Are The Liberals Systemically Snuffing Out Democracy In Canada?

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Does the high-brow philosophical term “Hegelian dialectic” accurately describe a method of social seduction currently being administered by PM Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government?

“A psychological tool used to manipulate the masses. In this case, you create a problem, wait for the reaction, and then offer the solution.” 

In terms of  the recent “Online Harms Act” headed up by Attorney General MP Arif Virani, Cultural Action Party[est.2016] has to wonder about the extent to which this tactic is being utilized.

Is it that big a stretch to consider that when it comes to immigration policy, “too much too fast” accurately encapsulates the situation? It isn’t as if we’re pulling the idea out of hat. An improper balance between immigration intake and housing availability offers validation.

Canada maintains the highest per-capita immigration program on the planet. As such, its impact would naturally push the barometer of social tolerance to a straining point.

Think of it in terms of “growing pains.” Metaphorically speaking, a rapid burst of migrant intake– for example, a million in one year– would be akin to quick growth spurts that may occur during adolescence.

A healthy country is one in which government take these factors into consideration. Fill the country with new arrivals too quickly, and a degree of social consternation is likely to result.

Considering media’s role in the “immigration debate,” a glaring omission can be uncovered: never do the press in Canada reference that of which we speak.

True, or not true: if any of the leading source nations from which migrants arrive to Canada was to experience what Canada is going through in terms of demographic re-orientation, those societies would be every bit as conflicted as Canada.

Degree of contemplation from CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star? Nothing– not a single word. Here comes that old CAP paranoia– has all this been considered, and then applied, by the Liberal government of Canada? As Hegel opined, “create the problem, offer the solution.”

Is immigration policy, and the so-called rise in racism that flows from it, part of a government plan of social seduction? If so, for what purpose?

Judging by the content of the recently-tabled “Online Harms Act,” it may well be the case.

Is immigration policy in Canada an act of subterfuge for the purpose of eroding civil liberties? The question is not as outrageous as one may believe. Looking back on the eight-year period in which Trudeau’s Liberals have controlled Canada’s socio-political agenda, examples abound.

The Emergencies Act was a doozy. Add to it the Covid pandemic. Now, in response to a rise in racist activity, “Islamophobia” and homophobia, individual rights within society are rapidly disappearing.

Fully intentional on the part of the Liberals? Sadly, CAP has to concur. The freezing of protestor bank accounts during the Trucker’s Convoy to Ottawa is considered an outrage among politicians and legal experts around the world.

We stand witness as the Liberals inject an erosion of personal freedoms justified by a desire to reduce racism in Canada. No mainstream media outlet has ever endorsed the idea that, in reality,  the Feds have actually made the problem worse.

Is all this an act of subterfuge designed to subtly strip Canadians of their personal rights and freedoms?

Let us consider the methodology. It doesn’t take Prof. Stephen Hawking to conclude that an attempt to protect Canadian children from online abuse is a good thing. Add to it measures to prevent online promotion of terrorist activities. Leading with this offers an image of the Liberals as a caring, altruistic government.

Father down among priorities(ostensibly) is the issue of “online hate.”  This is where the politically correct rubber hits the road. In free speech circles, such measures are referred to as “Lawfare.”

 “The Canadian Human Rights Act would be amended to allow complaints about online hate speech to be filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

“The legislation would see the government establish a five-member Digital Safety Commission to enforce the new rules.”

“The government is proposing to establish a Digital Safety Ombudsperson who would offer support to victims and guidance to social media companies.”

Did anyone out there in Canadaland calling for a “police surveillance state?” Does this not sound dangerously close to that condition?  Who selects the appointees? That would be the Liberals. Who defines hate-speech? Again, the Liberals.

A look at commonalities reveals an erosion of democratic process:

Canadian Human Rights Commission– non-elected. Five-member Digital Safety Commission– non-elected. Digital Safety Ombudsman– non-elected.

We stand witness as PM Trudeau diminishes democratic governance in post-modern Canada. In a twisted way, he comes by it “honestly.” It was Pierre Trudeau who started the ball rolling with his “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” in 1982. Ostensibly for the purpose of achieving “social equity,” the Charter has for 50-years served as a vehicle for a promotion of “minority rights,” in addition to serving as a money-making machine for Canada’s leftist legal industry.

All this really makes a fellow wonder. In an authentic democratic society, government work the will of the people. A bastardization of democracy would see power shifted away from voters, away from the general public, and even more brazen, out of the hands of elected Members of Parliament.

Is this what our prime minister is doing with the Online Harms Act? Imagine a Canada controlled not by the people, or even its politicians– save the Liberal Cabinet, perhaps.

Is Justin Trudeau squeezing the life out of democracy in Canada through a transition of power away from elected politicians and into the hands of non-elected “special interest” groups? Now add to this a leftist legal industry first empowered by so-called father Pierre Trudeau?

CAP leave it to readers to play “Judge” in this regard. No doubt it will be the only chance you get.

3 thoughts on “Are The Liberals Systemically Snuffing Out Democracy In Canada?”

  1. Trudeau, needs to resign. Trudeau, the liberals and Singh are destroying Canada .
    They don’t have any business experience . the budget don’t Balance them self !
    They keep inviting people into the country, but don’t look after Canadians.
    Unfortunately Trudeau has no where to go!! I am certain certain that companies
    Don’t want or can afford him in their environment!!

  2. Photo: Trudeau looking pleased as punch. That’s a Bible Virani is holding. Right? Wait! It appears to be the Koran. Trudeau’s “holy” book as well. By the way–I saw this gem on “The Weather Network. “Plastic houses; a solution to the housing crisis, and good use for our abundant plastic refuse.” Will that be paper; or plastic? A plastic leader in a plastic country. And now; Plastic houses. How fitting. Gumby for our next prime minister!


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