Are The Symbols of Canadian Identity Being Systemically Erased?

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From national holidays to currency, traditional elements of Canadian identity are being eroded in the name of Great Reset political correctness.

We begin with our flag. While never on par with the United States in terms of flag-waving jingoism, the Canadian flag has always been a leading symbol of national identity. In what may be a “coincidence,” this has dropped off rather dramatically– particularly under the current Trudeau government.

So too has the frequency of hearing the Canadian national anthem–largely as a result of the Covid pandemic.  It makes good sense–the fewer public gatherings(including professional sports), the less our national anthem echoes in ears of Canadians.

A related observation: speaking of our prime minister, how often do we witness Justin Trudeau posing with a Canadian flag while “Oh! Canada” bellows in the background?  The sad truth is that we are more likely to see Trudeau wearing a Bollywood outfit while prancing around at a Sikh Vaisakhi parade.

Could there be a reason for such oddities? Let us continue down this path: with Covid serving as a catalyst, traditional holidays are not what they used to be. If Cultural Action Party didn’t know better(we don’t),  a correlation between the arrival of Christmas and Easter and the timing of the 2nd and 3rd waves of Covid would be stirring up suspicion. Or is this merely another in a series of so-called coincidences.

As it happens, Mother’s Day has just passed us by. PM Trudeau offered no public recognition of the event.  A rather curious omission it is — seeing as two days later he gave a public shout-out for the Eid celebration that concludes Ramadan.

CAP has to wonder what Justin Trudeau has against Mother’s Day. Then again, a negation of national holidays seems to be a common theme among our Liberal government.

Why would this be? Here’s one thought: if a goal existed to re-invent a nation in  a “post-modern” capacity, would it not be of service to incrementally erode the symbols defining a nation’s identity?

Here’s a real gem in this category:  Toronto City Councillor Paul Ainslie is pushing to remove white men from our national currency. Is this move not conducive to a nation being systemically transitioned away from its historical identity?

Furthermore, Canadian currency falls under federal jurisdiction. Why then would a municipal city councillor stick his nose into this business? Doesn’t Councillor Ainslie have anything better to do– for example, approving  a price increase in parking ticket fines?

Add to these examples the politically correct push to tear down public statues of former Prime Ministers. In an act of folly bordering on absurdity–the one that should be torn down remains–that of founding father of globalism Pierre Trudeau.

It’s all so darn strange. And, of course, all so completely buried by Canadian media. Witness the erosion of the symbols of our nation–the “mountie no longer gets his man”–he is too busy busting up public protests in the name of China’s pandemic dissemination.

This situation is an ominous sign indeed. Which makes sense– because so is every move made by government and media when it comes to an erosion of Canadian identity.

If CAP didn’t know better(we don’t), we would believe that a covert agenda has been created to re-imagine Canadian society in the image of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Meaning that the days are surely numbered for the maintenance of a free and democratic society called Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

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