments will continue to rob us blind.

      If you live in Ontario and want to assist in our project, please contact me at


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