Are Newborns Next On Trudeau’s Euthanasia Hit List?

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“Canada cannot begin killing babies when doctors predict there is no hope for them. Predictions are far too often based on discriminatory assumptions about life with a disability.”

According to the National Post, the Quebec College of Physicians is being slammed by advocacy groups for suggesting that it be legal to euthanize severely ill newborns.

Under the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has been transitioned to the world leader in assisted dying. So much so that leading American media outlet Forbes recently published an ominous headline:

‘Canada’s New Euthanasia Laws Carry Upsetting Nazi-Era Echoes, Warns Expert.’

Is it enough to bring Canadians together in support of life-affirming citizens opposed to the Liberal government’s horrific Euthanasia laws?

Of course it isn’t. Within “no core identity” Canada, nothing ever is. Conversely, PM Trudeau does whatever he likes, media tow the line, and our nation continues to transition toward the stuff of the Trudeau family’s dreams: a fully functioning totalitarian state.

“The Quebec College of Physicians is being slammed by advocacy groups for suggesting that it be legal to euthanize severely ill newborns.”

What a “progressive government” Canada has in Trudeau’s neo-communist Liberals. While health care is provincial in jurisdiction, the entire procession reeks of Pierre & Justin Trudeau-style neo-communism.

Let us face the facts: ground zero for the introduction of institutional, legislated assisted dying is the Liberal government of Canada. Since passing initial legislation, Trudeau’s euthanasia social policy has progressed from life-threatening physical conditions to mental illness. Over time, age qualifications were reduced. After which family approvals have been cast-aside.

“Debate is the bedrock of democracy in any culture or political system. It is a fundamental part of freedom of expression which is itself recognised world-wide as a basic human right.”

Degree of public debate on the most extreme MAiD policies on the planet? Not a single sentence. As opposed to what is presently occurring in France:

“French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday announced a national debate meant to broaden end-of-life options that will include exploring the possibility of legalizing assisted suicide, with the aim of implementing changes next year.” 

See the difference, fellow patriots? In France, the public will have a say in the elimination of the lives of its citizens. In Canada, not at all.

No public input, no choice, no say. Just as it occurred recently for a Canadian mother named Sharon Danley:

“Just before Matthew left on his trip, they met for coffee in downtown Toronto, where they both lived. An argument arose between them, she says, and Matthew got up and stormed out of the cafe.”

“That was the last time I ever saw him,” Danley told The Epoch Times.

On Dec. 12, 2021, Matthew, age 46, received medical assistance in dying, or MAiD. He wasn’t terminally ill but had a history of mental illness, Danley said.

Recalling the final moments of her son’s life, Danley said “there was nothing I could do.”

From Sunny Ways To Killer Culture? Here, we witness the true Canada, as opposed to the media feeding the country a pile of propaganda via CBC, Globe & Mail, and the rest. Never would they dare expose the reality of Euthanasia policy in Canada. In order to receive funding from the Liberals, they must tow government’s ideological line.

Pro-LGBT, Pro-Abortion, Pro-Transgender, Pro-Assisted Dying. Notice a common theme amongst the categories? CAP certainly does. In their own way, each diminishes specific  segments of Canadian society.

90,000 abortions per year over a forty-year period(Pierre Trudeau). Elimination of elderly Canadians(Justin Trudeau.) Both categories dominated by our “Old Stock” populations.

CAP keep it real: new arrivals from 3rd World countries generally stay away from these “progressive” policies. Now, the government of Quebec are considering doing away with unhealthy babies. We shall wait and see if Justin Trudeau has a problem with it. Entirely doubtful it is.

In a statement to the National Post, Inclusion Canada said it is “alarmed by Roy’s recommendation that Canada legalize euthanasia for infants with disabilities under the age of one.”

Aktion T4  was a campaign of mass murder by involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany. Several reasons have been suggested for the killings, including saving money.

In July 1933, the “Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring” prescribed compulsory sterilisation for people with conditions thought to be hereditary, such as schizophrenia, epilepsyHuntington’s chorea and “imbecility”. 

“The Nazi doctors used eugenic ideals to justify sterilizations, as well as child and adult Euthanasia.”

Call us skeptical, but CAP fail see the connection between fascist euthanasia policy and “sunny ways” Canada. Not that it matters. Mainstream media are charged by government with smoothing out the edges of the sordid affair.

Unlimited term abortion. Euthanasia-on-demand. LGBT advancement. Transgender promotion. Each having its negative impact upon the demography of Canadians of European heritage.

Immigration quota for 2024: 451,000, 90% of which come from 3rd World, Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries.

Put that in your legal marijuana pipe and smoke it, Liberal snowflakes.

3 thoughts on “Are Newborns Next On Trudeau’s Euthanasia Hit List?”

  1. Has this zealous servant of Beelzebub done ONE thing to benefit all Canadians? As Brad likes to say; start at zero, and count to nothing. His end; barring genuine; heart felt contrition? “Vengeance is Mine, and retribution”(Deuteronomy 32:35, NASB). There will be no “sunny ways” where this sleazy joker is headed.

    “Immigration quota for 2024: 451,000, 90% of which come from 3rd World, Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries.” The women will have many Trudeau $upported buns in the oven. Plus “family” reunification. (Can’t leave great-grandmother behind.) Just think! Third World granny gets a pension!!! Fool Euro! You worked all your life for practically nothing. So many goodies; the interlopers will need to hire a (free) chartered accountant.

  2. This could very well be for this MONSTER. He will do whatever his master’s demand.
    By turning up the transgender machine, by sterilization, by war, by civil unrest, by mental harassment and disease,the population will be reduced and controlled.

  3. All Trudeau will succeed in doing is promote a war at the taxpayers expense. There will be division worse than it is now people. Wake up Canadians we built this country don’t let it go for the sake of a bunch of woke liberals.


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