Are Media Hiding Trudeau’s Agenda To FLOOD CANADA With Africans?

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The Prime Minister’s Office has announced Justin Trudeau will travel to Ethiopia, Senegal and Germany in the coming week.The PMO says the trip will begin on Feb. 6 and will focus on economic opportunity, climate change, democracy and gender equality.

It says Trudeau will first travel to Addis Ababa to meet with Ethiopia’s prime minister and president. There, he’s also due to meet with world leaders at the 33rd African Union Summit in a bid to deepen relationships with African countries.

CAP Interpretation: This event will serve as a catalyst for Justin Trudeau’s next wave of assault upon traditional Canadian society. His purpose in meeting with African leaders is to advance his agenda to fill our nation with enough Third World-Islamic- Liberal voters to win every seat in Parliament.

Once accomplished, the purpose of democracy will be 100% diluted. What’s the point of federal elections if one party controls 328 out of 338 seats? Quick answer–no purpose at all.

Bingo- Canada successfully trans-itions from democracy to dictatorship— the penultimate goal of Trudeau and his gang of Canadian culture-killers.

Yet in typical CBC fashion, so much of the relationship between Canada and African Nations has been buried away in order to fool the Canadian people:

Several African nations– Nigeria, Ethiopia–have the highest birthrates on earth. Did you know? Nigeria will become the “new China” at some point during the next century. In other words, the country is set to explode in population.

Additionally, the world’s fastest-growing economies are also found in this region. How about this one? Did you know that Afghanistan, a country Justin Trudeau handed $233 Million Dollars to in 2018 alone, is the second least-indebted nation on planet earth?

Salient Question Of The Day: Why would King Justin be throwing BILLIONS of dollars at the world’s fastest-developing nations?

CAP Response: Because Ethiopia, Nigeria, Chad, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Senegal are the future of Canada– present-day Canadians just do not know it yet. You see, Canada today has a “post-modern” government.

CAP Interpretation: A “post-modern” Canada consists of the following:

Rule # 1– The ruling government bury everything related to the demographic destiny of our nation. It’s all one giant secret. Think about it– does government ever release a statement on the top source nations for immigration to Canada? Does CBC ever report a prognostication of Canada’s ethic community make-up by the year 2050?

Never–and CAP knows damn well why–because the future of Canada is non- First World, non- Anglophone and non-Christian. In other words, Justin Trudeau, his Liberal government, Canadian media and our educational systems are all holding back one significant development:

The transition of Anglophone Canada into a powerless, marginalized community. Yes, fellow patriots–this is coming your way, but media refuse to inform our people of said event.

As far as the “flooding Canada with Africans theory,” here are some points to consider:

A succession of Canadian governments–both Liberal and Conservative-– previously rolled out immigration programs which resulted in a mass arrival of Third World Migrants from various parts of the world.

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For example, Expo 86 in Vancouver, B.C. What media neglected to mention is that this event was, in fact, one giant “sales job” to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Subsequently, the city was flooded with immigration from the Far East. A later endevour of a similar fashion occurred in 1997 after Hong Kong reverted to China’s rule after being controlled by Britain long term.

Next, Sikh and Muslim immigration. Did you know? These communities absolutely rocked the house during the 2019 federal election. Sikh MP’s today own Brampton, Ontario–they won every  MP seat in the riding. Not one non-Sikh MP candidate won in Brampton–rather telling, eh?

Why did these Third World MP’s clean-up? Because of giant blocks of Third World Immigrant voters. These people in turn elected “their own” exclusively– as in, this is a true case of ethnocentric “monoculturalism.”

Ready for more media obfuscation? Here is CAP’s prediction:

Justin Trudeau will begin to flood Canada with African immigrants and refugees. Media will tow the line, positioning the migrants accordingly. These are “African migrants”-– just like “illegal” refugees are “irregular” refugees in an Orwellian fashion.

Never will the religion of the Africans be mentioned. As a result of this coordinated Liberal government/media approach, Canada’s Islamic population will likely double within a decade.

After all, these African nations are majority Muslim. Did you know? Most of these nations are anti-Christian to the core. Are you aware of how many tax-payer dollars the Trudeau government hand to Somalia and dozens of other African nations?

Try $800 Million Dollars--as a conservative estimate. Nigeria received $133 Million Dollars from Canada in 2018 alone. Mali got $136 Million. Tanzania, $141 Million. Ghana– $105 Million, Sudan– $101 Million.

So can ya dig it? Against the will of the Canadian people Justin Trudeau is handing BILLIONS of dollars to these Christian-oppressing nations.  It gets worse. Reports exist which tell us the money never gets through to the intended recipients.

This is called Phantom Aid-– buying the favour of Third World governments for strategic political purposes.

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Phantom aid[1] is aid that never reaches the intended recipient countries. It is aid that gets looted in many ways such as tied aid and domestic refugee spending in donor countries.

One of the countries affected by phantom aid is Afghanistan. It has received approximately $35 billion of international aid between 2002 and 2009.[2] However, much of this aid has not helped ease poverty or improve economic and living conditions, as originally intended, in the nation.

Phantom Aid is also something CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star have never once written about. Talk about a coordinated government/media cover-up.

Remind any patriots of a particular form of  governance? It does for CAP— communism–just as the Trudeau family like it.

CAP Conclusion: Old Stock Canada–you have being hoodwinked. Your government and their media slaves are incrementally undermining your communities. Justin Trudeau is methodically disempowering English Canada, and its Anglophone peoples.

This is the true story of the demise of 153 years of Canadian identity at the hands of the Liberal-Globalist-Third World Government of Canada.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau.



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  1. This is why we desperately need a TRUE Conservative gov’t!! Not a “Liberal Lite” gov’t!! Our cultural identity is being pushed to extinction by this gov’t and we, not only have to kick Trudeau to the curb, we must ensure that we have the tools available to keep our politicians honest no matter which party they belong to! Recall Legislation would be a strong first step to achieve that! Anything less than that would be intolerable and would only cause Western Separation to surge ever stronger! Those of us who live in Alberta know this movement is strong and only getting stronger by the day! There are those in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and a large chunk of BC that feel the same way so, it’s VERY real!!


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