Are Media Aware Of Their Contribution To Trudeau’s Assault On Canadian Society?

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The relationship between Canada’s ruling Liberal government and mainstream media is arguably the most under-discussed element within our society.

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s not as if the talking heads at CBC Broadcasting Corporation would stand up and say “Yes, we are puppets of the Liberal government of Canada.”

Not that this makes it any less of a piece of truth. The tangible evidence exists:

“The names of the news media who took part in a $61 million dollar pre-election pay-off have been published as a .pdf document.”

As reported by, media publications such as Maclean’s, Postmedia, Black Press, Toronto Star, Epoch Times and thousands more received funds as part of a $595 million dollar payout to media in 2020.

For what reason would the benefactors speak of what should be obvious to all Canadians. PM Justin Trudeau has effectively purchased Canadian media. Turns out that Trudeau is more than a supporter of China. What really turns his neo-communist crank is found in an emulation of their authoritarian governance.

The result being media conformity to the will of government. If, for example, PM Trudeau is intent on transitioning Canada away from democratic governance, media will tow this line.

Which is exactly what Mr. Trudeau is doing to our country. CAP has to wonder how the power-players in mainstream media feel about this. For example, how do a string of media publishers of “Old Stock” Canadian heritage feel about the Liberal government assault on Anglophone and Christian Canada?

How strange it is to discover the irony inherent in the dynamic. CAP has researched this before– the publishers, editors and leading journalists in legacy media are uniformly of Old Stock, Anglophone variety.

How do these people live with themselves knowing that they are contributing to a conversion of Canada from democracy to dictatorship? These people are on the “inside.” They are not uninformed, non-intellectual people lacking cognitive power to comprehend PM Trudeau’s conversion of Canada to an authoritarian state.

Coyne, Ivison, Glavin, Selley, Scoffield, Ibbitson, Fife— not one will fess up to Canada’s transition away from individual freedoms as espoused by a Covid-crazed Liberal government.

Is it a money game? Are their pens tied behind their backs? Do they want to speak out, but due to political correctness, cannot? What’s the deal with legacy media protecting the Trudeau regime?

Do the writers at Globe & Mail really believe that transgenderism-for-youth is a righteous endeavor? Can journalists at Toronto Star truly believe it is permissible for citizens to be Euthanized for depression– or god forbid– living in a state of poverty?

It’s all one big mystery. Which, in a way, makes perfect sense. Pourquoi? Because Justin Trudeau and his gang of globalists in the Liberal Cabinet are the greatest political mystery in the history of our nation.

A mystery– in that thinking Canadians(the kind Trudeau hates)– cannot comprehend what the heck is going on in our country. This state of social confusion is entirely calculated. Social division and community fragmentation have always existed as precursors to social revolutions.

“China has one of the world’s most restrictive media environments, relying on censorship to control information in the news, online, and on social media.”

“China blocks many U.S. websites, including Facebook, Instagram, and some Google services, though the Chinese public has found ways to circumvent the so-called Great Firewall.”

Upon which CAP point to a pertinent fact: Trudeau and Cabinet are working to implement China’s internet censorship policies in Canada. Of course our media wouldn’t put it in these terms.

Why would media object to this structure? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to begin to take back the market share lost to alternate and social media due to the rise of internet-based news?

“You scratch by back, I’ll scratch yours,” being the ticket for government-media coordination. Damn those moaning Old Stock citizens. “I need my paycheque, so I will do as my editor says. And my publisher. And the prime minister of Canada, who ultimately signs my paycheque.”

And who suffers as a result? The people of Canada. That is, certain segments of the people. Over the course of seven-years, Team Trudeau has carved up Canadians into ethnic, racial and sexual silos. “Divide and conquer” being the ticket.

Under this communist-derived system, some will benefit, while others lose. The winners being those who don’t have a clue about what has transpired. These are Justin Trudeau’s favourite brand of people-kind– the uninformed.

Which group qualifies more than new arrivals to our country? Frankly, most wouldn’t have a clue what we are talking about. Not that they are stupid. They are new to Canada, and as such lack the insight to comprehend these somewhat-subtle developments.

“Perfect,” thinks Justin Trudeau. Let’s import 1.2 million of them over a three-year period. Keep doing this for decades to come,  and the Old Stock will be rendered meaningless.

Now, here’s an interesting topic– “decades to come.”  As in, the decades that CBC, CTV, National Post and Toronto Star never speak of. Can this be intentional, with a purpose of hiding the destiny of Canada from 38 million citizens?

Absolutely, it is intentional. We arrive once again at the idea of pre-conceived Liberal government-mainstream media coordination.

How do these journalists sleep at night knowing that they are protecting not just assault upon their own communities, but the downfall of democracy in our country? A good night’s sleep, or a good paycheque?

Is this the bottom line for Canadian media’s support of Justin Trudeau’s assault on freedom and democracy in Canada?  Whatever the motivation, establishment media are contributing to a degeneration of freedom and democracy in the dying Great White North.

2 thoughts on “Are Media Aware Of Their Contribution To Trudeau’s Assault On Canadian Society?”

  1. How nice to be able to blow $600 million–Belonging to the taxpayer. Nonchalantly buy off the “news” media, and use it for your own political gain. Only in Clown World is this not a huge scandal. Not that the sheeple know anything about it….Which is the whole point. One wonders–How was this allowed to happen? Are there no safeguards in place? Then again; the entire system is toxic; corrupt, and stinks to high heaven. Anyway; the CBC/Global/CTV/Print media consumers will follow them to the metaphorical grave. Trudope and his boot lickers think they’re pretty clever. They have no clue what awaits them; “storing up wrath for the Day of Judgement.” Not that that that makes this vomitus any less bitter.

  2. Definition of “gigolo” … “a kept man” usually by a prostitute, whore or slut
    New “Woke” definition of “Gigolo” …
    ….. “ mainstream news broadcaster”


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