Are Liberals Baiting Poilievre’s Conservatives With Online Harms Act?

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For the strategists working a schematic to re-elect PM Justin Trudeau, the hope that “history will repeat itself” lingers in the politically correct ether.

In 2015, the Liberals utilized Bill S-7, entitled the “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act,” to smear the opposition Conservative Party as racist and “Islamophobic.”

It was an effective ploy, contributing in a tangible way to the downfall of the Conservative government led by then-prime minister, Stephen Harper.

The Liberals are like that. Among their premier political strategies is the leveraging of the hot-button topic of racism to work their woke way into power.

In 2024, with the tables heavily turned against the Grits, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre must be careful not to fall into the same trap.

How would such a situation come about? The answer may lie in the recently-tabled “Online Harms Act” as headed up by Ismaili-Muslim Attorney General, Arif Virani.

Can it be possible that, among reasonable pieces of censorship such as the protection of Canadian children from online predators, Virani has ensured that several “red herrings” are thrown in to throw off the federal Conservatives?

One of them may be the concept of a life-sentence for those who advocate genocide against an identifiable community. By intentionally over-playing the card, could it be that Trudeau’s backgroom strategists are attempting to unfold another “race-based” mechanism to paint the CPC as a gang of rabid haters?

In reality, the Liberals are race-obsessed. In this capacity, racism is utilized as political weaponry, an attempt at a manipulation of society for the purpose of achieving their penultimate goal:

A Liberal government-for-life. The selection of Arif Virani as Attorney General may well be a calculated element in the political equation. Most Canadians don’t know it, but a seriously tight connection exists between PM Trudeau, MP Virani, and the Aga Khan.

“An honour to meet Prince Amyn Muhammad Aga Khan, the brother of His Highness the Aga Khan at the Ismaili Centre yesterday. Thank you Mayor Tory for granting His Highness the keys to City and renaming part of Wynford drive Aga Khan Blvd.stated Mr. Virani.

As it turns out, Virani attended McGill University on a combination of student loans, grants and scholarships, both from McGill itself and the Aga Khan Foundation.

Of whom do we speak? “Close family friend” of the Trudeaus. A billionaire philanthropist honoured each year by the Liberal Party. When Trudeau was sitting on the hot-seat regarding a free luxury vacation at an island resort owned by the Aga Khan, the following justification was offered:

“Justin Trudeau adopted the position that he and the Aga Khan were close friends, and the trips were of a personal nature. This was ostensibly supported by a close relationship between Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, and the Aga Khan.”

Do the Liberals have a nasty habit of leveraging international connections to facilitate a maintenance of power over society? For Trudeau Sr., it was China. For Trudeau Jr., it’s  Sikhism and Islam.

Gerald Butts, Katie Telford– whoever the schemers are, did they recommend Virani based on ethnic identity? This way, when the Cons push back, the rejection could become tainted with the dreaded “Islamophobia” label, as it was in 2015 with Stephen Harper and the “Barbaric Cultural Practices” Act.

Pretty sneaky, eh? Not that Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] has a connection to what goes on behind closed political doors. It’s speculation, of course– but not without a semblance of plausibility.

It’s the way the Liberals roll. Claiming to be arbitrators of social equity, their methods are drawn from propaganda tactics and political subterfuge normally reserved for authoritarian governments and communist societies.

“We cannot tolerate anarchy on the internet,” Justice Minister Arif Virani told a press conference this week.

Overplaying the card to bait Poilievre to challenge the will of Canada’s most powerful legal figure?

“I’m also a Muslim. The hatred that festers online is radicalizing people and that radicalization has real world impacts for my community, and for so many other communities,” added Virani.

Is this a set-up? One sentence from Poilievre about Islam within the context of the Online Harms Bill, and lo and behold– it’s “Barbaric Practices– The Sequel.”

December 23rd, 2023: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the birthday of His Highness the Aga Khan:

“Today, we join millions of Shia Ismaili Muslims in Canada and around the world to celebrate the 87th birthday of their spiritual leader, His Highness the Aga Khan.”

At the risk of a $70,000 fine, CAP are driven to comment on Trudeau’s tribute:

The Aga Khan is not a “Highness.” He may be so for Trudeau and Virani, in addition to the international Ismaili community, but referencing him in this manner is like defaulting to the idea that the fellow is some kind of supreme being within general society.

One can guess that 99% of Canadians disagree. Trudeau rambles on anyway– his family connection superseding reality for nearly all citizens of our country.

Bottom line messaging: Watch out, candidate Pierre Poilievre. If the Liberals have their way, they will successfully utilize the “race card” to steal another victory, bringing their total to four-in-a row.

It’s one step closer to government-for-life, the ultimate prize for what has transitioned to a neo-communist political entity, the Liberal Party of Canada.

5 thoughts on “Are Liberals Baiting Poilievre’s Conservatives With Online Harms Act?”

  1. The Liberals will do anything to stay in power. That’s been proven by Trudeau’s scandal after scandal being buried in the Liberals’, supported by Singh & the NDP, bureaucratic obfuscation & delays. Trudeau knows he’s guilty, we Canadians know he’s guilty, but he slithers & scrambles, hoping will forget his malfeasance. But this time we won’t, I pray.

  2. This Aga fellow is no highness in our family and to pretty well all my friends. When it comes to racism or hate speech, from what I’ve read and experienced, the Muslim community is far ahead the white man in that area.
    Trudeau and his companions can all go to #÷××.
    What has the Muslim community contributed to this country, aside from crime, increased welfare and discrimination. Immigration especially from India has ruined this once beautiful and friendly Canada. We used to be a respected country. Can you imagine the collapse of Immigration if old stock Canadians put an end to all the free money and services these immigrants feel they’re entitled to even before they set foot in Canada ? ( feel free to delete anything Trudeau/Singh may use to put me in jail )

  3. If that’s their idea; it won’t work. Not this time. Ninety percent of Canadians want Trudeau gone; yesterday. The “transparency” of his so-called government is now transparency of the Great Dunce himself. Most Canadians now see this jackass’ ploys for their true intent. It won’t work; it will make the “remove Trudeau” movement even stronger. He’s making his own scaffolding, and providing the rope.

    • Agree, but the Cons must be careful not to fall into the trap that the Liberals and their partners in media set for them back in 2015.

    • Addendum: Brad (below) is absolutely correct. The Cons need to be on high alert for the Liberal traps. In their favor; Trudeau can’t outsmart Poilievre; who appears to be a political chess master. Returning to the “scaffolding” Trudeau has built for himself; Pierre P. will be the one to pull the lever, and watch the trapdoor open beneath Trudeau’s cloven hoofs.


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