Anglophone Political Organization A Necessity In Trudeau’s Canada

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Within Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, political advocacy based on ethnic identity has transitioned to the flavour of the month. In fact, just about every month in our calendar year serves to spice up ethnic pride, in addition to religious community and LGBT aggrandizement.

Black History Month, Islamic History Month, Sikh Heritage Month. Holy Cow– even a Tamil Heritage Month is celebrated on Canadian soil. In the province of Quebec, hands have been wringing for decades regarding the preservation of French-Canadian language, culture and heritage.

Naturally, Canada in 2023 wouldn’t be complete without LGBT Heritage Month, and its emphasis on Transgender rights. Let’s not let the fact that 99% of Canadians are non-transgender stand in the way of Liberal government-funded sex-change promotional campaigns. Did you know?  Trudeau’s Liberals are now offering a bursary of $75,000 to federal government employees who wish to transition from male to female, and vice versa.

After which we juxtapose these social standards with a recognition of contributions to Canada from our Anglophone peoples. Simply put, there is none. This, despite the fact that every fundamental of our so-called free and democratic society is rooted in Anglophone-British heritage.

Democracy, election by ballot, law, legislation, court system, parliamentary structure, jurisprudence, habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, et al.

Degree of recognition for these contributions from our federal government– zero. If this wasn’t ignorant enough, the advent of woke politics as driven by Justin Trudeau and back-up globalist NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has placed our Anglophone communities in a political doghouse.

Despite innovating every fundamental of Canadian society, Trudeau and Singh believe our communities to be a pariah within contemporary Canada. No– it’s not enough to condemn our predecessors for past inequities. Our present population must be punished by having their country stripped away from them, and handed to a new, post-modern ruling class.

Astute Canadians should have seen the signs along the pathway. Devoid of public affirmation, Justin Trudeau has declared Canada a country with “no core identity.” It’s a misnomer of the highest order. If accurate, it’s only a matter of time before a new core identity will come along to take its place.

Not yet fully formed, at this stage it appears to be a battle between– or possibly a coordinated attempt– involving three key entities: China, Sikhism and Islam. 

Our Anglophone communities are in serious depopulation mode. In 2022, India provided 25% of all migrants to Canada. In 2023, reports tell us that a whopping 95% of population growth is due to immigration policy.

The Canadian federal government announced its plan to take in 500,000 immigrants a year by 2025, with almost 1.5 million new immigrants coming to the country over the next three years.

Within our political spectrum, 3rd World-Canadian politicians are winning political ridings hand-over-fist. What does all this mean for what is termed “Old Stock” Canadians— generational citizens of Anglophone and European origin?

The answer is nothing at all. Certainly not in terms of government, media or academic recognition. It’s like we don’t exist. Like Pierre Trudeau before him, Justin Trudeau is Quebecois. As with assumed father, his political orientation is decidedly communist.

Media say nothing. Talkn about a case of the “silent majority.” To mute any attempts at Anglophone solidarity, government-media hold the mighty race-card in their hands. To be white, and demand political representation, is racist. Sikhs can do it till the cows home on an Alberta beef farm. With assistance from CBC and corporate media, Islam and their Ramadan celebration is today the belle of the woke globalist ball.

So what about whitey? Call CAP nihilistic, but if we don’t get our political act together, we are going to be systemically marginalized within Canadian society.

All of it leading to a logical conclusion: Anglo-Europeans must organize politically, and must do so quickly. One can imagine the faces of our billion-dollar funded Multicultural organizations at the thought. Racism, xenophobia, bigotry it shall be.

And not only for these types. The Liberals and media will slam this movement to no end. They don’t like our people, and don’t believe we deserve the dignity accorded to a plethora of special interest communities.

In a nutshell, Anglophones are being railroaded out of power by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. At present, just 9 out of 39 Liberal Cabinet members are of Anglophone heritage. Silently, covertly and with pre-mediation, PM Trudeau is shifting political power out of the hands of Old Stock Canadians.

Not the Quebecois, of course. Just the Anglophone types. Within two to three decades, MPs of Quebecois/3rd World origin will dominate the House of Commons.

Every bit of this is punitive. Blaming Anglophones for all troubles historical and contemporary, the cards are being dealt as we speak. All of them constitute a losing game for Anglo-European Canadians.

With Justin Trudeau at our political helm, Anglophone political solidarity is essential. Forward-thinking Canadians could even call it a “do or die” situation.

3 thoughts on “Anglophone Political Organization A Necessity In Trudeau’s Canada”

  1. They should be tracked and traced for one year. Living on their own income by that time or face deportation. No syphoning off the Canada welfare system forever. 35% of immigrants over the last ten years are still on welfare assistance.

  2. Maybe Anyone that knows the location and addresses of Any liberal MP or minister could post it here so we could direct most of these new immigrants to go live with them for a year or so??!!!

  3. “Trudeau’s Liberals are now offering a bursary of $75,000 to federal government employees who wish to [mutilate themselves].” If they take the bait; The $75,000 should go toward extensive; post amputation; messed-up-head counseling. When the realization slowly sinks in, and it will-That the interior/exterior damage they’ve done to themselves is irreversible–Therapy won’t help a tinkers damn. That’s when Trudeau’s (no extra charge!) “MAID” will come knocking on their door. What a monstrous; twisted country this has (so quickly) become. The evil seeds were sown decades ago; but still….Under the proboscis nosed Castreau; The choking vines have seen turbo growth.


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