Anglophone Canadians To Transition To Minority Community By 2041

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Establishment media won’t tell you, but the end of a majority Caucasian population in Canada is predicted to arrive by the year 2041. Considering the  Liberal Government’s dedication to the project, it is bound to arrive much sooner.

All the vital signs of Canadian demography point at this inevitability. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest have no interest– a focus on “Islamophobia” taking precedence by a country mile. Speaking of the Canadian countryside, something woke liberals like to call  “majority minority” ridings are on their way to rural political constituencies from coast-to-coast.

“The Canadian population would reach 47.7 million in 2041, and 25.0 million of them would be immigrants or children of immigrants born in Canada, accounting for 52.4% of the total population.”

In the immortal words of Gordon Lightfoot in his iconic song “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” it’s “so long, it’s been good to know ya” time for Anglo-European Canada. Perhaps it’s a slight exaggeration. Yet, in terms of political power and control, a transformation of magnanimous proportions hangs in the balance.

As with Canadians in general, our population is aging among elected politicians. As a result, politicians from  “racialized” communities are taking their place– in droves. The future of our political arena is to be dominated by PM Justin Trudeau’s preferred Canadians. All of them non-Anglophone, yet inclusive of his chosen form of “Old Stock” citizens– the Quebecois. Media say nothing of the sort.

“The projected proportion of the population belonging to a racialized group is higher among youth.”

Of course it is. Like deceased singer Whitney Houston,  Justin Trudeau believes that “the children are our future.” 90% of them being of the non-Anglophone variety. And to think that a succession of federal government had decades to remedy the plight of the Anglophone, and did nothing about it.

True or not true? Anticipating the decline of Canadian birth-rates resulting from the “Baby Boom” generation, government had ample to time to develop child-accumulation policies aimed at Canadian parents.

$100 per-month for a first child, $200 per-month for two children, etc. They never did it. Certainly not when 95% of the population of Canada was Anglophone-European in origin.

No– from the books of globalist Liberalism– founder, Pierre Trudeau— came the ultimate solution: mass immigration at the highest per-capita levels on the planet. After Trudeau Sr. took control of Canada, he unrolled the cure-all for our demographic misfortunes. Immigration from China, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Iran and Syria transitioned to a panacea for Canada’s population problems.

Our country would never be the same again. A half-century beyond, and white Canadians are in the nascent stages of a transition to a minority community. Media say nothing. Heck, they must be in on the Liberal’s “silence is golden” policy in terms of the demise of English Canada.

After which CAP move to the biggest fallacy of all: the idea that Multiculturalism is a policy with a goal of ethnic, religious and gender equality. Judging by a 100-year social trajectory, this conclusion is  erroneous.

The truth comes in the form of a systemic transfer of power. “Out with the old, in with the new” is the way PM Trudeau and back-up globalist quarterback NDP leader Jagmeet Singh play ball.

Of 338 federal ridings in Parliament, 41 currently have populations in which visible minorities form the majority, compared with 33 in 2016. In 2021, 57% of the residents of the metropolitan area of Toronto belonged to a visible minority group, compared with 13% in 1981.

In the GTA, the Liberal are on fire politically.  In 2021, Liberal Ali Ehlsassi won in his Willowdale riding. Racialized Canadians make up 67% of the population.   In migrant-rich Mississauga Centre, Liberal MP Omar Alghabra  won a fourth consecutive term. His riding is 71% “minority” citizens, making Mississauga Centre a white minority riding. Ever heard the term “white minority” mentioned by media– even once? The answer, of course, is never.

“New data from the census released Wednesday shows that 54 per cent of the people in the region[Greater Vancouver] identified as a visible minority, up from 49 per cent in 2016.”

“That increase was predominantly due to 154,820 new immigrants who settled in Metro Vancouver between 2016 and 2021, most of them coming from India and China.”

Getting the picture? CAP is glad some people are. The majority of Canadians– not so much. In fact, not at all, because legacy media is holding off on informing our population of the pending fate for Canada’s Anglophone and European-derived communities.

These facts are the reason that Anglophones in Canada must begin to organize politically.

2 thoughts on “Anglophone Canadians To Transition To Minority Community By 2041”

  1. Old Stock Canadians will do nothing. The younger generation has been brainwashed by public education system and do not know anything else like when I was a kid and almost everyone was old stock. The Boomers and late silents could care less as long as they get their pensions and loads of money from their house..

    Canada had a good run until the first Trudeau, Mulroney made it worse and Justin finished us off…

    When I was a teenager i the 80’s my grandpa said by the time I am his age I will be a minority in my own country. He will be right. Also people did not want this forced multiculturalism when PET started it either….

    A horrible tragedy what happened to this country. We have been invaded and taken over without a shot being fired….

    I always thought the west should of left when the NEP came in but now too late as too many brainwashed young people and too many immigrants now. Immigrants are why Quebec is still in Canada….

    Europeans used to build this country, the third world just takes and turns us into the failed place they left. All first world Caucasian countries are in the same boat. It will not be long , a generation or two and there will be no first world west left… Look at Haiti, Rhodesia, South Africa to see our fate. Even India was a better place until British left and it became a corrupt place.

    Even non Caucasian first world countries like South Korea and Japan their populations are shrinking… In the west you can thank government policy and feminism for the demise. Too many women did not want to be mothers but be career women or be like men.

    Eastern Europe will be the last hold out for Caucasians…


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