Anglophones Should Be Outraged By Trudeau’s Treatment Of English Canada

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“Canada’s racialized communities are simultaneously some of the most targeted — and vulnerable — for foreign interference, intimidation and harassment in pursuit of securing the policy objectives of foreign states,” says a March report released by the B.C. Gurdwaras Council and the Ontario Gurdwaras Committee.

My, my— Sikh-Canadians think they have it bad. They should try being a white Anglophone male in PM Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada.

At least our ruling Liberal government show consideration for Canada’s “new arrival” communities, if not outright pandering toward their needs.

Nothing of the sort can be said for PM Justin Trudeau’s attitude toward English Canada. Currently being set up for minority community status, neither government nor Canada’s monolithic woke media give white Canadians the time of day. Unless, of course, it’s for the purpose of pushing us toward the doghouse of communal status in our own country.

Degree to which Sikh-Canadians are branded racist by government– zero. Extent to which Muslim-Canadians are branded bigots by mainstream media– zero.

Degree to which Canadians of Anglophone origin are branded both– 888%. Over a period of 7-plus years as prime minister, Justin Trudeau has thrown enough dirt in the faces of “Old Stock” Canadians to bury them six-feet under.

Colonialism. Genocide. Islamophobia. Homophobia, Transphobia. The list appears endless as one segment of society is used by government and media as the fall guy to accelerate our nation toward its post-modern designation.

Buzzwords such as “systemic racism” have transitioned to the order of the day. Despite the fact that the so-called culprits are dead and gone, government loves to pin the blame on contemporary white Canadians. Twisting the blade into the heart of these communities, Anglo-Europeans are pushed to walk in line toward the systemic debasement of our peoples.

For what purpose? Can it be that Mr. Trudeau’s post-modern society mandate includes a long-term purpose of cleaning out the Canadian house, in preparation for the utopian society that will one day be free of “Old Stock” citizen power and influence?

Do tell– oh ye prophets of the Woke Revolution. Why is it that despite French-Canada’s equitable share of historic transgressions, only English Canada is targeted with the slings and arrows of globalist discontent?

Are these forces out to steal our nation from our people? Sadly, this is the exact plan, as obfuscated by CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of Trudeau’s paid-off press.

More than 20 million Canadians, or 58 per cent of the population, consider English as their mother tongue. With an existing 50/50 split in terms of male-female ratio, this means approximately 30% of our population are male Anglophones.

In terms of members of Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet, only 7 out of 39 qualify as male Anglophone Canadian. This means that just 18% of Cabinet Members is comprised of male Anglophones.

Talk about under-representation. To what extent has media alluded to such a condition? Try zero, and walk it backwards from there. Why would it be that within a society obsessed with “gender parity” and social equality for racialized communities, no media outlet has pointed out these inequities?

Cultural Action Party will expedite the answer: because neither government, nor media, nor our academic “experts” give a damn.

Out of 39 Liberal executives, 12 are Quebecois, equating with 30% of Cabinet members. French is the first official language spoken for 23% of the population. This excludes our French-Canadian prime minister.

While over-represented in number, in terms of influence there is no comparison. An additional MP, internet censorship czar Pablo Rodriguez, is as close to Quebecois as one can possibly get. Living in la belle province for decades, Rodriguez is currently MP for the Quebec riding of Honoré-Mercier.

Sikh and Muslim MPs account for 12% of Cabinet.  The population of Muslims in Canada is 4.9% as of 2021, up from 3.2% as of 2011. Sikhism now represents 1.4 per cent of all Canadians.

Trans-lation: Anglophones are the sole identifiable community under-represented in Trudeau’s 2023 Cabinet. All others are over-represented.

“White supremacy!” cry our detractors. Incredibly, many of them are white themselves. That’s what you get when a prime minister and a back-up inverted bigot named Jagmeet Singh control the destiny of our society.

New Democratic Party leader, Jagmeet Singh:

“Canada is a place of racism” bellows the Canadian politician banned from entering India, the homeland of his parents.

Beginning to see the set-up, fellow patriots? Good thing a few of us do. As for mainstream society, most have not a clue. Together, the Liberals, media and the international forces funding them are doing a bang-up job of obscuring reality.

Congratulations. The marginalization of English Canada and its Anglophone peoples is a smashing success. Now for the bad news– they have only just begun. half a million migrants per year for the next 38 years is certain to get the job done.

The future of Canada for Anglo-European citizens is dubious at best– if not downright frightening. Legacy media, miraculously still dominated by white Canadians, speak not a peep regarding our pending fate.

The hosing of Canadians of European origin continues unabated.

3 thoughts on “Anglophones Should Be Outraged By Trudeau’s Treatment Of English Canada”

  1. Even if–and it’s a big if–Successive governments du jour succeed in reducing us to a wafer thin slice of our former selves; Canada will become an unofficial part of the Third World. Or; as Trump said; an…ahem…outhouse. Who will pay the bills? “Health care”? HAHAHA. Good one. A bloody disgrace. Infrastructure? It will continue decaying. Who will do the heavy lifting? Will they all drive trucks, and taxis? Diesel fuel–Scarce, and too expensive.
    besides; there will be no good to move. Electric Taxis will be ferrying people to the airport; to exit Bananada. Thanks to past governments–and the current bunch–We’re dead; stinking broke. Trillions in debt. Affordable housing? Forget it. Affordable apartments? Forget about it. Low vacancy rates? Too many people; too few apartments.

    Massive government initiated immigration–Useless government programs: Will there be enough tax to pay for all of this political hashish? Forget about it. Living wage; secure employment? Not a chance. All relics of the past.

    This topic would make a good essay. Suffice to say….Canada is dry toast. If we continue on this path? A pile of burnt crumbs. For those of us who remain, and present/future interlopers–Good luck. Trudeau’s Utopia is an exploding cigar. Perhaps the “government” and MSM lack foresight? They can’t see past their noses? Don’t be too sure. They know, and don’t care. Canada has a housing bubble? No; Canada IS a bubble. Pop!!!!!!

    Remember this long-running TV ad? “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” (The viewer sees an egg furiously sizzling in a frying pan.) The ad creator must have had Trudeau and his accomplices in mind.

  2. Christa Freeland is a Director of the World Economic Forum!!
    Where do you think her direction and intent to promote and produce her latest Canadian “budget” comes from?????

  3. There is ample evidence supporting this article. We can do quite well without our Quebec relatives who have had more than their share for many years. We need a vote to decide if the rest of the country wants them in confederation! They voted not to leave and the result was Trudeau!


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