Are Media In Canada Actually Owned By Canadians?

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To some degree, media output can be divided into two categories: that which is based on fact, and what is based on opinion. The latter is often presented as editorial opinion, more commonly known as “Op-Ed” articles.

This is one of them. Cultural Action Party cannot answer the question as to whether Canadian media are controlled by non-Canadians.  When we say “controlled” we are also referring to ownership.

The story is relatively clear regarding CBC Corporation. Many Canadians realize they are a state-funded media company. As such, they recognize their bias toward Canadian liberalism, as well as our ruling Liberal government.

As for private corporate media, we have to wonder what the heck happened. Millions of recent arrivals may not be aware of it, but there was a time when media delivered reasonably objective news reporting. This being said, a small “l” and large “L” bias toward liberalism has existed for decades.

But it was never like it is under Canada’s quasi-dictator Justin Trudeau. Signs of transition to bias and subjectivity are obvious. The morphing of media is so extreme that it is fairly described as propaganda.

Recurring themes are ever-present. Globalism is good. Immigration is the lifeline of our nation. If a person stands opposed, they are a racist. Conservatism is branded as bigotry.

Pro-Life citizens are fanatics, Christianity is bad news. Media have become wholly selective regarding religion. Sikhism and Islam are in vogue, while the Christian church is a hater of First Nations communities.

Getting all this down? Perhaps there is no need. The degree to which this narrative is burrowed into the brains of Canadians is beyond the pale.

Extrapolating from this, CAP pose a simple question:

Why would it be that Canadian-controlled media would promote a virulently anti-Canadian belief system? Pray-tell– does China bash their society in this manner. How about Iran or Saudi Arabia? Has the government of Pakistan unfurled a comprehensive program of self-loathing throughout society?

What is wrong with Canada? Why would a composite of Canadian media owners run down their country in this manner? Can an answer is found in a simple concept:

Canadian media are not owned or controlled by Canadians. Does this not serve as a logical explanation? Let us reinforce the theory. News consumers will have noticed a particular trend within the press, best described as “uniformity.”

Using the Truckers Protest as a baseline, we note how Canada’s CBC and and CNN in the United States are aligned in messaging: the whole thing is the fault of working class racist Canadians.

If media presentation transcends borders, then why can’t ownership?  We note a consistency. Leftist media outlets are all telling the same story. The messaging is globalist in nature. There’s a term we have heard before–globalism.

Rumours abound as to the identity of these shadowy characters. The main one being billionaire media mogul and Open Society Foundation chairman George Soros. Rumoured to own hundreds of media publications in Canada, it makes sense that his business conglomerate may be the source.

Naturally, CAP cannot confirm such a thing. What we will do is point to an incongruous condition within society: our media promote a hatred of our country.

This is what you call “bad news.” It suggests coercion, manipulation and subterfuge. The outcome is non-organic in nature. Therefore, chances are high that it is sourced from beyond our borders.

Has a transition occurred over the decades that remains wholly unrecognised? CAP can’t confirm it, but given our present social chaos, we sure as heck would never deny it.

15 thoughts on “Are Media In Canada Actually Owned By Canadians?”

  1. Interesting and thoughtful. It would likely take a lot of research to trace ownership of our large media companies. What is known is that trudeau set-up a $600 MILLION fund to ensure our mainstream media did not fall to far off the liberal left path…

  2. Truedumb is the biggest racist to ever walk in Canada.

    He will never answer a question just stutter five times and lie about oh the truckers are racist. The two racist flags were carried be liberal scum.

    • How does he get elected, this really puzzled me. Now Doug Ford has become one of his puppets. He did exactly what Tru-dope told him to do, Shame on you Doug you have lost my support. Your brother Rob would never have fallen for this, how much profit has Decal Label made in the last 2-1/2 years since the government has screwed all the small businesses and shut down anyone got a answer for this. Government caused this problem, then after they made all there profit and kickback they blame us..pack of liars

  3. A question: If one or more wealthy outside sources own “Canadian” media; why did Trudope have to buy them off w/ our money? Was it just to throw us off the ownership trail? People like Soros can well afford to fund their own media. This is not to discount Brad’s suspicions; his thesis is very reasonable. Maybe Canadian media would revolt if they knew Soros types have them on an invisible chain.

  4. Check the trail of ownership. Who owns cbc. And start following the trail. I did a public records trace from cbc to Shaw to rodgers to corus than ending with vanguard group. Vanguard owns pitzer Johnson Johnson. Unless public record and all internet search engines are wrong then it’s rather easy to follow the trial. My question is if vanguard does own these companies. Them why is trudumbass giving them 600 mil. Wouldn’t that be fall under the same ethics code that he broke taking a vacation from that nut job on the island. Expose the truth. The truth will prevail. That’s all we are left with to hold on to. That the truth will prevail.

  5. Soros seems to be lurking behind much of what is destroying western civilization. He fuels climate protests and rallies the educators to rally their students and he funded Greta Thurnbergs sail boat just before Trudeaus election victory.
    His open society charities fund third hand BLM, Migrant caravans, defund the police movement to name a few. He influences elections. Destabilizes countries currencies. He is working to destabilize the western world for Globalism. Just my opinion.

  6. CBC changed to CBCNN a few months ago. That is very deliberate. They are similar, much like the Liberals and the Democrats are closely aligned. They both use many of the same or similar statements. Great reset. Climate change.

    They both believe a climate tax will save the world.

  7. Trudeau’s SS ( RCMP ) , no doubt were carrying those Flags. I also have no doubt that every key I type is being recorded by the RCMP , safe site or not. Trudeau seems to control every aspect of the media in Canada and that too is being regulated.

  8. My thoughts , the world is on a reset. Heard that just the other day by politicians. WEF is in the background and Trudeau (Canada) and other countries are involved. I would like to know their exact plan. I agree this Climate change is huge part of this so called reset.


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