Anti-Transgender For Youth Movement Gains Momentum In Canada

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Time was when media in Canada delivered news to the people of our country. That was then, this is now. Today, media are at war with the people of our country. No element of press presentation embodies this transition more than the rise of LGBT politics.

“The confrontation came after social media posts indicated far-right figure Josh Alexander would be appearing outside Western Canada High School to peacefully oppose what he calls threats to students posed by their transgender classmates.”

16-year old Josh Alexander is hardly a far-right figure. Expelled from school for standing up to LGBT indoctrination, young Alexander is more of a victim than the trans-pushers ever could be.

One must understand the way the trans-crowd roll. Every piece of push-back against the ideology constitutes an “act of hate.” There is no middle ground in LGBT-land. It’s why CAP coined a term for these types: “Pink Fascists.”

On Canada’s west coast, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has granted the provincial government an injunction to stop persistent demonstrators’ months-long display of “hateful, anti-trans and COVID-19 denial signs on a North Vancouver highway overpass.”

One sign said ‘no child is ever born in the wrong body,’ and another said ‘protect our kids from big pharma greed.’ Immediately, these statements are branded as hate:

“City of North Vancouver Mayor Linda Buchanan called the signs hateful, derogatory and false and said hate has no place in the city in a late April tweet.”

By any standard, these statements are devoid of hate. Consult the Criminal Code, and one will see the truth in this. LGBT-pushers couldn’t give a damn.

“These messages go against who we are as a community. I stand in solidarity with LGBTQ2SAI+ people on the North Shore and beyond,” said the Mayor.

How tedious these types are. The degree of victimhood inherent in the movement is a sight to behold.  With no flexibility in thinking, transgenderism has transitioned to a post-modern fundamentalist religion. Rather than Christ, Allah or Vishnu, their saviour is Justin Trudeau.

“Trans women are women,” says Trudeau. As paid salary people, media back the LGBT movement to the max.  None more so than the CBC, who receive $1.2 million dollars each year from government.

“The [anti-SOGI]organization is  run by a number of individuals who lead or are aligned with organizations that support the 2022 Convoy Protests and deny the efficacy of vaccines against COVID-19 or the existence of the pandemic as a whole.”

Hot damn– these people are a twisted bunch. Conflating the protestors with Covid denialists is a blatant smear job against those exercising their democratic rights.

Canadian media hate that kind of thing, and they hate those who hate the trans movement. Still, it appears the parents are refusing to back down:

More than 400 pupils at one of London’s largest elementary schools – about one-third of the entire headcount – stayed home Wednesday, on a day when the rainbow flag flew across the school district as the area public board saluted International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.”

Translation: Parents and children are sick and tired of the woke whining. Deep down, common sense Canadians the madness. You can dress it up in pink, but one fact remains:

Trans ideology is being pushed on pre-pubescent Canadian children. Devoid of sexual awareness, students in this category should not be subject to “education” which they cannot comprehend. Are these schools teaching theoretical physics to 8-year olds? Why not? Because they couldn’t comprehend the lessons.

No sexual maturity– no trans-preaching. The woke warriors couldn’t give a care. Meaning that, at a base level, trans-ideology for youth is not education– it’s propaganda.

Woke or go broke Toronto Star offer their take on the topic:

“The provincial government[New Brunswick] has said it is reviewing the policy because it received hundreds of concerns from a variety of groups, including parents and teachers.”

In response, an LGBT activists is quoted as saying “a loud minority will use that platform to attack vulnerable kids and make them feel scared and ashamed of who they are.”

What a hysterical rant. The goal of parents is to remove trans-propaganda from school curricula in the province. There is no “attack,” or goal of making students “feel scared and ashamed.”

Talk about rampant victimhood. No wonder parents are fed up with these people.

Canadians would be even more fed up if they understood the socio-political roots of LGBT.  For one thing, it’s more about money than it is about sex. No one is more aware of this than Big Pharma and the money-people making a fortune from rainbow flag products, et al.

Beyond this, the movement is political in nature. An outgrowth of Marxist ideology, gender identity has been planted within western society for a specific purpose. In a way, it’s not a new story– communist governments have been specializing in the “divide and conquer” strategy for the past two centuries.

Within the tenets of communist theory, a cohesive and united population is anathema. For the purpose of social revolution, citizens must be divided from each other.

Historically, the main ingredient to do so includes cultivation of racial conflict. Do tell, fellow patriots: has the placement of Justin Trudeau on the throne of Canada not coincided with the rise of racism to the number one social issue of our times?

Of course it has. Not content with this piece of the communist puzzle, “gender identity” has been injected into the mix. We stand witness as community division goes on steroids.

“Everyone should be able to be who they are and love who they love, free from discrimination and hate… But people from the 2SLGBTQI+ community, particularly transgender people, are still facing a crisis of targeted violence in Canada and across the globe.”

So says our PM, Canadian representative for the globalist seduction of western nations. But Justin, no one is saying that Canadians “cannot be who they are and love who they love.”

Go ahead and do it, but kindly keep it to yourself. Sexuality is a private matter. Once it becomes politicized, it’s a whole other ball game. Government, Media, Academia– none of these have even once alluded to this element of the equation.

CAP lay the methodology on the line: first, create the problem through incessant promotion. Next, claim to fight against those who stand in opposition–  a standard practice when cultivating social chaos.

In China, government holds jurisdiction over the family unit, including children. Is this not what has occurred within the annals of public school education in Canada in terms of LGBT indoctrination?

Damn straight it is. Media say nothing. Now, parents are standing up against transgender indoctrination. Good on them, they have every right to do so.

That is, until the point at which their rights are taken away. Give Justin Trudeau a few more years in office, and he’ll get the job done.

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