Anti-China Public Opinion Explodes Under Justin Trudeau

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“Almost 80 per cent of Canadians have a negative view of China, according to a new report from Pew Research,  an increase of five percentage points from last year’s record high.”

“Only five years ago, less than half – 45 per cent – of respondents said they felt unfavourably toward Beijing.

Upon which long-term CAP readers will anticipate our response: it’s all PM Justin Trudeau’s fault.

A simplistic conclusion to be sure. Yet, there remains a fundamental truth in the idea that of out a 40-million person Canadian population, Mr. Trudeau is most responsible for the growth public animosity toward China.

The list of reasons why could fill the pages of Leo Tolstoy’s “War And Peace.” Conversely, negative positioning by mainstream media in Canada would only fit the Coles Notes version.

To be fair, Mr. Trudeau has been targeted in terms of dedication to China. Yet, if one circumstance can serve as a microcosm, we choose the Chinese Election interference scandal.

Appointing “good family friend” and Liberal Party patsy David Johnson was the first move in a planned dissipation of the impact of the political impropriety.

Johnson wasn’t appointed to investigate the damaging evidence. His purpose was to dilute the emotional impact of the development.

In truth, it’s not exactly a post-modern phenomenon. When an emotionally-charged negative issue reaches the consciousness of general society, the goal is to defer and dissipate negative emotions of the voting public.

David Johnson’s involvement was nothing more than a delay tactic. If one cares to notice, much of the energy surrounding the alleged interference has dissipated. There’s not much media talk about further steps.

Forget and forgive? Team Trudeau certainly hope so. After all, it worked for them regarding China’s Covid 19 dissemination within Canadian society.

July 26th, 2023: ‘Feds No Longer Completely Dismiss China’s Covid-19 Role As Conspiracies Theory’

Right– they no longer dismiss— now that enough time has passed for the social disaster that was the Covid pandemic to lose it’s resonance within society.

Recognition of media’s deferral tactic toward China’s interference in Canada should be understood by all of us. Due to combined government-media machinations, it isn’t happening.

Justin Trudeau is the government of China’s “baby-boy” in the PMO. He protects their commie butts in Canada, and is rewarded with a reasonable facsimile of communist dictator status, China-style.

Canadians have had their fill of the madness:

“Only 14 per cent of Canadians said they had a favourable view of China, while 79 per cent said the opposite.”

Enough. The people have spoken. We live in a democratic country, and within such a political structure, will of the majority rules.

As if. What creates a  foundation for democratic governance is today a distant dream. Justin Trudeau couldn’t give a flying fig what the majority want for our country.

Government decide, and the public can stand on their head and spit nickels for all their opinion matters. That’s the way it is in China, and thanks to the Trudeau family of Quebec, it is today Canada’s political reality.

Looking to the United States, the report tells us that “half of Americans named China as the greatest threat to their country – almost three times the number – 17 per cent – who cited Russia as an adversary.”

Justin Trudeau says the exact opposite, that Russia is the enemy, while China is “essential for economic growth and stability.”

The very same Trudeau who in 2016 approved a $6.8 million contract to a state-owned Chinese company to supply security equipment for 170 Canadian embassies  around the world.

The same Trudeau who, upon election “victory” in 2015, immediately set out to create a Canada-China Free Trade agreement.

The Trudeau who, upon election, dumped Canada’s entire gold reserve, shuffling off the lion’s share to– guess who– the communist Chinese government.

He’s their patsy, to be sure. The people of Canada want none of it. Due to a covert relationship dating back to the days of Pierre Trudeau, Canadians are receiving all of it.

Justin Trudeau has gone and divorced democracy from Canadian society, while at the same time paying legacy media to obfuscate the facts.

For as long as a Liberal government control our national destiny, China will be behind the scenes pulling the strings of democratic degeneration.

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  1. fear china.
    fear russia.
    fear iran.

    fear islam.
    fear the tribe of israel (which you never bring up in your blog)
    fear africa
    fear latin america (you don’t cover this one either very much)
    fear india
    fear south east asia

    oh no, anyone who doesn’t look like me is oppressing my beautiful town of christian anglophone gated community

    fear fear fear

    fear quebec, the french (even though the french came to canada before the english)

    embrace christian america but fear liberalism

    “why don’t you go post elsewhere, no one is forcing you to read this blog”

    no one is forcing you to care about the rest of the world coming here and posting news about it

    “this is MY country!”

    no… “our home and NATIVE land”

    its not yours, until you give it back to natives, EVERYONE else is welcome

    figure it out buttercup


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