Are There Any Canadians Remaining Who Actually Trust Justin Trudeau?

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Out of myriad oddities surrounding the reign of Canada’s post-modern prince of globalism PM Justin Trudeau, one continues to stick in our craw:

If this three-term prime minister is so popular, how come no evidence exists of actual Trudeau supporters? Indeed, the only locations in which so-called Trudeau fans are found is among those gathered at Liberal Party conventions.

Outside of this– in the streets of small towns and urban centres– observers would be hard pressed to find even a solitary supporter. Old Stock Canadians can remember a time when our political environment was very different.

We may recall, for example, former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau zipping along in his long hair and convertible sports car toward various public presentations. Upon arrival, screaming fans reached out to shake hands with the man who in retrospect turned out to be the father of globalism, multiculturalism, and mass immigration. Near-hysteria was forthcoming as the ladies swooned over Trudeau Sr.

In 2023, Justin Trudeau is also on the receiving end of screaming and hysteria. Only this time out, it is imbued with the most extreme hatred ever directed toward a Canadian politician. All of which conjure up a question eschewed by mainstream media:

Where are all the Trudeau fans? How can a politician spend seven years in office without a display of voter support taking place in the streets of Ottawa, or anywhere else?

Several theories bubble to the surface. Firstly, it may well be that Trudeau supporters are afraid to show their faces in public– an absurdity when you think about it. Secondly, his supporters fall into distinct silos. Simply put, they are nearly all part of “special interest” communities.

LGBT, Sikh, Muslim, and the like. A third theory– CAP’s personal favourite– Justin Trudeau has no supporters at all. Once upon a time– 2015 to be exact–it was possible that bonafide Justin supporters were walking the streets of our country.

Has their political presence disintegrated into thin air?  Apart from Pride Canada, Euthanasia Canada, Abortion Canada and Sikh-Muslim Canada, it may well be the case.

Why? Can it be that  after seven-years in office, no one outside these communities actually trusts Justin Trudeau? If Cultural Action Party was a betting man, we would go all-in on this concept.

The only people who trust Trudeau are the ones who he works for. This excludes a wide berth among our citizenship. Anglophones for certain. Christians for sure. Many heterosexuals, most Conservatives, as well as oil workers, truckers, farmers, and other “grass roots” Canadians.

For these types, it’s a matter of recognizing the running down of Canada that PM Trudeau and the Liberals have inflicted on society. In truth, 98% of us would have recognized it by now, if not for mainstream media obfuscation.

Turns out that teamwork has obscured the truth from permeating “Old Stock” Canadian communities. As a united force, government and media have successfully pulled-the-wool over the eyes of our people.

At this point in time, the more that Canadians come to understand Mr. Trudeau, the more they dislike–and in many cases– despise this man.

He cannot be trusted by our communities for one basic reason: he has never worked on behalf of these communities. World Economic Forum? Yes, for certain. World Health Organization? Absolutely. Governments of China, Saudi Arabia and Iran? Toss them in as well.

United Nations, Punjab, Islam, Khalistan, World Sikh Organization, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates— these are the forces driving Canadian society in 2023. What are they driving Canada toward?

A giant question it is. CBC won’t say, and CTV won’t speculate, In fact, not one Liberal-controlled media organization will write about a critical piece of national identity:

The future of our nation. It’s all hidden away, is it not? What kind of country will Canada be in the year 2053? WIth media on silent mode, CAP will guess at it:

Canada will have a majority 3rd World, minority non-white population. Anglophones will be a minority community, and more than likely, a persecuted one at that. Islam will be our dominant religion. Based on decades of mass immigration, the Liberal Party will control so many seats in Parliament that federal elections become futile.

Democracy dies as a result. Our internet is as tightly controlled as it is in communist China. Criticism of government will be illegal, as will criticism of Sikhism, Islam, homosexuals and transsexuals. Our public education systems will reflect all of this.

Shall we continue? Perhaps we should, as talk like this will get you banned from the internet, as we anticipate is coming CAP’s way.

Justin Trudeau was born and groomed to play his role. The degeneration of Canada as a free and democratic society is well underway. Little if anything can turn back the clock of Canadians descent into an authoritarian state.

6 thoughts on “Are There Any Canadians Remaining Who Actually Trust Justin Trudeau?”

  1. So true and so sad. Still can’t believe he and his accomplices can not be jailed. For treason theft a long list of criminal charges.

    • That is extremely troubling that a public servant can get away with that ! We as Canadians should stand up and demand that those issues be addressed to the full extent of the law! Or this will get worse and happen more frequently and all Canadians will have to pay the price!

  2. Sadly all of this is true. We can only save Canada by voting for Pierrre Poilievre next time around. Bernier and his troop need to disappear into the sunset to stop splitting the vote. They were partially responsible for Trudeau’s re-election.

  3. I live in the northern BC, and nearly 100% of the people living out here in the country do not like Trudeau, and are against the vaccines. My whole church and community is nearly un-vaxxed, and those who did get vaxxed, well, lets just say they are the odd duck out.
    My youth pastor and his brothers went down to parliament to protest with the truckers, I had relatives that drove truck down their, and many many more people, not to mention all of the protests that fort. St. John and Dawson Creek held.
    So all of you un-vaxxed people that are against Trudeau that have no one to support them in their “Belief against Trudeau-covid 19-vaccine-anything even remotely tied to Trudeau” you all have Northern BC farmers backing you up. (who are currently vary angry right now at Trudeau for the fuel prices and carbon tax, and vaccines and gun bans and all the hell that he has put the farmers and people who do not support him through).
    I am so sick and tired of hearing about Trudeau, he makes me sick when I even watch the news. Uhhhhh, how can people be so blind to that guy, like why?
    I find it truly fascinating that people are that dumm!
    Not to mention the power that he has given the natives! They are trying to get rid of sawmills up in Chetwyn, and are trying to take back land, that seriously is not theirs, like, a democracy does not allow people to do that, it is illegal!
    Trudeaus vaccines killed my grandfather, killed my friends grandmother, caused a series of strokes in my grandma, now she is on life support, caused my friends aunt to suddenly has stage four cancer after being sick from the vaccine for like three days,
    I am so glad for this messages platform, anywhere else, even YouTube, it is hard to find the un vaxxed group, I have tried, but I cannot find any.
    By the way, “brad” would you happen to know of any videos on the truth about the vaccine?

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