Are Mainstream Media Destroying The Conservative Party Of Canada?

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“With this one astonishing claim, Erin O’Toole let us all down.”

Such goes the bi-line from an article in the Toronto Star. In case readers are not aware, the Toronto Star hates Erin O’Toole. What his claim is doesn’t matter, nor does the fact that he didn’t let all Canadians down.

What really matters is that media battering ram TorStar despise the Conservative Party, as well as “small-c” conservatives in general. The same applies to all mainstream media outlets in our country.

It has been the state of affairs since the day Justin Trudeau ascended to the throne of Canada. Blatant and obvious it is. Yet, because media control the narrative, this reality is not properly understood.

While article after article rip Erin O’Toole to shreds, NDP Party Leader Jagmeet Singh has transitioned to “Mr. Untouchable.” There hasn’t been a negative word from the press on this guy since the Komagata Maru was refused from landing on Canadian soil.

As party leader, Jagmeet Singh has led the NDP straight downhill, losing 16 seats in the process. Despite his failures, he is a proverbial “golden boy” for mainstream media.

As far as an anti-Conservative bias goes, CBC, CTV, Global News, National Post, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star are in good company. The government of China hate O’Toole and the Conservatives as much as they do.

 “The Conservative Party identified 13 federal ridings where they suspect their candidates were targeted by foreign influence campaigns in the recent federal election.

The ridings contain a common theme–they hold the greatest percentage of Chinese voters in the country. Conservatives claim that candidate Kenny Chui was targeted by China to lose the seat of Steveston-Richmond East in the federal election in September. The riding is majority Chinese-Canadian.

How fascinating to discover that both China and Canadian media hate the Conservatives. Or is it? Ever since Justin Trudeau came along, serious students of Canadian politics have picked up on an alarming trend.

Both government and media now prioritize non-Canadian entities. Through this affinity a portentous condition has been entrenched. Canada has transitioned to a self-hating nation which places non-Canadians above its own citizens.

As far as Erin O’Toole goes, a quick internet search on his name delivers the animus Cultural Action Party speak of. A recent example being an article titled “Where’s Erin O’Toole?

Who knows– perhaps he is taking a “personal day” after being dragged through the mud by media since he became party leader. Lord knows, media hero Justin Trudeau has taken enough of them.

Yet, common sense Canadians have to understand. Justin Trudeau is a woke Liberal globalist– the kind of leader who places 3rd World nations above his own country. He gets the green light from media.

Jagmeet Singh is another Canada-bashing woke warrior– therefore he gets to ride down media easy-street. Never mind the fact that he legally banned from entering his family’s country of origin.

Then there is Erin O’Toole. White, bald, conservative–everything “progressive” Canada hates. CBC, Toronto Star and the government of China despise him.

“Three strikes and you’re out,” Mr. O’Toole.

5 thoughts on “Are Mainstream Media Destroying The Conservative Party Of Canada?”

  1. All hell has broken loose in this country. Maybe Trudope will go bald, and frivolous voters will turn away.

    The problem isn’t just the MSM denigrating the Cons–The Conservative Party leadership have shot their own party in the stomach. Things are not as they seem; the fix is already in.

    Traitors are in our midst. No party can be so ridiculously stupid. First comes uninspiring; wishy washy Scheer; then the Nowhere Man. What’s next on their self immolation agenda?

  2. The Conservative party is destroying the Conservative party. Why should anyone give half a shit what the Red Star, or any other mainstream media has to say. You dolt.

  3. Big business, country club “Conservatives” and liberal plants (O’Toole, Ford etc.) have already accomplished that goal. Imo.

    Many “Conservatives” admire Harper without understanding he did nothing for the everyday people of Canada. Harper did everything he could for Big Business and ignored their never ending greed and corruption.

    We need to work to make Canada better for the people or sit back and watch Trudeau and his Commie buddies erase our country entirely and turn it into a vessel of China.

      • This is not a contest; of course Trudeau is the worst Crime Minister since his father. The point is the Conservative Party are just as bad as the Liberals in that neither Party care about Canadians English or French speaking.


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