“Appalling, Terrible” Says Former CBC Executive Regarding Canadian Media

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The “state of Canadian journalism is terrible,” a former CBC executive testified at a Commons heritage committee this month. Legacy media are “memories of what they used to be” despite federal subsidies, MPs were told.

Despite federal subsidies? Common sense Canadians have to wonder. Has the downfall of quality media reporting in our country occurred in spite of Liberal government grants? Or rather, could media degeneration in Canada be the result of the subsidies? It should be no surprise that CAP go with the latter.

Former CBC News executive Sue Gardner was questioned this week before a House of Commons committee regarding her attitude toward mainstream Canadian media. 

“I’d like to ask you about the state of journalism in this country as you see it,” asked MP Kevin Waugh (CPC-Saskatoon-Grasswood, SK).

“It’s appalling,” replied Gardner. “It’s terrible. I don’t think anyone is arguing differently.” 

If truth be told(it won’t be), a fundamental reason for legacy media’s conversion to a socialist propaganda unit would be well understood. Simply put, Trudeau has “purchased” media for his personal benefit.

What transpired is to a large degree a closely-guarded secret. Trudeau’s Liberal have taken a page from media in China, bringing the press on board to obscure Canada’s slide from democracy to neo-dictatorship.

Has anyone else noticed a simple fact? No matter what Trudeau does, he remains a contender in the polls. No matter the damage to the economy, family debt, taxation and inflation, Trudeau remains infallible.

Somehow, this aberration of a prime minister transcends all scandal to emerge unscathed. The dynamic is directly cut from the cloth of the world of historical dictators.

“I was a journalist in Canada for ten years working in radio, television and online,” said Sue Gardner, visiting professor at McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy.

“I used to run CBC.ca. I had lived outside Canada for 11 years and I returned about a year and a half ago,” said Gardner, who left Canadian Broadcasting Corporation management in 2007. The Globe & Mail is a brochure now. The institutions are hollowed out versions of their former selves.” 

Why is this? Media are funded by government; they won’t go there. Even some alternate media types will not broach the subject. But CAP will, like this:

The decay of quality journalism is intentional. CBC is today a state-controlled  propaganda unit focused on increasing market share by growing their new arrival 3rd World viewership numbers.

It’s the reason they are all-over Ramadan celebrations and Pride Parades. As for Old Stock citizens of the non-snowflake variety, it is a shrinking market. Not only for media viewers, but for Canada’s Anglo-European communities, which over the coming decades will be dwarfed by 3rd World intake.

Internet Censorship Bill C-18 “threatens the efficiency of news retrieval on the internet and the ability of Canadians to access news content,” testified Philip Palmer, president of the Internet Society Canada Chapter.

Sensible citizens know what this means–it is certain to be implemented by the Trudeau government.

What a wicked game this Trudeau person plays. After ruining  media, the Liberals intend to decimate the internet for Canadian citizens. Seems everything our communist PM touches eventually becomes tainted with neo-socialism.

“Department of Canadian Heritage data show CBC.ca as the largest free news website in Canada would be the biggest beneficiary of Bill C-18.”

Oh, my goodness. What a shock this is. How much more can Canadians stand of self-serving smugness of Trudeau and his quazi-communist Liberal Cabinet?

The answer, unfortunately, is more– much more. Pourquoi? Because as patriotic citizens, we have no vehicle to fight back? Let us name one instance when public opinion came to overrule federal government policy.

It never happens. As such, Tem Trudeau has a stranglehold on Canadian society. Much of it due to media manipulation from the PMO. It all sounds, well, so very authoritarian. Which is exactly where Canada is headed as long as Justin Trudeau remains prime minister.

“Independent publishers have criticized Bill C-18 as another federal subsidy for money-losing corporate media.”

Independent media can cry till the cows come home on an Alberta Beef farm. Nothing will change. Call us nihilistic, but we believe alternate media in Canada will be lucky to survive intact. The Liberal want them gone, and it could well happen. Of course, the same could be said regarding Cultural Action Party.

As with communist governments of history, Canada’s transition to an authoritarian state is rolled-out in piecemeal fashion. Too much all at once will alarm the general public. Therefore, the conversion moves forward incrementally.

If Trudeau didn’t own establishment media, perhaps one of them would tell us what is really going on. As a former journalist, CBC executive Sue Gardner is doing just that.

Her message will never penetrate the mainstream. Canada’s conversion from democracy to dictatorship continues unabated.

10 thoughts on ““Appalling, Terrible” Says Former CBC Executive Regarding Canadian Media”

  1. Turdope and his queen; the sneering; insufferable Communist Broadcasting Corporation’s corpulent Rosemary Fart-on. (Barton.) At least China has fierce; formidable armed forces. Turdo won’t copy that part of China. “Limpness is our strength!” Emasculation; fantasy; rainbows and “pride” parades all around. The (late) American presidential candidate Ross Perot once said that the “giant sucking sound” you hear is jobs going to Mexico. (On the eve of NAFTA.) The giant sucking sound now heard in “Canada” is Trudopia being unilaterally sucked into complete domination by China. The constant creaking sound is Xi’s boy Justeen bending over and grasping his ankles.

  2. Where is our Canadian Military that has sworn to protect this nation from enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC ? ! Trudeau and the NDP are traitors!

    • Hate to break it to you Doug you seem to have got our Oath confused for the US Military general Oath.

      Canadian Oath of Military Enrolment


      (1) An officer or non-commissioned member who is a Canadian citizen or a British subject shall, on enrolment, take the following oath or solemn affirmation:

      “I ……… (full name), do swear (or for a solemn affirmation, “solemnly affirm”) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her heirs and successors according to law. (So help me God.)”

      The words “So help me God” shall be omitted if a solemn affirmation is taken.

      (2) An officer or non-commissioned member who is not a Canadian citizen or a British subject shall, on enrolment, take the following oath or solemn affirmation:

      “I ……… (full name), do swear (or for a solemn affirmation, “solemnly affirm”) that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her heirs and successors according to law, in the Canadian Forces until lawfully released, that I will resist Her Majesty’s enemies and cause Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and maintained and that I will, in all matters pertaining to my service, faithfully discharge my duty. (So help me God.)”

      The words “So help me God” shall be omitted if a solemn affirmation is taken.

  3. They are a disgrace to journalism.
    Have not watched them for years..and have no plans to ever watch them again.
    Delegated my CBC and CTV apps.

  4. The CBC is an indoctrination mechanism used by Trudeau to spread the Liberal Gospel to every Liberal imported Immigrant. Promoting Division throughout the country within every special interest group willing to sacrifice their freedoms! The ignorance amongst Canadians is growing bit by bit as long as the Liberals remain in Ottawa! Yes, it has been stated time and again “Wake up Canada before it’s too late”!


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