Are Pipeline Protests A GLOBALIST AGENDA To Throw Canadian Society Into Chaos?

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Call CAP paranoid–you wouldn’t be the first. It just so happens that when our organization looks out upon contemporary Canadian society, what we see is a pre-meditated agenda of national destruction.

This agenda has been mapped out for decades in advance. This pivotal, axiomatic plan of attack began in the year 1968— the moment Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of Canada. Some forty years later, Justin Trudeau gained the political throne of Canada, and  has pranced around the world ever since as if he is a self-appointed globalist King.

As CAP previously articulated, Justin Trudeau’s plan of national decimation goes something like this:

Stage 1: Utilize mass Third World immigration to control all 338 ridings in Canada, transforming all Conservative-held ridings into Liberal-Third World political strongholds.

Stage 2 : Demonize Old Stock, Anglophone and Christian Canadians by way of branding these communities racist, bigoted and xenophobic.Brand Canadians genocidal by way of historical and present-day oppression toward our Aboriginal communities.

Stage 3: Create internal social chaos within society via the Pipeline-Carbon Tax debacle. Get Canadians fighting amongst themselves while Trudeau moves toward the next stage of the degeneration of society.

Stage 4: Justin Trudeau trans-itions Canada into a  One Party State.This is to be followed by a full trans-ition to a totalitarian society.

At present, Canada has just moved to Stage 3– the point where domestic social chaos is to do its job by way of pitting Canadian-against-Canadian.

In CAP’s opinion, this is what PM Trudeau brought to Canada by way of the duplicitous “leadership” he has shown regarding coast-to-coast political protests against pipeline approvals.

In truth, it didn’t have to be the pipeline debacle specifically. As CAP pointed out from the get-go, Canada would at some point descend into internal social chaos. This is part of a larger agenda, and it could have occurred as a result of myriad social issues.

In other words, there is a formula at play in the Liberal-Globalist assault upon freedom and democracy in Canada. CAP do not expect this freedom and democracy to be around for much longer.

If Justin Trudeau remains in office indefinitely( no term limit for PM’s creates set-up for dictatorship), CAP will guess our nation has perhaps 20-30 years remaining as a western democracy.

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It is truly amazing the way in which Trudeau-brand Liberalism is transitioning Canada from a democracy into a dictatorship. Even a brief overview of “Marxism 101” will reveal how closely Trudeau’s agenda follows basic Marxist theory.

Internal, domestic social chaos is indeed part of the plan. At present, this calculated chaos has arrived in the form of environmental-oriented protests at against pipeline construction.

Now, for a puerile question of the highest order: What is PM Trudeau doing about it? Why, the answer is…nothing at all. Why? Because he wants the chaos–or at the very least–his geo-political string-pullers want the chaos.

So is Justin Trudeau an evil-hearted destroyer? Is this man some form of reincarnation of Fidel Castro? Or is the evil found beyond King Justin, within the realm of United Nations, geo-political Islam, Sikh Nationalism and Chinese Communism?

Does it even matter? There must be a million questions along this line which never get answered. CBC won’t even bring up these topics. Globe & Mail are doing all they can to hide this nefarious agenda from the people of Canada.

Therefore, an informed Canadian can logically conclude the following:

Justin Trudeau, the Liberal Party, United Nations, Canadian Media, CBC, Canadian Academia, Nation of Islam and Communist China are all on the same side.

How odd-ball this is!  Why on earth would Canadian society be configured in this manner?

There is only one answer: the entire situation is pre-meditated, pre-determined, and designed to destroy. Flood Canada with so many 3rd World migrants that the Liberals never again lose a federal election. Entrench anti-democratic, archaic fundamentalist religion within society. Create social chaos to motivate Canadians to begin fighting amongst themselves.

Then, within all the social chaos, media deception and pseudo- totalitarian behaviour, become victorious by covertly trans-itioning Canada from a democracy into a dictatorship.

This is the true purpose of the pipeline protests in Canada. What CBC and the rest deliver is simply Liberal-Globalist propaganda to hide away the decimation of 153 years of Canadian existence.




4 thoughts on “Are Pipeline Protests A GLOBALIST AGENDA To Throw Canadian Society Into Chaos?”

  1. Well Brad, as usual, your posts are spot on, such a shame the average apathetic Canadian can’t or won’t see it. I’m surprised the Trudeau media censorship agenda hasn’t targeted you yet. Hopefully you will keep telling it how it is.

    • thanks very much– Brad. CAP work hard to get our points across without breaching any form of so-called “hate law”–so far anyway.

  2. Indigenous vs. Non Indigenous – What of Equality?

    Each Year, People are Losing their Homes because they Cannot Pay the Property Taxes. – Unlike the Indigenous People, Fighting for “Their” Land (Given Tax Exemptions, Fishing and Hunting Rights, etc etc..)

    Non Indigenous People, Pay Taxes on the Land – They Cannot Own – and if they Don’t Pay the Taxes – THEIR Home is Sold off for TAXES. Hard Earned Money and Labor they have Spent their Whole Life to Get…to Make a Home and Place to Live – On a Pillar of Sand.

    Like the Indigenous People – Non Indigenous People are as Much- Victims of Our Government.

    Like a Bunch Ants- WE All Work for the Queen and Crown!

    “Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.”

    “Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.

    She is the only person on earth who owns whole countries, and who owns countries that are not her own domestic territory. This land ownership is separate from her role as head of state and is different from other monarchies where no such claim is made – Norway, Belgium, Denmark etc.

    The value of her land holding. £17,600,000,000,000 (approx).
    This makes her the richest individual on earth. ”

    How Canada is owned

    “All physical land in Canada is the property of the Crown, Queen Elisabeth 11. There is no provision in the Canada Act, or in the Constitution Act 1982 which amends it, for any Canadian to own any physical land in Canada. All that Canadians may hold, in conformity with medieval and feudal law, is “an interest in an estate in land in fee simple”. Land defined as ‘Crown land’ in Canada, and administered by the Federal Government and the Provinces, is merely land not ‘dedicated’ or assigned in freehold tenure. Freehold is tenure, not ownership. Freehold land is ‘held’ not ‘owned’.”


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