Anti-Anglophone Prejudice BECOMES SYSTEMIC In Justin Trudeau’s Canada

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“White people need to show up to conversations about race and be prepared to listen without centring their own experiences,” said Natasha Tony on CBC’s On The Coast. 

In other words–hey whitey–sit down, shut up and listen as your communities are branded racist, bigoted and xenophobic.

How These Anglo-haters Roll:

A white police officer kills a black man in America. A terrible incident indeed, but should this be serving as a catalyst for white Canada to be thrown in a garbage can?

Check out the rhetoric– “listen white boy, your type has been lording over western society for centuries.” In return, the “multicultural” reverse racists have a right to treat our people like trash, push us around, and dump our dignity overboard like so much shark-bait.

Sick, isn’t it? Yet,  Canadian of European Heritage must be very clear on this point: Our people are under attack, and this may get much more extreme over time.

Interesting that the leader of the anti- Anglophone era in Canadian history also happens to be the prime minister of Canada. Meet PM Justin Trudeau, non-Anglophone globalist saviour of the 3rd World.

Got a country of the world which needs some “tender loving care?” Justin is there with bells on. Got a diaspora 3rd World community which desires social and political advancement within Canadian society? Go see Justin–he will set up your empowerment right quick.

As for the millions of Canadians of European heritage--please walk in line toward your destiny as the nemesis community of Canada. Justin Trudeau, Globe & Mail, CBC, MP Ahmed Hussen, National Post, McGill University and U of T declare your communities to be racist haters of all non-white peoples in Canada.

Who knows, this could be very useful stuff. Think about it, fellow patriots– if this social prison Trudeau has placed us in continues indefinitely, Canada will go through a complete societal inversion.

The former “masters” will trans-ition to the current “slaves.” Perhaps not literally, but in terms of social standing, status, power and persuasion within a dying “Great White North.”

PM Trudeau desperately wants this–as does hundreds of not-for-profit “multicultural” organizations in Canada. This is the deepest dream of Cabinet Member MP Ahmed Hussen.

Our entire university system will be thrilled. CBC, as well as corporate Canadian media, will have achieved the goal given to them by the Trudeau government.

Cover-up the hypocrisy, reverse-racism and malevolency our ruling government are perpetrating upon Canadians of European heritage.  Truly, it is “pay-back” time. The Liberal-Globalist-3rd World government are gunning for the “pound of flesh” as white Canada takes a giant fall.

“It is about listening and not centring yourself in the conversation where you say, ‘oh, that’s never happened to me,’ or ‘I’ve never seen that happen so I don’t think it could be that bad,'” she said.

“Admit that you don’t understand.”

But Ms. Thang, we haven’t even had a conversation yet.  If you have never spoken first-hand to the people you attack, how can you presume not a single one them understands the nature of racism? What about white Jewish Canadians?

Surely there is at least one example of non-white on white prejudice within Canada. For evidence, drop by a local mosque for the IMAM’s sermon, and you may well find your answer.

In the meantime, witness as the writer stereotypes white Canadians in the same fashion in which they claim whitey stereotypes them.

READ MORE: Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen Brands ANGLOPHONE-CANADA RACIST After George Floyd Incident

It’s all so insane as Canada morphs into the true meaning of PM Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canadian identity. What is truly post-modern is that the country of Canada is an anti-Anglophone, anti-European Canadian nation.

CAP will add anti-Christian to the mix. Justin Trudeau has cultivated all of this during his 5-year run as “national leader.” He hates English Canada with a vengeance. This is inherited from the founder of reverse racist, anti-Anglophone “multicultural” policy–Pierre Trudeau.

It is this piece of legislation–in tandem with Pierre Trudeau’s enforcement of the Charter of Right and Freedoms, which has resulted in the railroading of white Canada into the premier nemesis community of 2020 Canada.

What CBC Will Never Tell You:

“Payback time” means that in return for the colonial founding of Canada, European-Canadians in 2020 deserve to have their country taken away from them.

This is why Justin Trudeau is prime minister. It is why Canada is today a “pseudo-socialist” nation. Much, much more of this is coming in the future. George Floyd could have been Floyd George from Georgia, and it would make no difference at all.

Gruesome murders of this nature have been around for centuries, and will exist for centuries more. Each time an “appropriate” incident occurs, our communities are driven further into the dirt.

It is truly a never-ending cycle. The end game would be obvious if Trudeau’s globalist puppet media expressed even an iota of truth on the matter.

Result? What CAP predicted during the first month that Justin Trudeau seized control  of the consciousness of Canada– Anglophone Canada have been trans-itioned to what CAP coined “Second Nations” Canada.

 Expect much more as government, media and Canadian academia continue their immutable game-plan:

The end of Canadian democracy, the demise of English Canada, and the transfer of European-Canadians to the “bottom of the post-modern barrel.”







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