Anti-Anglophone Prejudice Now A Standard In Canadian Education

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“(I) would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we gather is located in the unceded territory of Syilx Okanagan peoples,” states the preamble accompanying a move to recognise black Canadian identity at University of British Columbia.

CAP wonder why these people must beat around the bush. Why not step out and simply declare that the Canadian educational institution sits on stolen land? Followed by a proclamation of who stole the land.

They never do it. Cowardly types never do. What remains under the campus covers is tangible distaste for all-things related to Anglophone Canada. The meeting hasn’t even begun yet, and already academia are attacking white Canadians.

So much so that the phenomenon is today institutionalized from coast-to-coast in our country. Dalhousie University in Halifax. University of Victoria on Canada’s west coast, and everywhere in-between.

Within PM Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” society, a citizen can’t audit a class without being bombarded by the woke rhetorical hatred. Is it reasonable to state that the Canadian education system– meaning the entire structure– is anti-white in orientation? CAP believe it to be absolute reality.

‘Ontario University Reintroduces Segregation By Banning White People From Study Hall’

“We know BIPOC students are historically underrepresented in academic spaces in general and had less opportunities in terms of getting to university,” said Brock University curriculum development specialist Ashley Grover in a blog post.

“Feeling welcomed and supported academically in the study hall and throughout the University is just one of the ways we are trying to address that.”

So, in order to make students of colour feel warm and fuzzy, academics are free to ban meeting attendees because they have white skin. The motion is accepted throughout academia, as well as being tacitly endorsed by the Trudeau government, the CBC, and corporate media.

From an objective point-of-view, these action are racist. Within the woke bubble world, it’s fully kosher. Hypocrisy drips from the brows of so-called intellectuals who, when you think about it, can be incredibly stupid individuals.

Have they learned nothing from history? What was it that Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to again, and was shot dead for doing so? The so-called “educated” couldn’t give a damn– they’re in the process of erasing history as we speak.

The pummeling of white Canadians, particularly of the male variety, becomes a social standard. Seeing as the phenomenon remains unspoken-of within institutional Canada, the source of the scourge is hidden from the purview of the Canadian people.

No surprise that Cultural Action Party has a theory on this. Nor will it be surprise that we attribute much of the situation to communist China, like this:

In 1971, founder of anti-Anglophone multiculturalism Pierre Trudeau met with Chairman Mao Tse Tung in Beijing. What followed was, among other nefarious developments, a rush of Chinese students, money and ideology into the halls of Canadian academia.

Thus, the beginning of our educational systems transition to anti-Canadian, anti-white, and anti-Christian institutions. Let the self-hatred games begin. After all, the government of China may destroy millions of lives through communist revolution, but there is one thing they cannot be accused of: Colonialism.

Over the decades came the saturation of educational minds with the idea that Anglophones and white Canadians stole the land, and therefore must pay the price by having it stolen back.

One salient point is forever omitted: the fact that if this is the case, contemporary Canadians are in no way responsible. Why take your hatred out on us? Most white Canadians are what can be termed “baby boomers”– those born in post-World War 2 Canada.

The edu-warriors don’t give a damn. They want their white-pound-of-flesh, and within our current social environment, there wish is government’s command.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says while it’s uncomfortable to admit and challenging to identify, there is systemic racism in all systems that govern the country.”

In order to remedy these ideas, PM Trudeau is endorsing systemic racism against Anglophone- Canadians.

Truly, it’s everywhere within our society. CBC refuse to hire whites based on skin colour. Corporations hire executives based on ethnicity, as opposed to competency. Holy Cow– the CBC even has a quota to ensure a minimum percentage of guests are racialized Canadians.

“In December 2022, the Government of Canada announced up to $5.8 million in renewed funding through 2025 for 10 projects supported under the Racialized Newcomer Women Pilot.”

At one time or another, everyone needs a helping hand. This isn’t a crime. Rather, it’s the unspoken element that rattles CAP’s cage. “Old Stock” Canadians— white, Christian, Anglo-European– are the silent people of Canada.

No one mentions them. Not CTV, not Globe & Mail. Mainstream media speak not of them. Allusions to the collective sins of these communities are rampant, but never do the accusors come out and state it in plain English.

It is here where the fear factor enters the political picture. In every historical case of community marginalization, the accused sit in silence. No one speaks of them in government or media. Today, in 2023, no one speaks of white Canada. Certainly not Justin Trudeau, who has spent nearly eight years as prime minister, and has not once uttered the words “Anglophone” or “English Canada.”

A silent people is a forgotten people. Enter immigration policy, which will within 30 years transition Anglophones to a minority community. Will educational alienation still exist when we transfer to a minority?

A giant question it is. No wonder legacy media never speak of the future of Canadian society. For whitey, it looks incredibly grim.

We begin to tune into Justin Trudeau’s proclamation that Canada is a post-modern country. He’s right in one regard– our nation is certainly “post-something.”

What can it be? Or, more ominously, what will it be? Media say nothing, so CAP will take a shot at predicting the future of Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

Our nation will undergo a complete social inversion, whereby Anglophones transfer to second class citizenship, to be replaced by Justin Trudeau’s preferred racialized Canadians.

“The University of Toronto engaged in segregation in September by allowing marginalized communities to enter its job fair earlier than the start time.”

Translation: Whites to the back of the bus, s’il vous plait.

“Early entry into the Career Fair begins at 1 p.m. for indigenous students, black students, racialized students, students who identify as 2SLGBTQ+ students, students with disabilities, and any student who would be able to participate more fully and effectively with fewer sensory distractions,” said U of T. 

“Look over there, Ms. Woke– I thought I spotted a Sensory Distraction. You know, one of those people with white skin, that kind of thing.”

The big-payback continues to roll. The woke warriors claim their movement is all about an achievement of social equality. CAP say bollocks to this. What the movement is really about is summarized with a single word: Vengeance.

At the top of the reverse-racist totem pole sits the Trudeau government, followed by media and Canada’s academic world.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Anglophone Prejudice Now A Standard In Canadian Education”

  1. Einstein always appears w/ equations in the background. Doesn’t he remember that math is racist? What a schmuck.

  2. “(I) would like to begin by acknowledging that the land on which we gather is located in the unceded territory of Syilx Okanagan peoples,” states the preamble accompanying a move to recognise black Canadian identity at University of British Columbia.” Compulsory retaliatory whippings will take place following the meeting.

    (“Sensory Distractions.”) Lol. Good one. Wonder how many nights some self-loathing SJW lay awake cooking up that howler? I didn’t realize Canada had so many people w/ delusional disorder.

  3. Addendum: The self-loathing Whites betray–and vilify–their own countrymen. In tandem; The self-anointed King of Canada betrays-and denigrates–his country. Truly monstrous to behold; the first orchestrated national suicide in history. We know what happened to the goose that laid the golden egg. Generally speaking; (I’m not tarring everyone w/ the same brush)–Who will pay for the “free lunch” once we’re gone? This once prosperous; innovative; industrious country will eventually take its place among the worlds’ “garbage mountains.”

  4. There were about 150.000 Indigenous people living in Canada when the white man came here those people did not own the whole Country hello they would not have know what was 400 miles away. I do agree that they were robbed of a good chunk of land but too say all of Canada does not compute. Even at 42.000.000 we have barely put a dent in this Country so everyone stop the Racist crap and live with your fellow Man.


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