Are Media Hiding Canada’s Conversion To A Dictatorship?

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Collusion, noun: “A secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.”

Those familiar with our media output will know our opinion on whether the Liberal government of Canada is secretly conspiring against our citizenship in an act of deception.

Since our founding in 2016, Cultural Action Party has maintained that a covert agenda exists to transition our country away from its democratic foundation, and toward a status we describe as “neo-communist.”

The degree to which Canadian media are contributing to the transition is more nebulous. Although signs of collusion exist– pro-Liberal bias, obfuscation of fact– not to mention billions in funding from government, it’s difficult to ascertain the extent to which legacy media in Canada are in bed with globalist forces in government.

In this regard, much consternation has surrounded the labelling of federally-funded CBC, as it related to a conflict with social media giant Twitter:

“CBC Pauses Twitter Activity After Being Labelled ‘Government-Funded Media’”

Forever snooty and sanctimonious, executives at CBC recoiled at the audacity of a social media mogul branding their media outlet “government-funded.”

In its 2021-22 annual report, the CBC reported government funding of $1.24 billion, in addition to its reported $651 million in independent revenue intake. 

Two-thirds government-funded being good enough for CAP. Apart from tangibles, discerning Canadians can spot the hyper-globalist bias within CBC’s media output.

Take, for example, their incongruous support for Islam, contrasted with full-on dedication to Transgenderism. Polarized in orientation, CBC’s support for both signal full dedication to the ideological beliefs of PM Justin Trudeau. He does the very same, as directed by the “big daddy” of woke globalist ideology, World Economic Forum.

The Islam-LGBT dynamic speaks volumes. The volumes never once alluded to by any media outlet in Canada. If CBC was truly independent of Liberal ideological bias, they would not be supporting such contradictory belief systems as those held by Muslim Imams and transgendered political players.

But does this mean that, for example, CEO of CBC Catherine Tait has full insight into the large-scale, globalist goal inherent in this madness? Maybe, maybe not.

On this matter, one point adds to the building of the mystery. Despite presently undergoing our nation’s greatest political transformation since our founding in 1867, media refrain from speculating on a critical issue: Canada’s future.

What will be the state of our society in the year 2050? Will Canada still exist as an authentically functioning democracy? How will our maintenance of the largest per-capita immigration intake policy on earth affect our future? At what point will white Canadians transition to a minority community? Once accomplished, will Anglophones become privy to “minority” rights currently held by Canada’s racialized communities?

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. Not a word on any of this from CBC, and the rest. Where, pray-tell, are Canada’s futurists? Say no-go, fellow patriots– media breathe not a word on the subject. All speculation is gone with the wind.

Why? Does this mean media understand where our socio-political destiny, but refuse to offer an opinion? Have they been instructed by the Feds to keep their mouths shut, for fear of cancellation of federal funding?

CAP cannot claim to know the answer. What we will state is that when it comes to opposition toward the Woke-Globalist-World Economic Forum agenda, media will mimic the Liberals till the cows come home on an Alberta beef farm.

In truth, the bias is out-of-control. All forms of push-back against Justin Trudeau’s woke globalist vision are circumvented by legacy media. The Conservative Party are racists. Party leader Pierre Poilievre is a right-wing bigot. Participants at the Trucker’s Protest in Ottawa are white supremacists. At least one of them was a Nazi.

It’s a downright disgrace– an absolute embarrassment in terms of media professionalism. It’s also exactly what Justin Trudeau ordered. In this capacity, there is no doubt that media are colluding with their employers in Ottawa.

Still, establishment media’s understanding of Trudeau’s end game– transition from democracy to dictatorship– remains an open question. Media in China work the will of government, and with each day passing, our country is being converted to a neo-communist state.

Media’s role in obfuscation of the globalist end-game is also an open question. At the very least, mainstream media are, either knowingly or unknowingly, facilitating the “Great Canadian Swindle”— Canada’s conversion from freedom and democracy to authoritarian state status.

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