Are Media COVERING UP Justin Trudeau’s Destruction Of Democracy In Canada?

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There are certain words which CAP utilize to embellish our opinions on the condition of Canadian democracy under the “leadership” of Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

 One of the most descriptive words is“ominous”—as in, when one has a feeling something bad or destructive will occur within a society. Another oft-used word is “covert.”

Ominous and covert— if properly utilized, these descriptions fit Trudeau’s pre-planned “inversion” of government priorities.

From the first week Justin Trudeau began his run as PM— late October, 2015–  Cultural Action Party of Canada sensed that Trudeau was going to be trouble for our nation.

At this nascent stage, it was difficult to tell what form the subsequent damage would take on. A few of our early premonitions were:

The demise of  English Canada. An increase in the reach of communist China into Canada. The advancement of Islam within society. An erasure of national sovereignty. Punitive damages toward Anglophone Canadians. Transitioning political control to the United Nations. The decimation of democratic governance in Canada.

Pretty much all have come true—to a lesser or greater degree. As far as the erosion of democratic practice in Canada, this was indeed an early prognostication. In this regard, CAP may well be “right on the money.”

What are the factors that contribute most to this ominous, covert political phenomenon?

Beyond Justin Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalist posse, it is without question CBC and corporate media in Canada.  Within socialist societies, government must have media “in their back pockets.” How can a citizenship be effectively manipulated into casually accepting a fundamental social transition without corresponding media complicity?

They can’t— therefore Canadian establishment media were forced to “convert” to propaganda dissemination—or face potential bankruptcy due to falling advertising revenues.

What else is necessary? How about help from OUTSIDE the nation? Now this is a Justin Trudeau “speciality.”

For CAP’s money,  there is no finer political beggar than PM Trudeau. Frankly speaking, this man will prostrate himself before any foreign leader who can assist in the “globalization of our nation.”

See Justin Trudeau throw hundreds of millions of tax dollars at the Billionaire Aga Khan. You know the fellow, right? He’s the uber-wealthy internationalist that Trudeau claims to be a “close personal friend” of the Trudeau family.

How about China? Turns out Mr. Trudeau was hustling like a mad man to establish a Canada-China “Free Trade” Deal. Anyone who saw the fine print would see the incredible advantage Justin was ready to hand to the behemoth communist nation. 

The move would have all-but SOLD Canada to China. Trudeau failed. Turing to other entities, Mr. Trudeau then spent 2-3 years integrating Islam into society.

Trudeau increased Canada’s dependence upon Saudi Arabian oil. He immediately imported 35,000 so-called Syrian refugees into our nation.  Additionally, Trudeau passed the M103 “Islamophobia” motion—which indemnified just one singular religious community in Canada— the Islamic religion. Christianity? Judaism? Forget it—Islam is the only religious community explicitly represented within M103.

Hundreds of Millions given to Islamic, Sikh, Chinese non-profit organizations—some of which are rumoured to have connections to overseas “militancy.”

READ MORE: Trudeau Grants Citizenship To Islamic Terrorist CONVICTED Of Mass Murder

Media ignore the entire situation. CBC and the others also ignore tangible, incremental examples of the transition of Canada from a true democracy to a covert pseudo-dictatorship.

Any recent examples? Why, yes there are. Try this week, when Justin Trudeau and his globalist “partner-in-arms” NDP leader Jagmeet Singh successfully shut down Parliament for a 3-4 month time period.

“No big deal” was the collective expression of our monolithic globalist media. Speaking of which, here is a word that these media moguls never utilize:

“Unprecedented”— when an event occurs for the first time. When an incident occurs that is unique, and has never occurred before in history.

Let CAP name one unprecedented development in the history of Canada:

Ready? Here it is— Justin Trudeau. There has been no other Canadian prime minister in history like this man—even his father Pierre Trudeau did not have the pure vengeance toward English Canada which lingers in the cold, cold heart of Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau is a destroyer. CAP are proud that we got lucky and were able to recognize this from week one. We believe many Canadians—millions and millions of us—could have recognized this profound truth as well.

CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and National Post prevented this from taking place. As a result, Canada in 2020 is being walked down a path toward the termination of democratic governance in Canada.

The decimation began in the year 1968 with Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau, and is being facilitated as we speak by another “one of them”Justin Trudeau.

Media remain “silent as the lambs”— like the sheep-like entity they have trans-itioned into under the iron-clad rule of Justin Trudeau and his “minority” government.



3 thoughts on “Are Media COVERING UP Justin Trudeau’s Destruction Of Democracy In Canada?”

  1. Why is he not in jail
    He cannot be running our country
    So scared for Canada right now
    Justin Trudeau is a disgrace to our flag !!!

  2. hey brad, how about finding out why trudeaus mother is back in montreal, too mee and alot of my friends, think it has something to do with the chinese. btw, another problem, he is always against the english people, but his mother is englisg, his grandmother was english, its high time that you wrote a story about the saudi oil, let the people know that trudeaus fathe n grandfather owned the service stations, then changed the name to petro canada, it was suppose to be the cheapest gas around, it turned out to be the most expensive gas around. and one other thing brad, why was trudeau at the murder scene of the double murder of the shermans.


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