Are Canadian Media being Paid To Brand The Conservative Party Racist?

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Some social developments should rightly be recognised as unnatural. For example, the art of Canadian self-loathing. Who ever heard of a country which beats itself up like Canada does?

Have you heard the news? Our society is racist, bigoted, xenophobic and homophobic. We know it because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told us so. For reinforcement, add to this NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh. State-funded CBC News agree, as do all other major media organization in Canada.

It is far from the only contrived, non-organic social development in society. Another is found in media’s treatment of the Conservative Party. Those of us who can remember a Canada before pandemics and woke politics will recall a very different state-of-affairs.

In truth, the Conservatives were not always frothing-at-the-mouth white supremacists. They aren’t at present either. Not that it makes a difference for the CBC, CTV, Global News and Globe & Mail.

For media paid by PM Trudeau to promote hatred of Conservatism, truth is secondary. What matters is winning elections– by any means possible. So what if it involves pre-meditated deception of the public? Media want the Liberals to remain in power in forever.

As a result, news consumers are to digest the following:

Pierre Poileivre is “a racist and a white supremacist because he used the term Anglo Saxon.” And this tweet from journalist Stephen Maher: “It is a whole lot of white people. If I was Poilievre, I would be wondering why I am only attracting white people.”

Despite the fact that Mr. Poilievre recently denounced “white replacement theory,”  the snowflake media continue to lob snowballs in his direction. When they do not find examples of Poileivre personally expressing racism(they cannot), media move to branding attendees at his rallies bigots.

Pounding down the front-runner of the Conservative Party leader nomination race is par for the political course. In post-modern Canada, racism reaches beyond a social condition– it is a political weapon. No one wields the woke battle axe as effectively as the Trudeau government. With mainstream media at their disposal, flags of racist accusations are unfurled on a daily basis.

So much so that the topic of racism has come to define Justin Trudeau’s post-modern society. There is something calculated regarding the whole affair. Racism today functions as a hot-button for political manipulation.

To illustrate, we journey back to what seems like ancient history. We speak of pre-Justin Trudeau Canadian politics. A point of demarcation is found when Mr. Trudeau defeated Conservative PM Stephen Harper in 2015.

By this time, media were well into playing the race-card to wipe out the CPC. The primary tool to accomplish their goal was “Islamophobia.” A case where a Muslim immigrant refused to remove her face-covering during her citizenship ceremony got the media party ball rolling.

Stephen Harper stood opposed, as did his party, and a majority of Canadians polled on the matter. A media association between racism and the Conservatives was born. To this day, media are milking the situation for all it’s worth.

Stephen Harper, Andrew Scheer. Erin O’Toole, Pierre Poileivre. All are racist. If not, their supporters are. A most excellent way to ensure the Conservatives never again win a federal election. And they surely will not.

Don’t you know? Canada has transitioned to a false democracy. Media are assisting the Liberals in securing election victories in perpetuity. Or, at the least, long enough to plant a vision in the mind of the public:

There is no point in holding federal elections. The Liberals win every time. Mass immigration has assisted the party in capturing 88% of seats in Parliament in the year 2038. Why bother holding futile, meaningless dog-and-pony shows?

At the root of media hatred for the Conservative Party, we discover this dynamic. Accusations of racism– direct or indirect–  ensure that voters associate Conservatism with racism, bigotry and xenophobia.

CAP will summarize: Pre-Justin Trudeau, the Conservatives are not considered a racist political party. Trudeau becomes prime minister. He ships $595 million dollars  to media publications like Maclean’s, Postmedia, Black Press, Toronto Star, and Epoch Times. In addition, more than 1000 small-market media publications receive federal funding.

After which the Conservatives transition from a non-racist federal party to a racist political party. How obvious can it be that Canadian voters have been swindled in the process? Unfortunately, being swindled is not what matters– election victories are what counts.

In this capacity, the Liberal-Media partnership deserve congratulations all-around. That is, if a Canadian is a supporter of our country’s transition from democracy to dictatorship.

7 thoughts on “Are Canadian Media being Paid To Brand The Conservative Party Racist?”

  1. And this tweet from journalist Stephen Maher: [Reporting from Beijing] “It is a whole lot of [Chinese] people. If I was [Trudeau], I would be wondering why I am only attracting [Chinese] people.” (Sorry–it’s getting a bit old; but couldn’t resist.) These MSM types need their heads examined. Can this so-called journalist not see the inherent absurdity in what he wrote? What does he expect? As (I think) Pierre P. said; we’re Anglo-Saxon. According to PropCan (Stats Canada) we tipped the population scale at ninety-eight percent White pre Trudeau 1. Excuse me while I pop in my dental guard. Teeth grinding not good. Trudeau’s fault; I’ll send him my dental bills. Maybe he can spring for a hair transplant. Same deal; tearing my hair out.

  2. “are the Canadian Media being paid” full stop, right there how else would the prancing, petulant little monster continue to pretend he is a leader.
    That he is hated is not news, except to the fake news media, ordinary Canadians who went to Ottawa with the freedom convoy know first hand the contempt and cowardice of this pumped up little hypocrite has for them.
    Folks struggling to get by and seeing billions of dollars wasted on virtue signaling and WEF stupidity while the so called elite feast at Davos.
    Never mind take the Jab and shut up,
    He is reaping what he has sown IMO

  3. Trudeau is a liar, coward , hypocrite and a waste of skin
    Most despicable excuse for a human being on the other hand Pierre Poilievre is a man of integrity and morals which Trudeau would not know what that is …
    Trudeau needs to be arrested for all crimes he has committed against Canadians
    My fave is when the Turd showed up in Europe and he was told by EU leaders to spare them his presence and he was called “A DICTATOR OF THE WORST KIND”
    When he got up for his speech almost everyone got up and left the room.


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