Are The Canadian Flag, National Anthem Disappearing From Society?

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Patriotic citizens imagine the scene:

A Canadian prime minister stands at attention. In the background of the video clip we see our national flag. In the audio portion, our national anthem plays proudly as the PM salutes our country.

After which we awake from dreaming. In post-modern Canada, this image does not exist, and likely never will again. Have you heard the news?  Patriotism in Canada is dead. Even worse, it’s a crime. According to the tenets of woke Liberal propaganda, to maintain pride in country is racism.

It’s a lie– but a damn effective one. Justin Trudeau’s diminishment of pride in country stands in direct contrast to the elements of society sanctioned to be worthy of pride:

Pride Parades. LGBT. Transgenderism. SIkhism. Islam. Abortion. Assisted Dying. All these and more can be your badge of honor. That is, if a Canadian-born citizen is gullible enough to buy what our Liberal Government is selling.

Speaking of Pride Parades, CAP can’t help but notice an alarming trend. In 2022, we are see more of the rainbow-coloured, maple-leaf adorned Pride flag than our original flag. Add to this the branding of Canada’s historical Red Ensign flag as a symbol of hate:

Liberal Cabinet member MP Ahmed Hussen, the minister of housing and diversity and inclusion, shouldn’t be enthusiastically endorsing a guidebook that tells teachers to coerce students not to express themselves, but here we are.

The guidebook encourages identity-based activism in the classroom, insisting that educators “increase the visibility of symbols of diversity and tolerance” in the classroom — including pride flags, culturally affirming posters and portraits of people from historically marginalized groups.” 

What shocker this is. Justin Trudeau’s hired hand of anti-Anglophone sentiment is also concerned with symbols of our country. His solution is simple in conception: brand historical symbolism as racist; replace with woke Liberalism. If anyone knows about hate, it’s this Hussen character and his animus toward Canada. It’s the very reason Trudeau hired him in the first place.

Welcome, Canada’s step-by-step conversion to an authoritarian state. As such, CAP turn to the world of symbolism. Any advertising firm worth their salt understands how to transform media viewers into willing accomplices:

Remove the symbols. Sublimate all symbolic elements of an existing entity. How neatly the erosion of our national symbols fits into Canada’s transition to a post-modern state.

Anyone up for a non-Canadian Canada? CAP can only offer our opinion on this– it’s the exact plan Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have cooked up.

Like a farmer squeezes the neck of his chickens, Justin Trudeau is squeezing the life out of Canada. Hence, the sublimation of national anthem, Canadian flag, and related symbols of Canadian identity.

Is Mr. Trudeau smart enough to cook up this agenda on his own? Of course not. If a source had to be found for such a phenomenon, it is found in the tenets of Marxist ideology.

How to destroy a nation from within. Remove its national symbols. Eradicate pride in country. Brand nationalism as racism. Purchase media to emulate social structure in China, Cuba, and other communist societies.

All this and more is what Justin Trudeau is doing to our country. All in preparation for the future destiny of Canada as a 3rd World dominated socialist state. It is, after all, what ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau and presumed father of Justin wanted for Canada.

Anyone else remember an antiquated message regarding the Royal Canadian Mounted Police?  “The Mountie always gets his man” was the vibe as the red-coated military men rode proudly upon their horses in the town square.

These days, the RCMP serve a vital role in “no core identity” Canada. They are paid to carry the luggage of illegal refugees over the border to receive welfare checks within 30 days.

Quite the transformation, eh? Yet, at the end of the day, this is the true Canada. We are here to serve the needy of the world. Not as mandated by the Canadian people, but rather by one member of the Trudeau family.

CAP find it all quite sick. How a unqualified, under-educated Trudeau acquired an ability to re-imagine the state of Canadian society. For as long as he remains in power, Justin Trudeau has a role to fulfill:

Prepare ye the way for Justin Trudeau to transition Canada to a post-modern socialist state. Thus far, nobody does it better.

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  1. The Parliament of Canada did not become the government of Canada,
    much less a federal government; it became merely the central legislature
    of a United Colony, a legislative body whose only power was that of aiding
    and advising the Governor-General as agent of the Imperial Parliament.

  2. I’m sorry Brad, but seeing this dope draped in feathers or an orange turban, hugging transexuals and chinese commies is making me gag. I’m starting to be un-Christianized as Jesus should have turned this queer weirdo into a pillar of salt long ago.
    have a good day Sir


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