Arabic Writing On Canadian Police Cars Anger American Tourists

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Police in London, Ont., are being forced to defend decals on patrol cars that have the word “police” written in Arabic, which is the one that has angered some locals, as well as American tourists.

A social media post about Arabic writing on patrol car has resulted in many angry phone calls from Americans upset over the apparent “Islamization of Canada.” The post was picked up by a conservative American blog site that also published the phone number for London police.

“Headquarters has been getting calls like crazy,” Const. Sandasha Bough said. “Some of them are being patched up to me and people are just screaming at me.”
Ah, the strength of diversity in action. Anger, frustration, resentment as tangible signs appear in Canada regarding the entrenchment of Islam into society. Americans values are different than those of the general Canadian population. Americans are patriots. They care about the retention of their identity. They take pride in themselves and their nation.
Not all, of course. And conversely, there are millions of patriotic Canucks. Yet, in terms of overall dedication to country, Americans surpass our population by light years. Why? Because in Canada, our citizenship is taught to HATE OUR HERITAGE.
 This is Justin Trudeau, and his  Liberal-Globalist agenda. It is our academic world, as well as mainstream media. The result after decades of liberal self-hating indoctrination–rooted in multiculturalism—  ours is a nation with  a weak sense of identity, little patriotism, and a belief that nationalism is an evil force.
Now let us put forth a CAP-style question: Is this social development a natural, organic development, or is it calculated and pre-meditated?  No surprise–we choose the latter.  The weakening of our collective identity and branding of our history as one of malevolence toward all non-Anglophone is designed to loosen our grip on society in preparation for a new Canada.
 Unfortunately for some, English Canada and its peoples are not part of the post-modern rebirth Justin Trudeau advocates for our future. Nor is the Christian faith. In this capacity, a covert war is being waged within society.
Perhaps, a chance exists to throw off this ideological yoke choking millions of innocent Canadians. The first step, of course, is to rid our government of Justin Trudeau. No other Trudeau family members should be permitted to enter federal or provincial politics ever again.

14 thoughts on “Arabic Writing On Canadian Police Cars Anger American Tourists”

    • Yes we will. Darn good point. We will also measure the effectiveness of media distortions on behalf of the bastard on.

  1. I am a proud ” Canadian ” and if trudeau does not like it well to bad for him. this is the same clown who tells the New York Times that ” Canadians have no core values ” which tells me that he has no grasp of the history of this country as it is vast and wide, colourful and a very proud history in all respects. As to immigrants coming to Canada, I take no issue with that at all as long as the boy does it correctly and not like hes been doing. If any one in this country has caused division it is him with his policies and how he does things, to many in this country its not acceptable.

  2. I am glad America in now goverened by a man With no Political Favors to hand out.
    D. J. Trump owes loyalty only to the American People. Even the Idiots that voted for “The (Democratic) Witch”, “Billy Bob” Jefferson Clinton’s Wife, Hillary .. .
    Welcome to 2020 Democrats.

  3. You are right there are many more previous immigrant nationalities that weren’t catered to like Islamics are. Not fair. Nothing to do with racism, just fairness


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