Anglophone Canada: Justin Trudeau PUNISHES Shrinking Community For “Crimes Of History”

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From the CAP point-of-view, this is the most astonishing development within modern Canadian history. How has it come to be that over the course of nearly 50 years,, not a single analysis or study has been published which focused specifically on the fate of “Old Stock” Canadians within society?

Truly, it is with “shock and awe” that CAP come to the table on this one. Since the year 1971— the year Pierre Trudeau personally cancelled Canadian identity— media has never once written up the impact of diversity entrenchment upon the millions of citizens who fall into the category of “white” Canada.

Over these decades, Anglophone-Canadian birth-rates have bottomed out. Meanwhile, some ten million migrants from the Middle East, Far East and Africa and their explosive birth-rates have come to Canada.

Throughout the entire time-frame, how many articles within media have you read which mention this situation in any cap-acity?  The answer is ZERO– we just enjoy asking rhetorical questions is all.

Okay– so no mention from CBC as to our communities major shrinkage action. Anything else? Wethinks there is. How about the fact that from 2020-2030, some 9000 Canadian churches are set to close their doors forever.

Does this not deliver a profound message that the Christian faith in Canada is dying an unsightly death? Of course it does–the very reason why CBC bury this ominous news.

How about this little “firecracker?”  From the moment  PM Justin Trudeau became national leader in 2015, he has been personally involved in a mission of attack upon Canada’s Christian communities. Abortion, LGBT, Pride, Transgenderism– all anti-Christian as heck, all fully supported by King Trudeau.

Degree of exposure from Globe & Mail and Toronto Star? Not a SINGLE sentence. Enough of anecdotal evidence!  CAP has been delivering the goods every day for five years straight.

As it happens, we believe our days may be numbered. Government, Media, Canada’s academic contingent, as well as a plethora of anti-Anglophone “multicult” supremacist groups may be preparing for our termination.

Such is what trans-pires in post-modern Canada when a political party or organization chooses to stand up and represent non-3rd World Canada. Is it a crime?  Not quite yet–but CAP guess it is coming our way very soon.

Our guess is that the internet in Canada is going to be reduced to a standard maintained by American and Canadian network television. An establishment of this protocol is to finish off “alt-right” organizations such as Cultural Action Party of Canada.

This, in turn, will advance the Trudeau agenda for Canada in a major way. Gone will be the dissenters, the nationalists, and patriots. Once accomplished, the United Nations anti-democratic vision for our dying democracy will ensure “Second Nations” status for bad, awful “whitey.”

It’s all in the cards as PM Trudeau continues on his well-worn path for a termination of freedom and democracy in Canada. After all, this is so very “2014.”

CBC and corporate media continue to drive this demise on behalf of Trudeau, his personal secretary MP Omar Alghabra, Advisor Gerald Butts, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and of course, Canada’s “hater-for-hire,” MP Ahmed Hussen.




4 thoughts on “Anglophone Canada: Justin Trudeau PUNISHES Shrinking Community For “Crimes Of History””

  1. Funny how a perceived systemic racism is fought with extreme racism. The old stock people are the immigrants that built up this country. What’s coming in today are freeloaders and opportunists. The person that’s leading this is also an old stock derivative (Trudeau). The drop out of the white-anglo birthrate is the result of capitalism that is ever increasing the cost of living and the government that is ever increasing taxes and ever creating new taxes anytime someone tries to save money.

  2. Please keep preaching the truth about where we are headed under the Tyranny òf our current Canadian anti Christian liberty denying government.


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