Animal Farm Nation: Why George Orwell’s Ode To COMMUNISM Is Justin Trudeau’s Canada

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“Animal Farm is an allegorical novella by George Orwell, first published in England on 17 August 1945.”

“The book tells the story of a group of farm animals who rebel against their human farmer, hoping to create a society where the animals can be equal, free, and happy. Ultimately, however, the rebellion is betrayed, and the farm ends up in a state as bad as it was before, under the dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon.”

CAP Confession: Orwell’s Animal Farm “is” Cultural Action Party of Canada. Perhaps more than any other written work, our observations tell us that in a bizarre “coincidence,” this masterpiece of communist political metaphor describes contemporary Canada in a most frightening manner.

From utopian ideals to the replication of the old political guard is the way it rolls. First, the animals drive the oppressive farm owner off “Manor Farm.” It is re-named “Animal Farm” by the most intelligent farm members, the Pig community.

Over time, however, the idealism fades to black, and the ruling Pigs–Napoleon and Snowball, begin to assert more and more authority until the Pigs replace the farmer as “totalitarian” leaders, living a life of luxury which originally was out-lawed for all animals.

Napoleon is Justin Trudeau. For our purposes, this makes him a Pig. “He who the cap fits let him wear it.”

True or False: Justin Trudeau’s original “Sunny Ways” proclamation was an “idealist” utopian vision for Canada. Five years later, social chaos has permeated the land, just as occurs in Orwell’s novel.

Once the “champion of the people,” Mr. Trudeau in reality carved out an elitist, superior position for himself and his Liberal Cronies. Do what we say, not as we behave(Trudeau family all bunched together in Covid-19 era).

In the book, gradually life gets more and more draconian. Food becomes scarce(Safeway line-ups during Covid) as the Pigs trans-ition toward an exalted personal condition previously held by the Farm Owner. They begin to sleep in beds(outlawed), while drinking copious amounts of alcohol(also outlawed).

This is the state-of-the-nation in Justin Trudeau’s “past-modern” Canada. Justin Trudeau is today the controlling force. He and his globalist backers are those transferring Canada from democracy to a pseudo-dictatorship.

Insight into several characters: There is a horse named Boxer, who represents the “working class”–known in Marxist theory as the “proletariat.” No matter how hard he works, he pushes himself to work harder, until he falls ill from exhaustion. What happens next?

Napoleon sells his body to a Glue Factory. Metaphorical message: Use the worker until he has no functionality to help society, and then murder him. Pure communist ideology.

Now, think of the elderly of Canada. No longer productive(read no longer paying taxes,) government dump them into the “no longer needed” outbox. Try Justin Trudeau’s Euthanasia program, instigated by his Liberals in 2016.

Another primary character is “Snowball.” Originally a fully accepted farm rebel, Napoleon transitions him to all that is evil on the farm–a hidden force of malevolence, a scheming traitor to his “nation.”

This is the designated enemy–if you like, the “Jew” of the novella. Remember, this book was written immediately after the end of World War 2, when the remnants of European totalitarianism were ripe as rain.

If fact, it doesn’t have to be Jewish people specifically. The point is that a designated enemy is essential to a successful political wipeout of a former style of governance.

Napoleon succeeds in leveraging Mr. Snowball to create havoc and fear on the farm, which drives the illicit communist agenda forward.

Thoughts on this. During Trudeau’s first term as PM, he issued a series of special interest group and minority community apologies to the people of Canada. What was the wording he chose? Talk about sweeping generalizations:

Canada “failed the Jewish People” says King Trudeau. Canadians should hang their heads in collective shame regarding anti-Chinese, anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh prejudice. No reference to the fact that these incidents occurred over one hundred years ago. No isolating a specific government of the time responsible.

No–his comments were a direct condemnation of all of Old Stock Canada, Anglophone Canada, and to some extent Christian Canada. We are all guilty–dead or alive.

Outcome: White Canada becomes a demonized community. All the better to steal our nation away from us, right? After all, the more national shame, the easier it is to transition Canada away from a free and democratic nation, and into the socialist nation-state of Papa Pierre Trudeau’s dreams.

Media say nothing. Speaking of media, the Pigs create a form of “ten commandments” for the Animal Farm. These are to be immutable, written-in-stone, and never changing. Naturally, they change. Napoleon begins to augment the rules by way of changes which make it permissible for Pigs to wear human clothes, and sleep on beds.

The general population has a faint memory of the original commandments, however their collective recall is weak. They have been worked to the bone. They are not readers in the first place. The alteration of the creed is subtle, INCREMENTAL, and effective.

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This is where CBC media comes in, as well as the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, and the rest of King Justin’s media slaves. What has thus transpired? Media have covered up the transition the globalists are presently instilling in Canada: our subtle yet effective transformation from a free and democratic society to a socialist dictatorship.

There you have it, brother and sister patriots–the story of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” and the story of the Liberal- 3rd World-Globalist transition of Canada into the deepest dream of Canada-haters such as the Trudeau government.

It certainly takes a brilliant mind to write such an insightful “prophecy” for the future of nations. As for understanding how nations are transformed into socialist dictatorships–not so much.

That is, if establishment media such as CBC actually published the truth about the dying Great White North’s true destiny. Until then, astute observers will have to figure it out for themselves.



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  1. “All animals are equal, however, some animals are more equal than others”. So says Mr. Orwell and it speaks to our status in Canada today. We have a leader who presents himself as the great equalizer and yet feels he is above the rules and chooses to ignore them. Hence, some animals are more equal than others.


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