Anglophone Canada To Transfer To MINORITY STATUS As Trudeau Rolls Out Small-Town Immigration Program

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Somethings never change. Take, for example, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s globalist agenda of cultural decimation. CAP predicted that if Trudeau won a second term in office, something dramatic would take place in terms of undermining and overwhelming  “Old Stock” communities of Canada.

CAP Theory: Actually there are two of them– first, Trudeau personally desires white Canada–not to mention Christian Canada— to trans-sition into minority communities.

Either this, or Trudeau is being played like a 6-foot 2-inch puppet on behalf of the United Nations, Nation of Islam, Sikh Nationalism. LGBT propaganda artists, and various other  international forces.

Either way, and the result is the same: “All roads” are leading to the decimation of traditional Canada. Is Justin Trudeau an Anglophone?  No, he is not. Is he a Christian? Highly debatable–based upon his approach to both Christianity and Islam.

It is fair to say that CAP are a unique organization within the spectrum of Canadian society and politics. Pourquoi? Because we openly and boldly stand up for Anglophone and Christian rights in Canada.

Result:  Multicult-monger and snowflake Liberals say we are racist, bigoted and xenophobic. Oh well, such is life–we are quite used to it by now.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we believe a program of overwhelming local Canadian communities by way of Third World immigration is an injustice toward our people.

Video: Justin Trudeau Says Canada Belongs MORE To Immigrants Than Canadian-Born

The Trudeau government has selected 11 small Canadian towns for this mass immigration “test run.” Word on the street is that one town selected–Vernon, B.C.— will transition from 40,000 to 130,000 souls by the year 2029.

Watch as media do not mention the transfer of white Vernon to a minority community. This they will maintain until 2029. What do we have here? Why, it’s a government-created, media endorsed program of cultural destruction. CBC say nothing about it. Nor do Globe & Mail, National Post or Toronto Star.

As it happens,  these media organizations have one thing in common–their publishers, editors and leading journalists are 90% Anglophone and Francophone Canadians.

Do tell, multicult-pusher Senator Ratna Omidvar, why would this be the case? Please inform, Ms. Anglo-Basher from Toronto Star, Shree Paradkar –why would a white media refrain from ever informing Anglophone Canada that their community is headed for the “dreaded” minority community status.

Hey Omidvar and Paradkar--have you NOT informed Canada that being a member of a minority community in Canada is the most awful and terrible fate imaginable?

So why is it, when the tables turn and whitey is headed toward this status, mainstream Canadian media issue not a single word about it. Cat got your tongue?

Of course it has. These Third World Refugee Pushers only care about one thing: Filling the fading “Great White North” with Third World Refugees. Oh, and btw– it is you, Anglo/Franco Canada who must pay the living expenses for these people.

“White Privilege,” Mr. National Council of Canadian Muslims?  “White Supremacy,” World Sikh Organization? Please– let’s not be absurd– we will leave this to CBC, CTV and the rest.

So what is the exact problem here? How can Anglophone Canada fight back in any capacity? Our problem is actually not that complex.

There are two basic moves Old Stock Canada must make in this regard. First, we must organize politically based upon our identity.Do this–or be decimated.  Ironically, this is in fact an emulation of the “white privilege” ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau gave to Third World Canada– an ability to develop ethnic community pride while organizing politically within our society.

Here is the obstacle in doing this: government,media and academia have established the following social dynamic:

When Muslims, Sikhs and Chinese create solidarity around their ethnic identity, Canada refers to this as “multiculturalism.” When Anglophone- Canadians attempt to follow suit, we are racists and bigots.

That’s it, fellow patriots–the prison our people are now placed in is based upon this simple dynamic. Victory, Third World and Liberal government. Loser: White Canada.

Oh and by the way– the immigration minister at the time the rural migration program happens to be Justin Trudeau-appointed Somalian-Islamic Refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen.

Don’t forget to send him a Christmas card, fellow Canadian patriots.




5 thoughts on “Anglophone Canada To Transfer To MINORITY STATUS As Trudeau Rolls Out Small-Town Immigration Program”

  1. We were naieve in trusting the media to give us the news. It’s the people (like CBC) that have been brainwashinng us. We can see Trojan Horses in small Alberta towns as Husky service station restaurants are closed down, and gas pumps operated by foreigners like Muslims. It appears they are the vanguard of things to come.

  2. I say all anglophone business owners and tax payers turn off our lights, lock the doors, and pack a bag. Come back in a month…we need a revolution


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