Are Trudeau’s Liberals A Reverse Racist, Anti-Anglophone Government?

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Multiculturalism in Canada lies at the heart of Cultural Action Party of Canada’s messaging to common-sense Canadians.

From CAP’s perspective, this government policy happens to be punitive in nature. Forty years of establishment media obfuscation has prevented this concept from penetrating the collective consciousness of our society.

Basically, multiculturalism is institutionalized prejudice against one identifiable community– Anglophone Canada. Forced upon society by ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the Multicultural ideology transitioned to legislation with the implementation of the Multicultural Act of 1988.

Consider how much media space this transformative social condition has received within the pages of the Globe & Mail. Anyone recall an in-depth analysis of Canadian “diversity” on CBC subsequent to the creation of the statute?

How about nothing at all. CAP find this entirely fascinating. Next to Canada’s Third World advancing immigration policies, multiculturalism is the most impactful social policy of the past half-century.

Why then is it entirely eschewed within media? What does this tell Canadian patriots? CAP will speak first: it informs society that a succession of federal governments ensured that this agenda was to be unconditionally accepted within our borders, with no questions asked.

Indeed, the “program” is 100% sacrosanct. Ever read an article by CBC journalists Andrew Coyne or Chantal Hebert on the “multicult” influence upon society? How did institutionalized “diversity” become a staple of society? Where did the concept come from, who founded it, and even more relevant–where is it leading Canadian society?

Answer: “nothing from nothing leaves nothing”–total and complete silence.

What Canadians do know is that diversity directly empowers specific Canadian communities. But which ones? By its very nature, diversity suggests all Canadians are equal in terms of social standing.

Is this a truism? CAP say not at all–not even close. What began as an egalitarian endevour has resulted in imbalance, unfairness, and downright prejudice. Simply stated, the most powerful Canadian “minorities” dominate the diversity landscape– Chinese, Muslim and Sikh.

These three are so far ahead of all others it should make an Old Stock Canadian’s head spin. It doesn’t–due to the media aspect of the equation. What makes for a successful multicultural community? Three things– population, money and political organization.

In this capacity, Sikhism and Islam are leading the horse race by a country mile. MP candidates from these communities “kicked Butts” in the 2019 federal election. Sikh-Canadian MP’s won every seat in Brampton, Ontario ridings–a geographic area dominated by Sikh-Canadians.

Additionally, every one of Justin Trudeau’s posse of Middle Eastern MP’s won-– Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef, Iqra Khalid– Alghabra winning his seat for the third time in a row.

Fair to say forty years of Trudeau-created diversity has served these folks well. As for non-Third World Canadians–not so much. From day one, white Canadians have been on a downward trajectory as a result of Liberal-Globalist policy.

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Unlike Third World Canada, our communities are shrinking. Anglophone birth-rates are way down–by way of Trudeau taxation in particular. In CAP’s mind, this is pre-conceived, and intentional.

Yet an even more insidious side-effect exists: the “demonization” of Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canadian communities. This is where it begins to get nasty.

Ask yourself– when the issue of racism is debated in Canada, what form does it take on? Is it not a fact that every anti-racism initiative by way of government and academia is exclusively focused on “white vs. non-white” racism. Where are the forums on fundamentalist and militant Islamic racism against non-Muslims?

They don’t exist–that’s where they are. Seems only one identifiable community is capable of racism toward others–white Canada. Now, let’s consider a man who drove this dynamic “through the roof”– PM Justin Trudeau.

Within his first four-year term, Mr. Trudeau informed Canada that in no uncertain terms Anglophone Canadians are racists, and Christian Canadians are bigots.

Trudeau’s incessant grovelling to Sikhs, Chinese, Muslims, Jews, First Nations and Homosexuals drove the point home–Canada is a racist, bigoted nation which must get down on its knees and beg forgiveness from Third World Canada.

Let us flip the switch for a moment. The “multicult” industry–immigration and diversity not-for-profit organizations funded by way of our tax dollars, is comprised of migrants from China, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, and the like.

Can one even compare civil and human rights within these nations to that of Canada? Did you know? In Pakistan, a Christian must pay an extra tax to government. Who is Canada’s leading racism-fighting Third World MP? Iqra Khalid, Pakistani founder of M103 “Islamophobia” motion.

What does Khalid have to say about racism in Pakistan? Nothing at all. This fundamentalist Islamic nation experiences more racism in a month than Canada does in 12 months. Yet, Khalid and others have nothing to say about it whatsoever.

Over in China, millions of Muslims are currently being held in labour camps. What does PM Trudeau have to say about this virulent example of racism and bigotry? Nothing–zero, nada, zilch.

Why the hypocrisy? Simple–because these politicians are Liberal MP’s. Please do tell, fellow patriots– what is the source of human rights ideology and legislation within western nations such as Canada, USA, Australia, Britain and France?

It is not China. Nor is it Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iran. The roots are found in western European governance. So please do tell- Ms. “Half-Citizen” Iqra Khalid— how can Canada be a nation which is “racist to the core” when human rights ideology was a natural outgrowth of the western, British-style governance from which ours is derived? Ever heard of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms–or the Magna Carta?

Of course, we are not perfect. However CAP will bet dollars to Tim Horton’s donuts a Canadian will not be dragged from the streets and thrown into jail for shouting in public that “God Is Evil”–although by way of King Justin, this may be arriving any way now.

Hear ye, hear ye, fellow Canadian patriots: Multiculturalism in institutionalized racism against Anglophone Canada. Trudeau indulges, the Liberal Caucus as well. So too Canadian media and academia.

All messaging regarding this punitive “multicult” scheme comes back to one basic concept. Anglophones are perpetual racists, and non-Anglophones are perpetual victims. Now, please go and tell this to the parents of the two white schoolgirls murdered by Syrian refugee in the Danforth Killer incident.

Naturally, the entire agenda has been covered-up by CBC and mainstream media in Canada. Who are these publishers, editors and leading journalists? They are Anglophone and Francophone Canadians.

Now why would these “Old Stock” Canadians obscure and cover-up the decimation and vilification of their own people? It is here we find the “paradox of the century.”








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