Anti-White Political Agenda Thriving In Canadian Public Schools

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Former Waterloo Police officer and School Board trustee Mike Ramsay been labelled a “white supremacist.” 

Ramsay, an African-Canadian, is a former friend of now-deceased Waterloo School Principal Richard Blinkzso. Media reports claim that his recent suicide was at least in part motivated by humiliation at the hands of Waterloo Public School Board trustees.

“They don’t want the races getting along,” said Ramsay of the woke WDSB educational agenda.

A nasty piece of work named Kike Ojo-Thompson is leading the charge to advance anti-caucasian sentiment throughout the Toronto District School Board’s plethora of public schools in Ontario.

According to Mr. Bilkzsto’s court claim,  the former school principal “was targeted by the KOJO Institute director Kike Ojo-Thompson  as a white supremacist and a ‘weed.’ Not one of his peers rose to his defense.”

According to True North News, the Kojo Institute has received over one million dollars in federal and provincial government grants.

Translation: The Liberal government of Canada are supporting racism against white Canadians. Turns out that race-baiter Kike Ojo Thompson is far from the only woke warrior targeting an identifiable Canadian community.

“Colleen Russel-Rawlins came to the TDSB in 2021 from the Peel District School Board, where sources say during her one year as interim director, she permitted black activists with the Peel Black Lives Matter movement and ‘anti-oppression’ consultant Kike Ojo-Thompson to call the shots with their toxic anti-white agenda.”

As supported and funded by the federal Liberals, along with Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

For anyone interested in supporting institutionalized racism against Anglophone-Canadians, it’s a windfall of the highest order. A short list of those who raised their hands in favour of such a thing:

Justin Trudeau, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, Premier Doug Ford, Canadian academia, mainstream media, in addition to Canada’s corporate business world. Add it together, place in blender, mix, and pour into a tall glass.

Any patriots want to drink from the cup of systemic racism against white Canadians? Is this not the exact form of racism that PM Justin Trudeau once stated exists toward Canada’s so-called “minority” communities?

CAP reach for a primary bugaboo: what is going to happen when Anglophones transition to a minority community in Canada? It’s coming our way. Call us pessimistic, but the idea that whites will one day become privy to minority rights enjoyed by the “racialized” is nothing more than a distant dream. It will never happen.

In this dynamic we come to understand the program of the woke generals controlling the militant TDSB agenda. For those who believe that social equality is the goal, we has a bridge to sell you in North Vancouver called the Lion’s Gate.

Make no mistake, the goal can be simplified down to a single word: vengeance– as in, revenge for historical wrongs that present-day Canadians are in no way  responsible for.

“The terror is so profound, say a series of principals who wish to remain anonymous out of concern for their jobs, they are often left frozen in fear that they might be called out for some unsubstantiated act of racism or microaggression.”

Students of history may recall a run of 20th century authoritarian governance which permeated European society throughout the period of World War 2.

Deviate from government ideology, and one could find themselves behind bars in a flash. Within totalitarian societies, what a citizen says in public could make the difference between life and death.

The Toronto District School Board may not be sending anti-woke teachers to the gallows yet, but their race ideology sounds not unlike an inversion of fascist sentiment espoused by totalitarian governments of the 20th century.

Justin Trudeau doesn’t care. In fact, Cultural Action Party brand our PM as our nation’s leading advocate of race-conflict, as well as King(or more appropriately, Queen) of social chaos creation in Canada.

Four TDSB principals paint a picture of a “board culture where gaslighting is common; incestuousness is rampant, hiring and promotional activity is based on skin color and adherence to the woke mandate and white principals are left hung out to dry.” 

Sound like a gang of government-supported reverse racists to you? The Liberals are fine with it, and even donate money for the purpose of humiliating members of Canada’s Anglo-European communities.

If this is “sunny ways,” then Osama bin Laden was a harmless school boy.

We stand aghast upon recognition that Canadian education has adopted an agenda of anti-Anglophone bigotry. In 2023, prejudice toward light-skinned Canadians has become a de facto standard within public education institutions.

Has Canada been successfully converted to the first western democracy in which anti-white racism is perfectly acceptable according to our controlling institutions?

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  1. type in google “what is loosh” and all the problems of the world will start to make sense.

    everyone’s got to suffer in this world, permanent happiness doesn’t exist, its not possible.

    this isn’t to say that i am coping with this diseased mentality, but i am saying that… what else do you think would happen?

    if you aren’t feeling negative, in one way or another, you will be targeted, regardless of identity, regardless of country… as long as you live in this material world, you will suffer.


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