Anti-Transgender Parents Movement Protests “Drag Queen Story Hour”

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A group of mothers and their allies have taken to the streets to show their opposition to “Drag Queen Story Hour.”  500 Mom Strong and its male allies rallied outside the Spokane South Hill Public Library on Saturday, June 15.

500 Mom Strong is a group founded over Facebook by Anna Bohach, a woman who believes that library drag queen events are both misogynist and attempts to sexualize children.

500 Mom Strong is a group of women who have had enough with the sexualization of our children and the mockery of our femininity,” she wrote.

Cultural Action Party of Canada agree with the Moms. For the past five years, CAP has worked to expose the injustice of the “Transexual For Children” movement. Working with groups such as Culture Guard, an anti-SOGI activist group founded by Kari Simpson, CAP advocate for a MINIMUM AGE for sex change therapy and operations in Canada.

Establishment media REFUSE to expose the reality of the transgender industry. Therefore, we must use alternative and social media to inform the public of the insidious world of sex change for children.

The transgender industry is tearing Canadian families apart. Once indoctrinated through programs like “Drag Queen Story Hour,” children have returned home to inform their parents they want to change their sex. This throws many families into turmoil, as parents are skeptical, or reject the idea outright.

Soon after 500 Mom Strong went live on Facebook, it was inundated with misogynist and sexually explicit abuse from drag queens and their supporters. Bohach told LifeSiteNews by phone that the abuse has continued.

“We’re getting death threats daily,” she said. “They threatened to rape my husband.”

Ah, yes– the “inclusive” world of LGBT politics. Feeling warm and fuzzy all over? Not quite. The trans-lobby are the most sanctimonious political movement in modern history. They rattle on about inclusiveness, yet if a person dares to question their lunacy, they are 100% excluded, rejected, and demonized.

So these people feel they have the right  to influence the sexual identity of a 12 year-old child. With no qualifications other than ranting and raving in the streets, the trans-pushers advocate penis-removal for male school children. These people do not know the child, or his parents. With no formal training in medicine, psychiatry or psychology, TOTAL STRANGERS believe they have the right  to influence parental decision making within a private home.

Exactly WHO do these folks think they are? Are these people trying to convince us there is NO DOWNSIDE to transgenderism? This would be the CRIME OF THE CENTURY.  Thousands of stories regarding “transgender regret” have been reported. Children as young as 8 YEARS OF AGE have been traumatized by the transgender-pushers.

Currently in Canada,  a human rights complaint has been filed by Pamela and Jason Buffone on behalf of their daughter, “N,” against the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board for discrimination on the basis of gender and gender identity in contravention of the Human Rights Code. “N” happens to be SIX YEARS OLD.

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In a separate case,  parents  took their son to see a psychologist regarding trauma experienced by way of transgender-pushing. When she was told the NAME of the school and teacher, the therapist exclaimed, “You are the SEVENTH SET OF PARENTS from that class who have come to me with this problem!”

This, folks, is the REAL WORLD of sex change for children. It is LIGHT YEARS away from what establishment media are telling us. Did you know? The drugs used in hormone therapy are NOT APPROVED by the FDA for sex change therapy–they are approved only for CANCER treatment.

Finally, sensible parents are getting wise to the agenda. Big Pharma is making BILLIONS of dollars from the transgender craze currently enveloping western society. Speaking of the FDA,  they have received 24,000 reports of adverse reactions to the hormone therapy drug Lupron,  about half of which the agency has deemed serious. Sound like a tiptoe-through-the-tulips to you?

Why haven’t media reported this element of the transgender equation? Could it be because BIG PHARMA spend BILLIONS on advertising in mainstream American and Canadian media publications?

CAP predict the downfall of the trans-for-children lobby will eventually occur. As it happens, the transgender mongers have BURIED themselves within the LGBT movement. This has to change. There is a world of difference between consenting adult sexual behaviour, and removing the private parts of Canadian children.

Yet, of course, the trans-fanatics include sex change for children under the larger umbrella of the LGBT movement. This is INTENTIONAL, and must stop. Transgender surgery and related hormone therapy is not homosexuality–it is CHILD ABUSE.

FInally, parents  are waking up to the sad reality of the LGBT industries push to muzzle the parents of young children who have fallen for LGBT propaganda. Get Drag Queen Story Hour out of our public school system–after all, your child could be industry’s next victim

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  1. Look up “Cradle-to-Grave Intimacy in the September 7, 1981 issue of Time Magazine. It will give you an understanding of why children are being targeted.


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